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Welcome To Cinco Ranch High School - Class of 2017.

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2 Welcome To Cinco Ranch High School - Class of 2017

3 Cinco Ranch High School Parent & Student Orientation Course Selection Process

4 CRHS Principals James CrossPrincipal Patti Smith Associate Principal Cheryl Morrison 9 th grade AP David Calfee10 th grade AP Teri Faigle11 th grade AP Jane Baker12 th grade AP

5 Freshman Counseling Staff Laury GoodLast Names A - K Lisa McRaeLast Names L - Z Cathy Bannert Administrative Asst.

6 Credits GradeCreditsClassification 90 – 5Freshman 105 ½ –11 ½ Sophomore 1112 –18 ½ Junior 1219–26Senior

7 Marking System/Grading Scale Numerical LetterAcademicPre-AP/GT A B C D12 69 & belowF00

8 Graduation Plans Course26 Credits English4.0 Math4.0 Science4.0 Soc. Studies3.5 Economics0.5

9 Graduation Plans Cont… CourseCredits PE1.0 Health0.5 Foreign Language ~RHSP 2.0 Foreign Language ~ DAP3.0 Fine Arts1.0 Professional Communications 0.5 Electives~ RHSP 5.0 Electives ~ DAP 4.0 No Technology Required but encouraged

10 Semester Grades All daily grades, quizzes, and test grades will be recorded as numbers in the grade book. Six weeks and semester grades will also be averaged and recorded on the report card numerically. At this time, the final exam counts 15% of the semester grade. The three 6-weeks count for 85% total. Semester Grade Note: This is subject to change based legislative decisions regarding the percentage the test must count.

11 Class Rank Class Rank is based on the cumulative grade point average for all high school credit courses attempted. Class ranking is calculated after the 5 th semester (released in the spring of the junior year) and the 7 th semester (released in the spring of the senior year.)

12 Profile of a Successful Pre-AP Student Professes interest in subject selected Maintains excellent study habits Plans ahead on long term projects Asks questions and participates in class Perseveres when faced with challenging material. Refuses to give up when the going gets tough Balances academic load with family and outside commitments Meets Pre-AP entry guidelines

13 New Exit Guidelines for PreAP/AP Courses Students petitioning to exit a PreAP or AP course must meet the following criteria: conference with the teacher and completion of course assignments and/or attendance at recommended tutorials. The petition for exit may or may not be granted by the campus. Granting the petition is based on input from the teacher, student performance in the course, availability of space in other courses and the timing of the request. Students experiencing success (able to maintain a C or better SEMESTER AVERAGE) in the course should remain in the course for the semester. Contact the counselor for more information about documenting these requirements. Refer to the course catalog for more details.

14 English English English 1 Pre-AP* 0107 English 1 Pre-AP/GT* ( * requires teacher signature)

15 Math 0211T Algebra 1 Block* (Two class periods) 0025 Block Algebra study hall* ( 0211T and 0025 must both be entered for Block Algebra) 0211 Algebra Geometry 0224 Geometry Pre-AP* 0226 Geometry Pre-AP/GT* 0261 Algebra II 0262 Algebra II Pre-AP* 0263 Algebra II Pre-AP/GT* ( * requires teacher signature) ( Please refer to your current math teacher for next years math course selection.)

16 Suggested Requirements for Entrance into Pre-AP Geometry Recommended minimum 8 th grade Algebra average 90% Geometry is totally different than Algebra (students that excel in one do not necessarily excel in the other) Students have a good work ethic Students are able to apply concepts on tests and quizzes which require higher level thinking Students should enjoy math or be interested in math Students learn math concepts quickly

17 Pre-AP Geometry Understand that a B or C in Pre-AP Geometry is ok! (The majority of the students do NOT make an A) Students attend tutorials when they do not understand! Students expected to do their homework every night (average 30 minutes) Students STUDY for tests and quizzes Students learn definitions, theorems, and postulates when given Students expected to remember and use algebra skills Students have good organizational skills

18 Pre-AP Geometry Students do not procrastinate Students have good time management skills (extra curricular activities take a lot of time, so do Pre-AP classes) Students do not use a calculator first semester

19 Science 0411 Biology 0412 Biology Pre-AP* 0410 Biology Pre-AP/GT* (* requires teacher signature)

20 Suggested Requirements for Entrance into Pre-AP Biology * 85 or above in all junior high science classes *Highly recommended to have taken Algebra I in 8 th grade *Recommendation from 8 th grade science teacher *This is a time intensive course that requires a great deal of studying *Organized and self-motivated learner with good study habits

21 Social Studies 0341 World Geography 0343 World Geography Pre-AP* 0344 World Geography Pre-AP/GT* ( * requires teacher signature) This course is offered in summer school. Circle World Geography even if planning to take in summer school. Student must indicate ss on course selection sheet so the counselor is aware and will place you in one of your alternate courses once grades have been received.

22 Study Hall May take for NO credit Course number 0020 Algebra 1 Block students may NOT take a study hall because the 2 nd hour of the course is for no credit. Study hall is optional this year for the 9 th graders.

23 Speech 1520 Professional Communications Speech is not offered to freshmen Grades 10 – 12 only.

24 Health 0505 Satisfies the one semester health graduation requirement. May take in summer school, correspondence or in schedule. * Do not take 0505 if interested in the Principals of Health Science program at Miller Career Center - take year long course 8093 instead. This course may be taken after the freshman year and is a full year course and a prerequisite for the health science program.

25 Physical Education 5421Boys PE 1 Individual & Team Sports A 5431Boys PE 2 Aerobic Activity B 5422 Girls PE 1 Individual & Team Sports A 5432 Girls PE 2 Aerobic Activity B

26 PE Substitutions PE EQ1– Off campus (Application Required) Individual sports only /no club sports Color Guard– Fall semester (must try out) Athletic Trainer (requires approval) Drill Team (Grades 10 – 12 Only) Fall Semester of Band (Marching Band) Cheerleading (Grades 10 – 12 Only) 1 credit max Athletics (all sports listed on course sheet) Most require tryoutssee ** beside those sports. Contact coach for details.

27 Athletics FootballBasketball* TrackDiving* Soccer*Cross Country Volleyball*Wrestling* Softball*Swimming* Golf* Trainer* Tennis* Any sport with * is a tryout sport.

28 Foreign Languages 6110 French German Spanish Spanish SpSpSp 1* (1 st sem. =1 credit) 6362 SpSpSp 2* (2 nd sem. =1 credit) *Native speaker class

29 Foreign Lang. cont… 6710 American Sign Language 6410 Japanese 6810 Chinese ( * requires teacher signature) Foreign Language credit may also be earned through Credit by Exam. See your 8 th grade counselor for application and spring testing times and days.

30 Fine Arts 7011 Band 7911 Orchestra Choirboys 7211 Choirgirls 7221 JV Mixed (by audition) 7411 Theater Arts Tech Theater Dance (No PE credit) 7821 Color GuardSpring* (must try out) 7511 Art (Art is open to Freshman but graders have priority) Art 2: (prerequisite Art 1) Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture (choose one) 2005 Digital Art and Animation

31 Electives Agriculture/Natural Resources Business Human Services Technology Miscellaneous *Electives are listed on the 3 rd column of the course selection sheet. Please note, there is no AP Computer Science available for grade 9.

32 Business, Management & Administration Academy 0135V Independent Study and Mentorship PreAP/GT 0136V Independent Study and Mentorship PreAP Co-requisite Pre AP or AP English (1 credit) This course offers a nontraditional learning experience to students who have the ability to create innovative products or performances. Students will develop a product proposal, compile a portfolio, conduct in-depth research, work with a mentor from the business or professional community, and prepare for public presentation of their product or performance at the end of the school year to be evaluated by an audience that includes experts in the field. Students work with a mentor to create a product related to their topic; the product is required to have real world application and tangible documentation. This course is offered outside of regular school hours online through MCTC. Students will not physically attend MCTC. Grade 9-12 by application and acceptance. Applications available in your 8 th grade counseling office. Deadline: February 15 to be received by MCTC. For additional information, please contact Elizabeth Tucker at

33 Alternate Electives Choose 3 alternate courses in case a course you have selected is unavailable. Choose wisely as staffing is determined by your selections. Students will be held responsible for their course selections.

34 Please note: Electives may be offered but not all students will get the electives they choose. For this reason, it is imperative that you list alternate electives. If you have none or insufficient alternates, you will be assigned an open class which may not be what you wanted. If you have a semester course as an alternate, be sure to list two semester classes. In that case you would have more than 3 alternates. For those of you who will be taking world geography in summer, please indicate this in bold letters (SS) beside world geography on your course sheet. There will be an end of course test for this class during summer school for those who take world geography this year in the summer. Once we receive your grade for world geography, we will use your first alternate to replace that course. In the event your first choice is full, we will use your second or third choice. Notes regarding electives and summer school world geography

35 Reasons for a schedule change include the following…. 1.Class listed on schedule was not listed on the spring verification sheet. 2.Student is missing a pre-requisite class and needs an alternate class. 3.Student failed a class NOT taken in summer school/night school/correspondence coursework. 4.Student earned original credit for a class in summer school/night school/correspondence coursework. 5.PreAP/AP and Dual Credit level changes 6.Student received a program recommendation by a coach or sponsor/teacher (ex. athletics, fine arts, and Career and Technology Education…CATE). Coach/sponsor/teacher signature required and specific class/period information needed. *Please make your selections carefully. Many changes will not be possible due to class availability and scheduling conflicts.

36 How to Be A Successful Cougar Academics Count! HOMEWORK Counts! Study each night and read texts. Get involved in school activities. Try out for an athletic team. Join a club, do volunteer service hours for the CATS program. Respect CRHS traditions and rules! Talk with your teachers, counselors, and principals.

37 CRHS Cougars

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