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The International Community School, Amman Parents and Staff Association (PSA) Annual General Meeting, 29 September 2013.

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1 The International Community School, Amman Parents and Staff Association (PSA) Annual General Meeting, 29 September 2013

2 AGM Agenda The purpose of this meeting is to : 1.Receive and approve the report of the activities of the PSA for the past year 2.Receive and approve the financial report of the Treasurer for the past year and adopt the accounts for the same period, and 3.Receive nominations and elect parent members for the new PSA Executive Committee for 2013 / 2014

3 Current members of the PSA Executive Committee (EC) elected in September 2012: Susmita DastidarChair Lorraine Karmi Vice Chair Marie HoyezFirst Secretary Isabel MossSecond Secretary / member of the Charity Committee Hanna MannehTreasurer Sue GiffordChair of the Charity Committee Amwaj Abu HamdaEC member & member of the Charity Committee Kameel Saliba EC member Erika HarperEC member The Principal, Mr. John Bastable, is the Honorary President of the PSA

4 400 people attended the Bonfire night organized by the PSA. The student Council took care of the first ever Haunted House. A Best Outfit Competition was also organized. PSA activities 2012/13 Bonfire Night on November 2 nd, 2012

5 PSA activities 2012/2013 The 29 th annual ICS Food Fair was attended by about 3,500 people. This year again, a net income of about JD 41,822 was raised !! The 29 th Annual Food Fair on May 10, 2013 Yvette de Kreij, the Food Fair coordinator was thanked by the Chairman and received her dream gift! Craft stalls and students boot sale for Ghana Project ICS students ready for the Costume Parade

6 PSA activities 2012/2013 The 28 th Annual Food Fair on May 10, 2013 Scandinavian stallGerman stallCostume Parade

7 PSA activities 2012/2013 The 29 th Annual Food Fair on May 10, 2013 Thai stallChildrens games

8 PSA activities 2012/2013 The PSA Summer Party was held at the 4 Seasons Hotel and attended by both parents and staff members Summer Cocktail Party on May 31 st, 2013

9 PSA activities 2012/2013 The PSA BBQ Party was attended by 300 ICS community members. The DJ, bouncy castles, 150 kg of meat and ice-cream were all offered by the PSA, while parents and staff contributed to salads and sweets. A Best Hat competition was held, an art exhibition, books stalls, and garage boot sale were on as well. End of Year BBQ Party on 20 th June 2013

10 The PSA held a Coffee Morning on 23 September 2013 in order to welcome new and returning parents and staff. Coffee and cakes were offered by the PSA to a happy crowd! PSA activities 2012/13 Coffee Morning on 23 rd September 2013

11 PSA activities 2012/2013 Other Events Supported by the PSA 1.Contribution towards BSME Games 2.MAMAMIA Play in Jan.2013: Refreshments catered by the PSA : Arabic sweets, petits fours & drinks 3.Book week – Marguerite Van Galdermalsen who wrote Married to a Bedouin 4.Primary school Pajama night: cookies, and refreshments for parents in the library 5.ICS Art Exhibition in June Organisation of a lecture by Bassem Farraj about energy during GREEN WEEK 7.Welcome Pack CD offered to new ICS families and staff

12 PSA Charity Activities 2012/2013 The ICS annual Smile in a Box campaign took place in January Students, parents and staff from ICS collected, decorated and filled 400 shoeboxes with toys, gifts and hygiene products. The boxes were delivered by ICS students from across the school. This years boxes went to four schools; Khawla Bint Al Awar, Husban, Manyshyyet Husban and Sayadat Al Salam. As ever, the boxes lived up to their name and really did bring a smile to the faces of those who received them. Smile In A Box January 2013 Starting the New Year with a Smile! We would like to thank our sponsors The Group, Hammoudeh, and the Childrens Museum as well as all the volunteers who helped to sort the boxes.

13 The Cancer Campaign – From the Lowest to the Highest Point on Earth for Cancer This year ICS took part in a special project to raise awareness of the affects of cancer and to raise funds to help those suffering from the disease. We did this by supporting 20 prominent Jordanians who walked from the Dead Sea to the base camp of Everest. We bought promotional bracelets for all the students and collected donations. Altogether we raised 6,200JDs. In return the ICS Flag was flown at base camp! PSA Charity Activities 2012/2013

14 This was a new venture for the PSA which proved to be so successful that we hope to extend it this year. The PSA provided five families with a gas heater, two gas bottles and a variety of basic food stuffs. This was run in conjunction with Community Service and Secondary School students were involved in all aspects of the campaign. As you can see, it wasnt always as easy as it sounds! Winter Warmer

15 PSA Charity Activities 2012/2013 New legs for Maram Mohammed Maram developed gangrene in her legs when she was two years old. Unfortunately the disease spread and she had to have most of her legs amputated. When we met her she needed new artificial legs, as her old legs were damaged and, even worse, were causing ulcers on what remained of her legs. The PSA organised a consultation with a specialist doctor and for her to be fitted with two new legs. This means that she is no longer housebound and can go to school!

16 PSA Charity Activities 2012/2013 ICS Summer Camp Scholarships Another successful new venture which we hope to repeat in the coming year. ICS offered four places to students from a local government school, Princess Haya to join the ICS Camp. The four students in question had such a good time they asked if they can join next year!

17 PSA Charity Activities 2012/2013 Art Exhibition and Donation to the Hussein Society Jordan For Training & Inclusion The Annual Art exhibition raises money for the Hussein Centre. The PSA provided coffee and biscuits during the exhibition. We also donated money to the cause.

18 PSA Charity Activities 2012/2013 Khawla Bint Al Azawar is a government girls school in Naour. It is an unusual school as it also houses a disabled unit which is visited weekly by students from the ICS Community Service programme. This year the students led a project, funded by the PSA, to provide new playground equipment as the old equipment was in a dangerous state of disrepair. The PSA also paid for classrooms and corridors to be repainted. Playground built at Khawla Bint Al Azwar School for Girls Enjoying the new playgroundThe finished mural

19 PSA Charity Activities 2012/2013 The ICS Community Service group were asked to provide the decorations for the Fair, as well as all of the games. This was funded by the PSA. As you can see, it was great fun! International Day for the Disabled Fair at Sayadat Al Salem

20 PSA Charity Activities 2012/2013 The PSA renovated two houses last year for needy families in Naour. Both required new windows and roof repairs. One house, belonging to Abdul Hamid,also needed a fan. Both families were pleased with the results. House Renovations

21 PSA Charity Activities 2012/2013 Whiteboards for Princess Haya School The PSA purchased 8 Whiteboards plus pens and erasers for the Princess Haya School, Naour. This means that we have provided whiteboards for all the classrooms over the past two school years.

22 PSA Charity Activities 2012/2013 Tawjihi Scholarships The PSA provided Tawjihi Scholarships for 10 girls from Khawla Bint Al Azwar. Without them, the students would be unable to complete their education.

23 PSA Financials 2012/13

24 PSA Financials 2012/2013

25 PSA running budget School wish list Charity account Total JOD Opening balance in Sept ,66918,88520,55849,112 Net amount spent from allocated budget 7,27818,88517,90644,069 Balance in Sept ,391 02,6525,043 Food Fair funds ,36416,729 41,822 Budget available for PSA activities 2013/14 10,75516,72919,381 46,865 The PSA EC took over a budget of JD 49,112 in September 2012:

26 PSA Financials 2012/ PSA Running Budget

27 PSA Financials 2012/ PSA Wish List Budget

28 PSA Financials 2012/ PSA Charity Budget

29 PSA Financials 2012/ ICS Food Fair financials

30 PSA Financials 2012/2013 These funds will be wisely managed by the newly elected PSA today, in full consensus and open cooperation with the school management

31 PSA Elections this 29 th September 2013 The current EC members are willing to be part of the PSA Executive Committee this year : 1.Susmita Dastidar, parent 2.Lorraine Karmi, teacher 3.Sue Gifford, teacher, Charity sub-committee 4.Kameel Saliba, parent 5.Hannah Manneh, staff and treasurer The following persons have decided to run as well : 6.Lina Beaury 7.Arwa Helou Kreis 8.Victoria Davis 9.Badi Sharaiha 10.Sara Hardie 11.Fazeeha Nizam The Principal, John Bastable, is automatically part of the PSA as Honorary President

32 PSA Elections this 29 th September 2013 Candidates SUSMITA STOMAYER DASTIDAR My name is Susmita Dastidar. We are an American/Indian family with three children in the school, in primary and secondary. I was Chair of the PSA for 2013, and, with a wonderful team, we organized many events during the year and supported initiatives put forward by the staff. My biggest success was the Food Fair, our biggest fundraiser, which made around 43,000 JDs for the PSA, after expenses. I was directly involved as sponsorship coordinator and co- chair. We introduced some interesting new events, such as our 'Speaker of the Month' series and sponsoring local children to our Summer Camp program. I hope to continue to do as much as possible for the PSA this year as well.

33 PSA Elections this 29 th September 2013 Candidates LORRAINE KARMI My name is Lorraine Karmi and I am the vice- chair of the PSA. I have enjoyed working at the ICS for 13 years. I have been on the PSA for most of that period. I am married with four grown children all at university and I have lived in Amman for the past 30 years. I enjoy organising events such as the bonfire nights, quiz- and bingo nights, and of course the Food Fair for which I was the Master of Ceremony and co-host with Beat FM. I look forward to working with the new Executive Committee and I think that together we will create some great events for all ages. Your ideas are always welcome.

34 PSA Elections this 29 th September 2013 Candidates SUE GIFFORD My name is Sue Gifford and my husband and I moved to Jordan two years ago. We have previously worked in International schools in 10 different countries. I really believe that a school is about so much more than academic learning, important though academic learning is. The PSA helps to provide many of the other aspects which make a great school and gives students broad and enriching experiences. In most school I have worked in I have led Community Service activities and ICS is no exception. The secondary Community Service programme now runs twice a week and involves large numbers of students and teachers. The work of the students is supported by the PSA and as a member of the PSA Charity Committee as was able to coordinate the joint efforts of the PSA and Community Service. I hope to continue this work over the coming year.

35 PSA Elections this 29 th September 2013 Candidates KAMEEL SALIBA My name is Kameel Saliba and one of my children, Marwan, is in year 4 at the ICS. I am the school administrator and used to be on the Board before that. I like being involved in the PSA as a parent, and my position in school allows me to give full support to the PSA activities.

36 PSA Elections this 29 th September 2013 Candidates HANNA MANNEH Hi, my name is Hanna Manneh. I Am the Treasurer of the PSA; I work for the ICS as an accountant. I am looking forward to working again with the new PSA members to give our community, the parents and the students a good idea about our school and what it can do for them.

37 PSA Elections this 29 th September 2013 Candidates Lina BEAURY I am a freelance journalist from Colombia. Married to a Frenchman and we have two beautiful girls. Théa was born in Costa Rica and now is in year 5 and Mila who was born in Canada is right now in year 3. This is our 4th year in Jordan and we love our life here. We have lived in amazing countries like Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Canada, Egypt and Jordan. I would love to join the PSA because I'm sure that we can do a lot of good things for the community, for the school and of course for our children.

38 PSA Elections this 29 th September 2013 Candidates Arwa Helou Khreis It has been less than a month since we, Khreis family, have joined the ICS and we are already in love with the school. I am so grateful for the beautiful environment at our school, my 6 years old boy Tareq in Year 2, for the first time in his school life I hear him saying mom, I cant wait for tomorrow oh… this meant the world for me as I have had very difficult time in previous years. As for Faisal, my eldest boy in Year 5, who is enjoying school like never before comes home every day with a very positive attitude towards school telling me how much he loves the school. This makes me happy and so willing to help and get more involved in any possible way. I know how much effort is needed to help a non-for-profit institute, as I have spent more than 10 years of my life working for a non- governmental non-for-profit organization and Im still helping as a volunteer. Through my work I have helped many community-based activities and events to become projects for the organization supporting its existence and sustainability. I am also a person who enjoys helping people a lot and thats what I do through professional trainings I am involved in. Becoming one of the PSA committee members will help me continue working on something that I believe in and love to do; on the other hand, I know that I can support the work of the committee by sharing my skills and experience in fundraising and campaigns management.

39 PSA Elections this 29 th September 2013 Candidates Victoria Davis My name is Victoria Davis. We have been 3 years in Jordan and ICS, having moved from Scotland. We have 2 kids in ICS, Alexander in Y7 and Katerina in Y5. I am a qualified doctor but I have retrained as a Lecturer in Nutrition when we moved to Scotland. I have been volunteering at school for reading assessments for a year and a half, then I provided maternity cover for couple of TAs a year ago. When I qualified as a CELTA teacher at the beginning of this year I volunteered for the rest of the last academic year for EAL department both in Primary and Secondary. I have been running the Russian Stall during the Food Fair for the past 3 years. I would like to join the PSA to be able to see what PSA can do for the ICS community and provide my broad skills to help PSA in their work which helps both ICS children and the children in the local community.

40 PSA Elections this 29 th September 2013 Candidates Badi Sharaiha I am married to my beautiful wife Raghad Ammari who is enrolled at the ICS and works as Learning Support Assistant. Wadie, ourson, is also enrolled at ICS (FS 2C). I graduated from the Lebanese American University, majored in Business Administration and minored in Political Science. I am a member of CISV (Children International Summer Village) Jordan. I believe my contact list will always come in handy – especially when its time to gather sponsors for ICS events I am determined to deliver my best to ensure a better future for Wadie and our future generations.

41 Thank you for giving us a chance to help the local community! The PSA Executive Committee worked tirelessly to deliver on all planned projects, taking into considerations different cultures and sensibilities, bringing individual expertise and experience, while always keeping in mind the best interests of the ICS Community and its impact on the local community. Many thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors and friends who assisted in making our tenure as PSA Executive Committee a successful one.

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