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2 Mission Statement Core Values Rationale Safety of Personnel Call Volumes Current Fleet Current Issues Vehicle Services Replacement of Fleet Insurance Ratings Volume Purchasing Cost Benefit for Community Process to Date Vendor Submittal The Future & Projected Cost Questions/Comments 2

3 The Gates Fire District is an emergency services organization that provides fire, rescue and emergency medical services to a diverse community. We are committed to the preservation of life, property and the environment. Through education, training and public awareness we will enhance the quality of life and the safety of the citizens we proudly serve. GATES FIRE DISTRICT MISSION STATEMENT 3

4 Trust- The opportunity to be of service to the public and earn their trust and confidence in such service. Employees- We recognize our employees are our most valuable resource and we are committed to them and their safety. Excellence- We are committed to personal and professional development and encourage continuous training and education. Teamwork- We encourage teamwork, while maintaining individual identities. Entrepreneurship- We encourage the challenge of new technology and change including resourcefulness and self-motivation. Positive Attitudes- We encourage a positive attitude toward the community which develops pride in our district and in the quality of our work. Our conduct, both on and off duty, is a reflection of our professional development and these core values. GATES FIRE DISTRICT CORE VALUES 4

5 RATIONALE BEHIND PURCHASE Standardization; training, maintenance, operations, etc Reliability of current fleet Break downs are constant Out of service 10 % of the time Even distribution of work volume Escalating cost to keep apparatus in-service and operational Utilize new technology currently available 5

6 SAFETY OF OUR FIREFIGHTERS AND CITIZENS Firefighters: Side impact protection Roll over air bags Advanced braking systems Better on-board system management Less cab noise inside Public: Better visibility of apparatus Shorter stopping distances Less exhaust and emissions (Green Friendly) 6


8 1993 Pierce Lance Pumper Mileage 66,689 Cost of vehicle: $257,305 Eight year call volume: 1,966 responses CURRENT FLEET ENGINE 4512 8

9 1992 Pierce Lance Pumper Mileage 58,842 CURRENT FLEET ENGINE 4523 9 Cost of vehicle: $230,000 Eight year call volume: 2,607 responses

10 1987 Pierce Lance Pumper Mileage 54,330 CURRENT FLEET ENGINE 4532 10 Cost of vehicle: $143,000 Eight year call volume: 1,040 responses

11 2003 Pierce Dash Pumper Mileage 105,765 CURRENT FLEET ENGINE 4563 11 Cost of vehicle: $344,000 Eight year call volume: 11,186


13 TRADE-IN CONSIDERATION Fire apparatus manufacturers do not utilize trade-ins Current apparatus does not meet today's standards Better resale value by going independent Minimum return on investment at 20 years old Extending the life of the current apparatus No Blue Book value on fire apparatus 13

14 CURRENT ISSUES 14 Rusting frame rails Broken leaf springs Broken wiring Water tank replacement Fuel tank replacement

15 CURRENT ISSUES 15 Worn-Out Fly WheelBlown Engines Paint Flaking Off

16 (operating expenses, excluding fuel) VEHICLE MAINTENANCE COST 16 200820092010July 2011 4563 $10,235.00$10,419.00$19,127.79$10,522.76 4512 $2,461.51$6,221.55$3,616.57$2,133.37 4523 $2,338.92$4,064.67$3,488.63$1,585.53 4532 $695.03$1,757.00$1,448.69$680.08

17 VEHICLE SERVICES Break Downs/Out of Service Time Reliability/Confidence Regular Preventative Maintenance Program 17

18 1.Wegmans Model: Utilized Life Cycle Strategies for purchase and budgeting for future expenditures. Wegmans provided best method practices for purchasing and maintenance. 2. Gates-Chili School District Model: Common practice in school bus transportation industry is to replace buses every 9 to 10 years. Heavily regulated by Department of Transportation. Very high safety standards apply. REPLACEMENT OF FLEETS 18

19 WHY DO FIRE TRUCKS COST SO MUCH? Specifically designed to meet the fire suppression needs of the community – Foam system needed for Fuel tank farms, (Hess, Mobil) Airport responses Rail systems Highway transportation NFPA Specifications EPA Emission Standards DOT Guidelines OSHA Standards 19

20 What is ISO? During recent review- required Gates FD to have five(5) pumpers The Gates FD will have four(4) in-service and one(1) reserve pumper. ISO RATING 20

21 ISO RATING (contd) Gates FD Study When the project is completed (October 2012), the GFD will bring ISO back to re-evaluate and apply for an insurance reduction (Class 3) 21

22 Q. What does volume purchasing do to better enhance public safety and off-set cost? – Standardization: All equipment in same location Streamline driver training Maintenance and equipment inventory – Work load distribution: Will be measureable Evenly distributed every 6 months VOLUME PURCHASING 22

23 Only one specification was written for four apparatus Purchasing one engine at a time over a four year period adds 10% more to each vehicle and 3% inflation annually ($389,957 X 10% = $38,995 MORE per apparatus) Engineering & design is only done once Power in volume purchasing with manufacturers Substantial reduction in our current maintenance program; – 1 st year projected savings: $35,000 Two year Bumper-to-Bumper warranty More fuel efficient motors reducing fuel consumption Single source for maintenance and parts COST BENEFITS FOR THE COMMUNITY 23

24 August 2010- meeting vendors in Chicago at IAFC Conference September 2010- committee formed with eight(8) firefighters (end users) to determine the specific needs for apparatus. November 2010- Equipment and needs assessment meetings were conducted using NFPA, OSHA, DOT & ISO standards December 2010 thru March 2011- Meetings with 12 vendors to explain our project. July 2011- Bids released to truck manufacturers, bids received and opened, intense and detailed review of submitted bid specifications September 2011- Public Meetings October 2011- - Public Bond Vote PROCESS TO DATE 24

25 MANUFACTURER E-OneRosenbauerPierceKME VENDORColden EnterprisesEmpire Emergency ApparatusChurchville Fire EquipmentGorman Emergency Vehicles CONTACT Allan SmithJim TaborSteve GulvinTim Hoegel RECIEVED DATE7/28/2011 BY (INITIAL)SD MBDSD TIME14:5517:4513:1017:55 BID BOND (Y/N)YES PRICE PER UNIT$389,957$412,474$417,647$433,579 LESS- PREPAY($6,365.00)($9,269.00)($9,000.00)($15,897.00) Stainless Steel$4,000$15,000 (and up)$9,500$6,700 Ground Stand$2,850$3,359$2,800$2,900 Electronic Siren$950$800$1,000$1,100 Foam Pump$1,075$2,205no bid$1,300 Stability Control$2,750$2,466$3,390$2,056 FINAL PER UNIT $$383,592$403,205$408,647$417,682 VENDOR SUBMITTAL 25

26 10 -Year Replacement Program? 15-Year Replacement Program? We cant save money for these large purchases any longer due to the economic environment we are facing The District must bond for large purchase THE FUTURE 26

27 LEASING, CAPITAL RESERVE, OR BONDING Leasing: – Not cost-effective and legal considerations could not be met Capital Reserve: – The tax payer is having their money saved for future purchases which they in turn may never use during their time as residents of the Gates Fire District Bonding: – The tax payer pays for the actual use of the vehicle during their time as residents of the Gates Fire District (Pay for equipment as you go) 27

28 Apparatus Cost $1,559,828 2011 Apparatus Budget -$175,000 6-G Capital Reserve -$100,000 Sale of Aerial Ladder 4510 -$76,500 ($85,000 minus broker fees) Misc. tools and appliances for new apparatus (minus $50,000 from sale of Aerial Ladder 4510) - $50,000 Total Bonding$1,258,328 TOTAL COST FOR PROJECT 28

29 AVERAGE COST TO TAX PAYER Will be about 7.5 cents per $1000 of assessed valuation. The average home owner, with a $100,000 assessed value piece of property will pay about $7.50 a year. 29

30 We appreciate you taking the time to attend this meeting. We ask for your support in this project. Life safety and property conservation for our community are paramount. THANK YOU 30


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