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Floral Park Memorial High School Welcomes Clara H. Carlson, Floral Park Bellerose, John Lewis Childs and Stewart Manor Parents.

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1 Floral Park Memorial High School Welcomes Clara H. Carlson, Floral Park Bellerose, John Lewis Childs and Stewart Manor Parents

2 Art Department 8 th Grade - Art 8 ½ year 9 th - 12 th Grade - Studio Art (Fulfills NYS graduation requirement) 10 th -12 th Grade - Elective Art Course Drawing & Painting Digital Design I ½ credit Contemporary Art Making ½ credit Illustration & Design ½ credit Media Arts Three-Dimensional Design

3 Advanced Placement Art Courses AP Art History- (10 th – 12 th Grade) AP Studio Drawing – (11 th -12 th Grade) AP Studio 2-Dimensional Design – (11 th – 12 th Grade) Art Outside the Classroom National Art Honor Society Photography Club District art display at the Elmont Memorial Library, April 2012 annual reception, March 22, 2012 Spring Art Festival, May 16, 2012

4 Business/Technology Department 8th Grade –Keyboarding/Internet 9th Grade- Elective Choices *Career & Financial Management (1/2 year) *Business Communications (1/2 year) *Keyboarding/Internet *Entrepreneurship Business Clubs *Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) *Retail Club *Technology Club

5 Electives Continued…… 10th-12th Grade *Business Communications (1/2 year) *Career & Financial Management (1/2 year) *Entertainment Marketing (1/2 year) *Sports Marketing (1/2 year) *Personal Finance (1/2year) 11& 12 only *Entrepreneurship *Keyboarding/Internet *Business Law (College credits available) 11 & 12 only *College Accounting (College credits available) 11 & 12 only *College Marketing (College credits available) 11 & 12 only *Computer Applications(College credits available) *Web Page Design (College credits available) 11 & 12 only

6 ELA Assessment Information Dates: April 17 th – 19 th 2011 Results: 7th Grade ELA – 66% Proficient 8th Grade ELA – 65% Proficient

7 English Language Arts TestGradesBook Test Format Day Administered 7 & passages (literary and informational) 39 multiple-choice questions listening selection (literary) 5 multiple-choice questions 3 short-response questions 1 extended-response (essay) listening question 2 reading passages (literary and informational) 13 multiple-choice reading questions paired passages 1 single passage (literary) 4 short-response questions 1 extended-response question 3

8 Library The Library is open Period 0 (7:08am) to Period 10 (3:42pm) every day. We have 30 computers available for student use. Our collection includes 18,000 copies.

9 Library The library program supports the development of strong information literacy and research skills through independent study and collaboration with classroom teachers and staff. The library website has links for: Destiny automation system Class assignments Ebooks Online Databases (World Book, Novel NY, Wilson Biography,,, ABC-CLIO Social Studies, Science Direct, Blooms Literary Reference, Ebsco Magazines, Global Issues, Masterplots, Lincoln Library, Opposing Viewpoints, Grolier & Proquest newspapers) Work cited page FPM READS Other useful links including access to the other district library pages

10 All 7th graders are placed in Pre-Algebra which follows an advanced curriculum. Advanced/accelerated classes begin in grade 8. Those who struggle in grades 7, 8, and 9 are placed in lab classes. All teachers websites are online. Check for homework assignments and notifications. Scientific calculators are used in the 7 th and 8 th grade. Free calculator functions are provided on the department website.

11 Math Clubs –Jr. High Mathletes –Sr. High Mathletes –Fundraiser Floral Park Memorial participates in fundraising for The St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. FPM has raised over $48,000. Operation Success provides extra help before school and after school. Peer Tutoring, Extra Help during FREE periods.

12 7 th and 8 th Grade Assessments April 25, 26 and 27 –New Exam: Additional multiple choice questions –Part 1: Multiple choice questions, calculators NOT permitted –Part 2: Multiple choice questions, calculators NOT permitted –Part 3: Short and Extended Response Questions Scientific calculators are permitted Assessment Results 2010 based on new cut scores: –Grade 7 Level 3 and 4 = 86.8% (6.8% increase from 2011) –Grade 8 Level 3 and 4 = 82.2% (7.2% increase from 2011) Regents Exams in June Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry –Graphing Calculator needed –All 3 regents for Advanced Regents Diploma


14 Dates: April 25, 26, 27


16 Floral Park Memorial Music Department


18 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical Education is a State mandated course scheduled on a co- educational basis. All students must successfully participate in physical education and complete a four-year program in order to receive a diploma. The curriculum focuses on the physical activities, skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow students to attain an optimal quality of life and well being. Course Selections: Sports and Project Adventure 7 Sports and Project Adventure 8 Physical Education 9/10 Physical Education 11/12 Fitness and Conditioning 11/12 Cardio and Aerobic Fitness 11/12

19 Health Health is a required course that all senior high students must pass in order to graduate. The aim of this health course is to help students achieve the mutual goals of developing proper attitudes toward physical and mental wellness and developing appropriate health behavior for life. This course will also address issues that are of particular concern to adolescents.

20 FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES Family and Consumer Sciences is a part of the total continuum in occupational education. Students enrolled in these courses will be able to use the process skills of decision-making, problem solving and management, and learn to apply them to daily living skills and career choices. Course Selections: Child Psychology and Development Independent Life Skills Food and Nutrition Culinary Arts

21 Resources FPM Website Visit individual teacher web pages for class information including upcoming assignments Obtain extra-help schedule, calendar of events, daily announcements E-School Parent Portal View your childs report card, progress reports and attendance online School Counselor Individual and group meetings Parent Meetings to discuss progress and goals Support for 7th graders as they adjust to their new environment and get involved in school activities Peer tutoring

22 Life Skills Session 1:Self Image Session 2:Problem Solving Session 3:Smoking Session 4:Physiological effects of smoking Session 5: Alcohol Session 6: Marijuana Session 7: Advertising Session 8: Anxiety Session 9: Social Skills Session 10: Assertiveness

23 CHARACTER EDUCATION : ASSEMBLIES Rachels Challenge Camfel Production Assembly – Get a Grip Living Your Dreams Mix It Up Day ISAFE – Internet Safety, Bullying, Facebook, CAPS- Bullying Presentations

24 Sample 7 th Grade Schedule Periods 1-9 7:55 A.M. – 2:55 P.M. English Social Studies Math (Pre-algebra) Science Lunch World Language (French, Italian or Spanish) Physical Education (every other day)/Language Enrichment/Math Enrichment/AIS Service Music (Chorus, Band, Orchestra or General Music) Health/ Home & Careers (One semester each)

25 Science Department Courses Science 7 Life Sciences *Science 8 Physical Sciences *Earth Science *Living Environment Biology *Chemistry *Physics Electives Forensics Environmental Science/Marine Science Advanced Placement Biology Advanced Placement Chemistry Advanced Placement Physics Anatomy and Physiology Special Programs Junior and Senior High Science Research (course) Science Olympiad Club Ecology Club Course Offerings * State Assessment

26 Social Studies Requirements Grades 7 and 8 –United States History (no longer an Assessment test) Grades 9 and 10 –Global History and Geography (Regents) Grade 11 –United States History and Govt. (Regents) Grade 12 –Participation in Government (half year) and –Economics (half year)

27 Advanced Placement and Electives AP offerings- (replace required courses) –World History (Grade 10- Interdisciplinary with English) –United States History (Grade 11- Interdisciplinary with English) –Government and Politics (Grade 12) Electives –Contemporary World Issues (Model UN) –Criminal Justice –Psychology –Global Connections –American Connections –AP Human Geography –AP European History –AP Psychology

28 What is available to junior high students? Contemporary World Issues (Model UN) Meets daily at 7:10 a.m. Open to students beginning in grade 8 upon recommendation of social studies teacher Students learn workings of U.N. and develop research, speaking, & writing skills Compete at district-level conference (SIDMUN) which will be at Floral Park Memorial H.S. this year on April 21. You are invited! National Geography Bee Sponsored by National Geographic Society 7 th and 8 th graders compete in class Bee Class winners compete after school to determine school winner.

29 Special Education Department 12 Teachers 28 Teaching Assistants 10 1:1 Aides Special Classes, resource room, Core classes with teaching assistant support PALS: Promoting Academics through Life Skills

30 Special Education Department Homework Helper: 3-4p.m. Monday through Thursday in Room 140 Tutoring is provided in our office during productivity periods All teachers and teaching assistants can be reached via PALS Social Skills Program is run on Tuesdays from 3-4:15pm in Room 145

31 Spanish 7 (1 st half of level I ) Spanish 8 (2 nd half of level I ) 2R and 2 Advanced 3R and 3 Advanced (New FLACS exam to replace Regents) World Languages Department Course levels in three year sequence towards advanced Regents diploma: ( in French, Italian, Spanish )

32 World Language electives level 4 (college credit available through Molloy College) level 5 (A.P. / college) clubs/societies Romance Language Club Foreign Language Honor Society Field trips / excursions Class trips Spain 2012 Italy 2013 France 2013

33 Annual Events World Languages Week (March 12-16, 2012) Mardi Gras / Intercultural Festival February 2012 New Initiatives School twinning with middle school in Italy

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