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Post High School Planning for Sophomores. High SchoolCollege Credits per semester3.512-15 Credits Required for Graduation 24120 - 130 Type of Diploma/Degree.

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1 Post High School Planning for Sophomores

2 High SchoolCollege Credits per semester3.512-15 Credits Required for Graduation 24120 - 130 Type of Diploma/Degree Diploma2-yr degree = Associates 4-yr degree = Bachelors Hours of Week in Class3512-15 Amount of HomeworkVaries by class24-30 hours per week Number of Tests1 every 2-4 weeks2-3 per semester Amount of ReadingVaries by class1-3 chapters per week for each class

3 TypeDescriptionTuitionAdmission Requirements Four year Degrees offered: Bachelors and beyond Provides: A well-rounded college experience that includes an academic area of study. State: Typically $15,000 - $20,000/year Private: Typically more than $20,000/year SAT or ACT GPA Class rank Essay Extracurricular activities Letters of recommendation Transcripts

4 TypeDescriptionTuitionAdmission Requirements Two year Degrees offered: Associates Provides: A way to ease into college / take general college classes for credit. Typically have agreements with four year colleges to transfer credits. Typically around $3,000/year Open-door admission policy

5 Junior Year Research colleges Research possible majors & careers Start making college visits – you are allowed 2 excused visit days Take the ACT Senior Year Apply to colleges by November 1 st Apply for scholarships through your college, & local, state, metro, & national awards Fill out a FAFSA by March 1 st

6 ALL JUNIORS WILL TAKE A FREE ACT HERE AT SOUTH NEXT SPRING!! English, Math, Science, & Reading Writing Portion is optional Evangel University is the only MO college that requires it Fees: $36.50 or $52.50 for ACT + Writing ALL colleges will accept the ACT Given 6 times per year here @ South Colleges will take your best composite score Can take as many times as you choose Registration packets available in the Counseling Office or register online at

7 ALL colleges will accept the ACT Some colleges, especially the elite schools, will want you to take a couple of SAT subject tests Hour-long, content-based tests Allows you to showcase achievement & interest in specific subject areas where you excel Allow you to differentiate yourself to colleges & show readiness to study specific majors or programs Recommend you take a certain subject test immediately after completing an AP course Courses in English, Math, History, Science, & Foreign Languages

8 ACT Prep class offered each semester for ½ credit ACT Prep Days – 3 per year DeVry, Northwest MO State, and Sylvan Learning Centers sometimes offer prep days Summer PSAT/SAT Prep Class offered by BSSD August 26 & 28: 2:45 – 4:45 October 7 & 9: 2:45 – 4:45 Will meet at BSSD Central Office FREE!! Taught by Dr. Carter & Mr. Dierking Sign up in the Counseling Office

9 Pre-SAT Measures critical reading, math problem- solving, and writing skills Qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program Wednesday, October 15 th here @ South

10 Extremely select program based on test scores, GPA, letters of recommendation, classes taken, activities & leadership Top 3% of students who take the PSAT will move on in the competition Commended Scholars September of senior year – notification to Semi- Finalists February of senior year – notification to Finalists Winners are announced in March – June $2500 National Merit Scholarships Corporate-sponsored merit scholarships College-sponsored merit scholarships

11 Merit-based awards that can be used at Missouri colleges Top 3% (31+ ACT) = Possible $2500/yr renewable Funding can change from year-to-year depending on the state budget No application; MO Dept. of Higher Ed will send you a letter spring of senior year if you qualify **Encouraged to always list at least 1 Missouri college on your ACT

12 VERY selective – Many highly selective schools only accept around 10% of their applicants Admission Criteria: Grades / Class Rank Test Scores Rigor of classes Activities, Volunteer Experience, Leadership Positions Essays Letters of Recommendation Personal Interviews **Connection to alumnae

13 Allows you to apply early (usually in Nov.) Receive admission decision well in advance of the usual spring notification date; normally by Dec. or Jan. Sometimes you have a better chance of acceptance than via regular admissions process. Early Decision – You agree to attend the college if it accepts you and offers an adequate financial aid package. Can apply to only 1 college for Early Decision, but can apply to others for regular admission If accepted by 1 st choice college, you must withdraw all other applications Early Action – similar to Early Decision, but non-binding Can choose to commit right away or wait until spring Can apply to other colleges as Early Action

14 Common Application is used by almost 400 colleges – Application Secondary School Report Mid-year Report Final Report Teacher Evaluations (may be required by colleges) CSS Profile – form used by some colleges to award aid Used in addition to FAFSA Can file as early as October 1 of senior year $25 for 1 st college; $16 for additional colleges

15 Air Force, Naval, Military (West Point) Application process starts in spring of junior year Very competitive Grades & Test Scores Rigorous Course Load Physical Aptitude Activities & Leadership Experience **Must commit to 5+ years of service after graduation Congressional Nomination REQUIRED to be admitted to an academy Contact your local congressional representative

16 Extra cord worn at graduation 100 hours of community service Log sheets available in the Counseling Office Return logs to your assistant principal by May 1 st of each school year You can start logging hours now!!

17 Leadership opportunity during summer before senior year Mock government Participants from around the state of Missouri Applications available in the spring in the Counseling Office Great résumé builder!!

18 FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid Aid is awarded based on income & family size FAFSA not available until January 1 st of your senior year Most scholarship money comes from merit scholarships offered through colleges (GPA & ACT) Over 150 scholarships available through the Counseling Office Most are for seniors; some are for juniors Check Guidance Announcements for information & deadlines! Not too late to sign up for the A+ program – See Mr. Baier in the Main Office & - Free scholarship websites

19 The single BEST way to access information New newsletter every Friday Copies posted in classrooms and available in Counseling Office Available on Souths website under Guidance Dept. Scholarships ACT & SAT test dates & Test Prep opportunities Internships, Job Postings, & Volunteer Opportunities Summer Camps & Leadership Retreats

20 @BSSCounselors Important announcements Upcoming Deadlines Scholarship & college info Shout-outs to Jags doing great things!!


22 Talk with various recruiters Each branch has different incentive packages Will have to take the ASVAB test, which determines what types of jobs you will be eligible for Include your parents in the decision Sometimes they think of good questions you may not think of

23 Can enlist right after high school May qualify for the G.I. Bill – You can go to college for free during and/or after your military service is complete College ROTC Scholarships Full & partial college scholarships You agree to serve in the military after graduation for 4-6 years Become an officer upon graduation (higher rank than enlisted soldiers)

24 Combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training Opportunity to learn and practice while getting work experience in the real world Takes 1-6 years to fully complete the program, but you are paid while you train! No previous experience required Pay increases as you gain experience

25 CarpenterOperating Engineer BricklayerMachinist PlumberTool Maker PipefitterCook Iron WorkerAuto Mechanic LinemanDiesel Mechanic ElectricianPainter **More info at

26 Cosmetology – Can finish a full program (hair, nails, make-up, massage therapy) in around 1 year Community Colleges have many programs that can be completed in 1 year or less Technical Colleges Linn State Technical College ITT Technical Institute BTC (Business & Technology campus of MCC) Technical focused programs Take 1-4 years to complete



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