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Seamless Transitions for Two-Year Students The Importance of Academic Advising Presented by: Lynnette Enlow, Senior Academic Advisor Cindy West, Academic.

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1 Seamless Transitions for Two-Year Students The Importance of Academic Advising Presented by: Lynnette Enlow, Senior Academic Advisor Cindy West, Academic Advisor Upper Iowa University 4601 Hammersley Road Madison, Wisconsin 53711

2 Seamless TransitionsUIU Global University Largest private university in Iowa with over 6,000 students enrolled on & off campus Main campus located in Fayette, Iowa Correspondence degree programs U.S. Centers Online degree programs International Centers located in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia Wide diversity of academic programs and students

3 Seamless TransitionsUIU Global Locations

4 Seamless Transitions UIU International Centers

5 Seamless Transition UIU U.S. Centers

6 Seamless TransitionsUIU Mission Statement Upper Iowa University provides postsecondary education to a widely diverse student clientele, including both recent high school graduates and mature learners. Since the educational needs of the Universitys constituency vary significantly, the University is committed to maintaining curricular flexibility to provide for these diverse needs; it encourages lifelong learning. The educational process at Upper Iowa University fosters a sense of personal ethics and social responsibility, personal wellness, and understanding of the critical and creative thinking process; and groups from various backgrounds. Upper Iowa Universitys commitment to this educational process will prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to meet the challenges inherent within our complex, evolving nation and world.

7 Seamless TransitionsUIU Overview Upper Iowa University Residential University (RU) Fayette, Iowa Extended University (EU) Centers North Central Region Iowa Centers Wisconsin Centers South Central Region Online External Degree (Correspondence)

8 Seamless TransitionsUIU Wisconsin System Focus is on partnerships with the two-year colleges in Wisconsin Strategically placed UIU center locations Wisconsin University system is not always a seamless transition Competition with the Wisconsin University system and Technical school college parallel courses In Wisconsin there are 13 two-year University of Wisconsin campuses, 13 four-year University of Wisconsin campuses and 16 Technical College campuses. All are state supported.

9 Seamless Transitions UIU Wisconsin Centers Prairie du Chien Madison Wausau Milwaukee Janesville Blackhawk Tech. College Elkhorn Northcentral Tech. College Southwest Tech. College Madison Area Tech. CollegeMilwaukee Area Tech. College Gateway Tech. College

10 Seamless TransitionsUIU Madison Center Madison Area Technical College (MATC) – 27,000 students MATC functions as a community college and technical college and also offers college parallel courses UIU-Madison Center has established a relationship with MATC and MATC students to transfer to our four-year programs Develop the relationship with the MATC students while they are enrolled in their two-year program Success is demonstrated in that 49% of our current enrollments are from MATC students This is accomplished through: Strong Articulation Agreement Proximity to MATC PIE Model

11 Seamless Transitions UIU Madison Center/ Off-Sites Tomah/Mauston Wisconsin Tech. College ReedsburgLake Mills Madison Area Tech. CollegeMadison Area Tech. College Fort Atkinson- MATC UIU Madison Center MATC TRUAX Campus MATC Commercial Campus MATC Downtown Campus

12 Seamless TransitionsDefinition What is Seamless Transition? It is a transfer program that has evolved It incorporates developmental advising It allows the student to see the bigger picture The two-year program allows the student to pursue education for work. Seamless transition allows the student to move to higher education and pursue education for education. Seamless transition builds a bridge for a student to further become a productive member of society.

13 Seamless TransitionUIU Transition Tools Articulation Agreement (course-to-course transfer) Students have access to the articulation agreement so they are aware of choices Students can take advantage of making course selections that will benefit them Generous Transfer Policy Maximize previous learning Experiential Learning, Academy credit and ACE/Military Advisory Council Made up of MATC staff, local employers, past students, UIU staff Act on input from council Ongoing Communication with MATC Student Weekly presence on MATC campuses MATC classroom presentations UIU Open Houses geared to the two-year transfer student Web Site Available on the MATC site on UIU UIU web site:

14 Seamless TransitionsUIU Madison Benefits UIU Madison Centers mission is to provide a quality education by providing: Smaller classes / different delivery modalities Many Faculty work in their field and bring expertise to the classroom Balanced curriculum supporting the UIU Mission Statement Seamless Transition is directed to new transfers, but always keeping the needs of Non-traditional student in focus

15 Seamless TransitionsUIU PIE Model Prepare Involve Execute Prepare Involve Execute The earlier we involve the 2-year student in a dialogue between advisor/student directly increases the enrollment into our Bachelors program. The student sees the relationship early in their academic program.

16 Seamless TransitionsUIU PIE Model Prepare: Mindset Planning Build awareness of educational opportunities Continual Presence at 2-year school Build an alignment with instructors Ability to work and advance Prepare

17 Seamless TransitionsUIU PIE Model Involve: Work with 2-year school advisors Work with Advisory Council Frequent interaction with students Classroom visits and presentations Strong Articulation Agreements Faculty and staff act as conduits Involve

18 Seamless Transitions UIU PIE Model Execute: Academic Advising Evaluation of Credits Degree Audit / Degree Plan Course schedules available Accelerated Program Internship Programs Execute

19 Seamless Transition UIU Benefit of PIE PIE Model makes transfer to a 4-year degree program seamless to the 2- year student UIU has become a source of information and knowledge for students on courses in their programs UIU provides information on the transfer policies UIU provides knowledge of students educational needs UIU works to maximize previous experience in and out of school.

20 Seamless TransitionsCase Study Break into groups of three Identify a student Identify a mother Identify an academic advisor Each of you will be given your role play scenario. Do not share this with the members in your group. This is to make this role-play a realistic situation. Take a moment to review your role-play information and then begin the role-play. You may come to a natural conclusion or not. When the time is up ask yourself: Was a Seamless Transition demonstrated? How did you feel in your role? Were the PIE model components demonstrated?

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