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Limtex Group of Industries

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1 Limtex Group of Industries

2 Mr. Gopal Poddar Chairman Limtex Group
Promoters Mr. Gopal Poddar Chairman Limtex Group Mr. Gopal Poddar entered the tea industry 35 years ago; he was clear about one thing he wanted to make it to the top of the industry. And that’s what he did for the past 35 years. He had a vision and he wanted to grow and the entrepreneur in him yearned to succeed. ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

3 Mr. Shankar Poddar Managing Director of Limtex Group
Promoters Mr. Shankar Poddar Managing Director of Limtex Group “Our achievement is our motivation. Our ambition is to soar heights & to create a space for India in the international market.” ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

4 Mr. Subhash Poddar Director of Limtex Group
Promoters Mr. Subhash Poddar Director of Limtex Group In Limtex we believe the greatest achievement is to win the heart of our consumers. Our ultimate motto is to see- “Limtex is a loving name in every Indian household.” ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

5 Mr. Gopal Poddar Chairman Limtex Group
BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. Gopal Poddar Chairman Limtex Group Mr. Shankar Poddar – Managing Director Mr. Subhash Poddar – Director Mr. Gaurav Poddar – Director Mr. Gunjan Poddar – Director Mr. Niraj Poddar – Director Mr. Vikash Poddar – Director Mr. Vijay Kedia – Director Mr. Murari Agarwal – Director ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

6 Mission Statement “ To provide our stakeholders with the highest levels of performance and to be committed to continually investing in our people, processes, infrastructure to deliver world class goods and service standards .” ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

7 Values Our customers, employees, investors, and suppliers are our partners. Limtex will create and maintain outstanding partner relationships by: Ensuring partners benefit financially as Limtex succeeds. Delivering on all promises to our partners. Maintaining honest and open communication. Encouraging creativity, innovation, and mutual respect. ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

8 Company Brief Started in the year 1977
Our offices are situated at Calcutta (H.O), Bidhannagar, Siliguri, Asansol, Guhawati, Jaipur Dibrugarh, New Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Cochin, Coonoor, Coimbatore, and Kotagiri. Representations in all the major cities and towns in India Group Turnover of approx. USD 140 million The company has shown a overall growth rate of 60%. The company have diversified interests – Tea, Biscuits, Re-Insurance and IT; besides trading in various other commodities ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

9 Our Reach We Export quality agro commodities to various part of the world namely:                                                       USA UK Russia Germany France Japan Netherlands Poland Saudi Arabia UAE Turkey Ukraine Iraq Jordan Kenya Kazakhstan Libya Yemen Pakistan Tunisia Sudan Azerbaijan Iran Afghanistan ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

10 Achievements Received national export award from the former Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Mr. Atal Behari Vajpai in the year Received from the Federation of Indian export the Niryat Shree award by the former Hon'ble Minister of State for Foreign affairs Mr. Omar Abdullah for the years & Awarded 1st prize for highest export performance for the year by Canara Bank at the exporters meet in Jan & 2005 " The 1st company in Tea Sector to be Recognized by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for carbon credits. We care for the environment” "Limtex Tea & Industries Ltd. is an ISO 22000:2005 company" ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

11 TEA

12 Company Brief Working in the tea industry for the last 35 years
Planters, producers, manufacturers and exporters Producing about 18 million Kgs of tea annually 100% Export Oriented Unit at Coimbatore Worldwide Tea Brand “Nargis” (Launched in Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Afghanistan & India) Exporters of Agri based products ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

13 Tea Gardens & Factories
Doars Assam Nilgiris ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

14 Exports Limtex prefers to export fresh tea from its own facilities:
- Warehousing - Blending unit - Packing facility - Under Strict Quality Control - In House R & D - Transportation

15 Agri Business Limtex also exports various Agri based commodities like:
Grains Cereals Pulses Tamarind Coconut products Spices

16 NARGIS Brand was first introduced by a consortium of five
                       Brand was first introduced by a consortium of five companies viz. Tata Tea, Goodricke Group, Warren Tea, Rossell Industries and Magor Group for exporting quality tea from India. Nargis, now with the Limtex group, is being nurtured with renewed vigor and enthusiasm showcasing authentic Indian Tea all over the world.                                             ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

17 South India Largest Warehousing, Blending & Packing Unit in Coimbatore
100,000 Sq Ft Capable of Handling 15 container per day Capable of blending & packing 200 tones teas per day Point –to–Point Loading with easy Container stuffing capability Ease of Scalability – More space can be built in the existing land ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

18 BISCUIT Brand: “LIMTEX” Factory :
Limtex Industries Ltd. Chitaranjan Road, P.O. : Salanpur District : Burdwan (West Bengal) Phone :(O) /181 (R) /76 ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

19 Facts & Figures Established in the year 2000
Location: Salanpur, West Bengal. About 10 Kms from Asansol Total Area: 1.67 Acres Factory Shed: 30,000 sq. ft. Administrative Block: 2,000 sq. ft. ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

20 Plant Fully Automatic Plant Capacity: 1050 MT ©2010 Limtex Group

21 Information Technology
©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

22 Brief: 100 seater Call Center registered under STPI located at The Salt lake Electronic Complex, Calcutta Our current Product Portfolio includes Voice Based Outbound Inbound Specialized Services IT Services Outsourcing Solutions Software Development The 250 plus team of well-qualified and trained personnel to deal with inbound and outbound calls in a client server environment with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) A team of 50 software developers working on various client needs and ERP solutions ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

23 Composite Insurance Brokers
Direct Re-Insurance ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

24 Other Commodities (Trading)
Gherkins Ms Scrap Petroleum By- Products Cement Clinkers Soda Ash Sodium Bicarbonate Ammonia Etc etc……. ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

25 Thank You Limtex Group of Industries 25A Shakespeare Sarani
Kolkata – Ph: Fax: Mobile: (Gaurav Poddar) Visit Us At: ©2010 Limtex Group CONFIDENTIAL

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