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Bones of Faerie Janni Lee Simmer January 27, 2009 Fantasy Zabrina C 7.

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1 Bones of Faerie Janni Lee Simmer January 27, 2009 Fantasy Zabrina C 7

2 Setting Bones of Faerie has a setting that takes place after a devastating war that has ruined both humanity and Faerie folk. The human towns are full of magic now and results in murderous trees and dandelions with thorns. This book would be very different if werent for the setting, for Lizas journey wouldnt be so difficult because of the harmful, magical things.

3 Characters CharacterPhysical Characteristics Adjectives of Personality Text Evidence /Explanation of Adjectives Liza1 Clear Strands in her Hair 1 Stubborn1 She doesnt want any help when she needs its. 2 Wounds from getting whipped 2 Determined2 She is determined to rescue her mother. 3 Brown hair3 Strong3 When she feels pain, she ignores it and continues. Matthew1 Long hair1 Patient1 When Liza is arguing, he is patient and waits for her to calm down. 2 White scar on his wrist 2 Loyal2 He isnt going to leave Lizas side no matter what. 3 Ties his hair up in a ponytail 3 Calm3 Liza say Matthew never gets angry

4 Conflict At first, the conflict is Liza running away because of her magic, but while her and Matthew are roaming the woods at night, the trees around her attack and injure Liza, but severely hurt Matthew. Karin, a woman who has the magic to control trees saves them and brings them to her town. During her stay at Karins home, Liza discovers through her visions that her mother is trapped in Faerie and decides to venture out on a trek to get her. It is a Person vs. Nature/Environment conflict

5 Summary of Plot Exposition – Liza is late and gets whipped by her father. While getting the whip marks treated, Liza finds the clear strands in her hair, symbolizing magic. She is forced to flee before her father finds out. Rising Action – Walking through the woods, Liza falls into a river and nearly drowns. Somebody pulls her out, saving her. Turns out, Matthew followed her. They walk through the forests together but get attacked by trees, but Karin saves them using her magic and brings them to her home. Conflict – Through her visions, Liza sees that her mother is trapped in Faerie. Climax – Liza and Matthew venture out to Faerie and learn that they are being followed by Allie, Lizas young healer. The 3 of them go on a trek to retrieve Lizas mom. Falling Action – They arrive at Faerie and find Lizas mom in terrible condition. While wondering on how to get back to town, Liza discovers that with her magic, they can go through the lake that Lizas mom was hypnotized by and come out of Kates mirror back at Liza and Matthews town. Once they get home, Lizas father is angered at the fact that she ran away and gets in a fight with everyone, injuring Kate, Matthew, and killing Tallow, Lizas cat.

6 Theme The theme is, Magic doesnt always kill. Text Evidence 1:Liza states at page 219 that Magic doesnt always kill. Text Evidence 2: Karin says on page 44 that Trees have always listened to me, since I was a child. Text Evidence 3:On page 219, Liza says, Magic is like a tool, it can be wielded.

7 Point of View Its a first person point of view and its Lizas. It helps you understand the story in her eyes. What she feels about things and what she sees, like her visions. If the story wasnt in first person, then there would be a narrator and it wouldnt specific information on them.

8 Symbolism This quarter symbolizes the friendship Caleb and Lizas mom used to have before the War. The St. Louis Arch is the entrance to Faerie, where Lizas mother is trapped.

9 Recommendation This book is worth reading because its a cool end of the world story.

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