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Kara Hanges, Martha Slamer, Maribeth Pennekamp, Debbie Dye, Rhonda Parker, and Kim Davidson.

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2 Kara Hanges, Martha Slamer, Maribeth Pennekamp, Debbie Dye, Rhonda Parker, and Kim Davidson

3 Five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education Twenty-four participating Ohio districts Collaborative effort among districts, the Ohio Department of Education and Battelle for Kids

4 Through Ohio TIF, New Miami will have the opportunity to: Utilize quality, reliable data to inform instructional practices Enhance evaluation systems for principals and teachers Design award programs that recognize educators for contributions to student achievement Make data-driven decisions about professional development opportunities

5 Through Ohio TIF, New Miami educators will have the opportunity to benefit from: Quality, reliable data systems Fair, robust evaluations Support and professional development Award and recognition opportunities All which are designed to help teachers and principals positively impact student achievement.

6 All students graduate from high school college- and career-ready Achieve nations highest college attendance and completion rates Eliminate achievement gaps among under- represented student groups

7 TIF is supporting our district goals to: Become proficient in using data to guide instruction and curriculum. Build Leadership Teams Build a collaborative environment/learning community Provide professional development to increase teacher effectiveness Recognize excellent teaching and leadership

8 A core component of Ohio TIF is developing and implementing strategic compensation award models. Strategic compensation: the strategic alignment between desired organizational goals and compensation with a goal of increasing teacher quality and maximizing student achievement

9 In May 2011, New Miami submitted a draft TIF award model to ODE and BFK. Collaborative process Consideration of Staff values Revisions and drafts based on feedback Inclusive, promotes collaboration and student achievement, and rewards teaching and leadership excellence.

10 Our Goals: Increase Student Achievement Support Professional Development Increase Student Growth Support Building Leadership Teams Components of Award Model Recognizing Student Achievement Building School Capacity Recognizing Student Growth Fostering Leadership

11 Increase Student Achievement Goal based on Performance Index Data and the need to increase the number of students in the Accelerated and Advanced Categories. Award each building for the increase of Performance Index based on State Report Card Data from the previous year. Maximum Award: $150

12 Support Professional Development Goal based on - Professional Development increases student achievement. Award all Pre-K – 12 Teachers who participate in professional development. The Curriculum Mapping project is the determined professional development for this years award. Maximum Award: $100.00

13 Increase Student Achievement Students to either meet or go above one years growth in Reading and Math. Building Goal based on Value Added Data reading and math composite scores in grades Pre – K - 8. Grades 9 – 12 Value Added Data Reports on ACT EOC exams. Team Level awards in grades 3 – 8 based on grade level Value Added Data. Grades 9 – 12 Individual Awards based on Value Added Data Teacher Reports on ACT EOC exams. Pre – K – 12 teachers and principals providing instruction at least 50% of the time for building award. Core grade level teams in grades 4 – 8. Maximum Award: Building = $500 Core Grade Level Teams = $2000 Reading - $1000 Math – Individual - $1000 (per report).

14 Support for those willing to carry out additional roles and responsibilities related to school achievement and student growth. Designated Building Design Team Design Team Members Building Leadership Teams Carry out designated roles and responsibilities related to school achievement and growth goals. Maximum Award: $1500

15 All teachers and principals includes: non-tested grades and specialties providing instruction at least 50% of their time and whose attendance exceeds 94.5%. Completed Curriculum Maps and Rubrics. Team members assigned to more than one grade level – award is split equally. Participation on Leadership Teams. Participate in 2 - 30 min. observations. Employees must be in good standing at the time of payment. Teachers may opt out of participation.

16 Data being collected during 2011 – 2012 school year Linkage process in the spring Will use BFK Award to report, verify and calculate awards Payouts for Year 1 will be made in late 2012 or early 2013

17 Award model will be enhanced for Year 2 of the grant TIF Design Team will continue collaboration with the building leadership teams, administration, and all staff to enhance the Year 2 award model.

18 For more information about the New Miami Local School District TIF Program, contact Kim Davidson, TIF Coordinator, at or 513-896-7153 ext. 1003 Five Year Journey Collaborative Process

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