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Alumni Development Office SPARK Be part of something special…………

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1 Alumni Development Office SPARK Be part of something special…………

2 Alumni Development Office SPARK SPARK is the annual fund at York St John University and stands for - Securing Potential and Releasing Knowledge. We generate funds to offer SPARK Scholarships and support students through their studies with us.

3 Alumni Development Office SPARK was officially launched on 29 October 2005 at York Racecourse for the first ever YSJ fun run.

4 Alumni Development Office Thank you! Over the years we have been supported by the Students' Union, students, former students, staff, governors and friends of York St John. Last year, thanks to all our supporters we raised over £50,000. All money raised from SPARK supports students at York St John. We hope you will support us again this year… Pictures taken by Dan Roche

5 Recognising student involvement with SPARK In recognition of the support York St John students give to SPARK, awards are given for outstanding contributions. Year Personality Club/Society of the Year 2006 Alex Cleeland Mens Football Club 2007 Steven Keable Rowing Club 2008 Peter Gorbert Ladies Football Club 2010 Indu Meddegama The Big Band 2011 David Dunn Birch Ladies Football Club Alex Cleeland David Dunn Birch Indu MeddegamaPeter Gorbert

6 Alumni Development Office SPARK Club of the Year 2010-11 Ladies Football Club Ladies Football Club annual match versus the staff (2011)

7 Alumni Development Office Staff Big Band Idol (December 2010) Masterminded by Donna Harrison and Kirstin Thompson with music from the Big Band. This event raised over £1,300 Big Band supported SPARK to the tune of nearly £2,000 during the last academic year The winning act Frankie, Stef and Kathryn

8 Alumni Development Office Student Warden Variety Show, March 2011 This was the second annual show and was another great success raising £800 for SPARK! Guests included the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress

9 Alumni Development Office YSJ Fun run, March 2011, at York Racecourse The home of our annual 5k fun run/walk Everyone ready for the off! All fun run pictures are courtesy of YSJ student Dan Roche

10 Alumni Development Office As with every other year our sabbatical team champion the cause

11 Alumni Development Office Students and clubs & societies have also given so much support to SPARK The Rowing Club won the best club/society turn out All fun run pictures are courtesy of YSJ student Dan Roche

12 Alumni Development Office Former SPARK scholars who have benefited from SPARK raise funds for the next generation of SPARK scholars Eannes Ongus Kenya SPARK Scholar 2009-10 Fun run winner 2011 Alex Cleeland (YSJ alumnus) Presented by YSJ legend John Maw MBE All fun run pictures are courtesy of YSJ student Dan Roche

13 Alumni Development Office The events are becoming a little more daring! In July 2011 a team of 21 skydivers from York St John (students and staff) took part in a tandem skydive to raise over £3,000! Helen Westmancoat was the first to jump! Special thanks to Hannah Spring and Kerry Sorby for all their efforts in making this event happen

14 Alumni Development Office Some of our brave skydivers!

15 Alumni Development Office There is already talk of doing this event again this academic year!

16 Alumni Development Office International students fundraising for SPARK The inaugural York Sri Lankans v York Pakistanis SPARK cricket match was won by Pakistan The Sri Lankans were confident at the start! Congratulations to the winners – Pakistan (pictured with SPARK scholar Valentine Nkoyo)

17 Alumni Development Office Thank you to all our outstanding volunteers! Our successful volunteer programme expanded greatly after our SPARK Scholars wanted to give something back. Last year we had an outstanding team of 18 volunteers. Many of our volunteers are international (students and alumni). They couldnt have a better role model than former student and staff member John Maw MBE.

18 Alumni Development Office Due to your support we have surpassed the £250,000 milestone for SPARK! Thank you so much for your support in helping us achieve this! If you would like any further information please email Brett Arnall

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