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Welcome Freshmen! Class of 2015.

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1 Welcome Freshmen! Class of 2015

2 P.R.I.D.E. – The Foundation for Success
PRIDE means many things to different people, but at Laguna Beach High School we strive to ensure that all of our students demonstrate PRIDE in their social and academic growth through: Problem Solving – gathers, organizes, and analyzes data to solve problems and takes advantage of resources available on campus. Resiliency – accepts responsibility and works diligently to achieve in class and in extra-curricular activities despite setbacks. Integrity – does the right thing in all situations while showing respect for oneself and others. Dependability – is prepared for class on time and meets all deadlines Engagement – contributes in and out of the classroom

3 4 - Year Plan Four Year Plan

4 Community Service Hours
Transcript Community Service Hours Community Service Hours Credits Completed

5 Requirements for Graduation
English - 4 years Social Science - 3 ½ years Science - 2 years 1 year of a Life Science (Biology or Life Science 1 year of a Physical Science (Chemistry or Earth Science) Mathematics 3 years Must complete Algebra 1 Physical Education- 2 years Fine Arts - 1 year Foreign Language - 1 year Health - 1 semester +60 units of Electives 5

6 California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)
Must Pass the California High School Exit Exam in: Mathematics and Language Arts Passing score is a 350 or above

7 What if I don’t have a C or better?
SUMMER SCHOOL WHO Students in grade 9-12 who must repeat a course a grade earned of D or F. 1 session = 1 semester of class time with the exception of math classes. Math classes are the full 5 weeks.  5 weeks = 1 semester of class time. No advance credit given Courses offered for remediation only! Requirements Classes meet Monday – Friday from 7:45 am to 12:00 pm Attendance is MANDATORY. THERE ARE NO EXCUSED ABSENCES IN SUMMMER SCHOOL One full day absence per session is allowed. Students will be dropped on the second full day absence in a session. NO EXCEPTIONS!

8 Community College, CSU, UC, and Private Universities
CC CSU UC Over 75 Private Universities: Some are: Claremont Pepperdine USC Westmont Loyola Marymount Stanford Whittier College 9 University of California: UC Berkeley UC Davis UC Irvine UC Los Angeles UC Riverside UC San Diego UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz UC Merced 110 Community Colleges: Some are: Irvine Valley Saddleback Orange Coast 23 California State Universities: Some are: CSUF CSU CSULB Cal Poly Pomona Cal Poly SLO CSULA San Diego Fresno 8

9 College Prep or AP/Honors (Must Earn a grade of a C or better)
UC/ CSU Admission Requirements College Prep or AP/Honors (Must Earn a grade of a C or better) Area Years Subject A. History/Social Studies 2 years Required 1 year of World History or AP European History 1 year of US History B. English 4 years Required English (CP/H/AP) C. Mathematics 3 years Required Algebra 1, Geometry, & Algebra 2 D. College Lab Science Biology Chemistry Physics E. Foreign Language 2 years Required of the same language French Spanish F. Visual Performing Art 1 year Required Art, Ceramics, Chorus, Dance Production, Drama Production, Photography, Computer Art, Band G. Electives (CP/H/AP) AP Macroeconomics, Economics, MUN 9

10 Understand College Entrance Requirements
College Options Entrance Requirements High School Diploma 9 campuses Designed to accept top 12.5% of CA graduates A – G Requirements SAT Reasoning or ACT (+ writing) Check their website! Personal Statement/Essays Minimum GPA: 3.0 23 campuses Designed to accept top 33% of CA graduates SAT Reasoning or ACT Minimum GPA: 2.0 Private Colleges/Universities Varied depending on institution Letters of Recommendation from teachers and counselor

11 LBHS A-G LIST What is an A-G List? Why is an A-G List important?
How is an A-G List viewed by colleges? Is weighted credit given for all Honors and AP classes? How do I find the A-G List? A list of certified courses that fulfill the “a-g” subject requirements for freshman admission to the UC’s Only courses listed on the A-G will be recognized as fulfilling admission requirements. Colleges recognize the courses as college preparatory coursework. Weighted credit is given for all courses at the high school level, however they will only accept 2 semesters from 10th, and 6 semesters from 11th.

12 Community Service Requirements Resources 40 Hour Requirement
Hours must be done with a non-profit organization Community Service Cards are NOT to be signed by parents Jeannie Harrell, Community Service and Scholarship Coordinator, Ext Scholarship Website,

13 Community Service Suggestions
Certain scholarships are based upon community service hours (minimum100 hours recommended for competition of these specific scholarships) Try a variety of opportunities as a freshman and then concentrate in an area of interest Submit completed cards to Community Service Coordinator in a timely fashion Have the required number of hours completed by the 1st semester of senior year

14 PRACTICE TESTS WHO: WHY: COST FORMAT -Anyone preparing for college/ACT
-Recommended 10th grade -Anyone preparing for college/SAT Reasoning Test -Recommended in 11th grade WHY: -PRE-ACT, it can be a predictor of success on the ACT. -Become familiar with ACT -Receive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses -Focuses on career prep and improving academics -Identifies careers/interests -PRE-SAT (Reasoning Test) -Become familiar with the SAT RT -chance to enter in National Merit Scholarship Program -receive info to colleges/scholarship programs COST FORMAT 4 parts: English Reading Math Science 3 Parts: Critical Reading Math Writing Skills (No Essay)

15 Earn College Credit by Taking AP courses!
Advanced Placement courses offered beginning grade 10 Get a head start on college-level work Exams are scored on a numeric scale, 1 to 5 College credit if a score of 3 or better is earned Contract must be signed by student and parent Summer Reading/Work Expectation student will take AP Exam in June Weighted GPA (5 point scale) As of the 2012 testing season, exams cost $87 each Fee waivers available

16 Things to Remember Important Tips for College
Colleges are looking at level of rigor of course work taken Students are encouraged to take 4 years of math, and 3 years of laboratory science Grades Students must earn C’s or better in order to meet A-G Requirements Student must pass all classes in which enrolled, otherwise they will need to make up the credits in order to meet graduation requirements. Tips for Success Get Involved Plan Ahead Have fun!

17 We are here to help! We look forward to working with you! Please do not hesitate to contact us or make an appointment if you need anything. A-F – Mrs. Nicole Rosa, ext 1211, G-M – Mr. David Reska, ext 1208, N-Z – Mrs. Angela Pilon, ext 1218,

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