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How we can support your school. Hackney Supplementary Schools Programme.

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1 How we can support your school. Hackney Supplementary Schools Programme

2 Brief history The first supplementary schools were established in 1969 by John La Rose in Haringey and the Reverend Wilfred Wood in Shepherds Bush, London. The George Padmore Supplementary School was established in 1969. This came about through the concerns of parents in response to the racial discrimination and marginalisation of black children within the UK education system. The strategy developed focused on traditional subjects but also provided curriculum materials that featured information about the history and cultural heritage of black peoples of African, Caribbean and Asian descent, and helped students to establish and maintain their ethnic and cultural identities.

3 The Project Funded through a LAA African- Caribbean and Turkish/Kurdish achievement main focus. Funding for up to 14 schools run by community groups. Schools are commissioned each year. Money pays for teachers and resources Supplementary schools coordinator to quality assure Runs for the academic year Schools run in mainstream as well as community settings. Happen on weekdays as well as weekends All cultural groups in Hackney run schools Last year 2008/2009 more than 700 pupils took part in the programme.

4 The Schools Programme Lasts for 30 weeks,4 hours per week, 1 teacher:20 pupils ratio The project hopes to attract Hackney residence pupils from 5 to 16. All teachers working with programme hold QTS but a large number of volunteers support. Monitored regularly by Supplementary Schools Coordinator and E I A 1.School visits/lesson observations. 2. Attendance at Supplementary Schools Forum 1 each term. 3. Sending in of registers, lesson plan samples, statements of expenditure, pupil are tracked, end of term report Surgeries to encourage and support development, parent courses. Ends in July with a celebration activity.

5 Whats on offer to pupils Support with academic subjects Mathematics Science English Cultural experiences Dance Drama Music Taught in a cultural/religious setting Taught mother tongue

6 Whats on offer to parents Free parenting courses Empowerment for parents Speakeasy A safe place to send your child. Support with understanding the UK school system for those new to the country. Cultural learning working with libraries, museums(journeys of change)

7 A few facts Schools are scattered across all the clusters. Supplementary schools were traditionally located in Stoke Newington. This area has the highest concentration of schools. Shoreditch Trust- Whitmore School Claudia Jones Organisation- Stoke Newington School Turkish Education Development Trust Refugee Workers Cultural Organisation Youth Direct- Orthodox Jewish Schools and community African Community School- Princess May and Burbage Schools

8 Why are supplementary schools needed Supplementary schools compliment mainstream schools work. Smaller classes work for some pupils. Learning in a cultural setting boosts pupils sense of self. Confidence boost to children attending schools. Parents are encouraged and supported to engage with mainstream schools.

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