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1 Randy Chandler Director of Sales Randy Chandler Director of Sales.

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1 1 Randy Chandler Director of Sales Randy Chandler Director of Sales

2 2 Thank You! For Making it Happen

3 3 Market Basket Change RegionSales per Transactions$ Change East$70.71$2.85 Europe$46.66$1.54 West$63.91$2.14 DeCA$64.86$2.41

4 4 Execution

5 5 Outlook

6 6 Club Packs Meet The Need! Economic Trends and DeCA Purchase Patterns FAVOR Club Packs! –Average 18 times a year – Stock Up –Perceived as Better Value –Value overrides variety & convenience Create Excitement –Opportunity for COMMUNICATION! –REWARD EXECUTION!

7 7 Winter Club Pack Sale - Top 10 Jan-Mar Sales Club Pack Sales % of Sales SAN DIEGO$21,222,492$649,3723.1% FORT BRAGG SOUTH$17,935,280$591,5233.3% NELLIS AFB$14,982,874$556,8703.7% FORT LEWIS$17,933,877$489,8802.7% CAMP PENDLETON$15,602,880$475,1073.0% MIRAMAR$16,792,400$398,4722.4% LITTLE CREEK$16,356,990$396,9822.4% OCEANA$19,380,185$362,0191.9% LANGLEY$16,832,078$352,8382.1% DAVIS-MONTHAN$13,498,006$343,4582.5%

8 8 Winter Club Pack Sales FYTD Rank FYTDClub Rank Club Sales SAN DIEGO NB2.$21,222,4921$649,372 FORT BRAGG SOUTH6.$17,935,2802$591,523 NELLIS AFB18.$14,982,8743$556,870 FORT LEWIS7.$17,933,8774$489,880 CAMP PENDLETON MCB14.$15,602,8805$475,107 MIRAMAR MCAS10.$16,792,4006$398,472 LITTLE CREEK NAVPHIB12.$16,356,9907$396,982 OCEANA NAS4.$19,380,1858$362,019 LANGLEY AFB9.$16,832,0789$352,838 DAVIS-MONTHAN AFB26.$13,498,00610$343,458 LUKE AFB40.$11,763,63011$341,724 FORT BLISS24.$13,635,16712$317,332 FORT BENNING22.$14,299,60213$317,063 MCCHORD AFB13.$15,846,43714$311,166 FORT MEADE5.$18,274,06815$303,134 ANDERSEN AFB76.$7,069,09816$292,074 TINKER AFB37.$11,888,40217$288,244 FORT BELVOIR1.$25,543,76018$265,065

9 9 Fort Bragg North

10 10 Fort Bragg North ObjectiveCategories/Sections Increase Pack Out by Reducing Items/Brands Baking Needs, Canned Pork and Beans, Dry Beans, Ketchup, Olives, Pancake Mix, Peanut Butter Improve Signage, Displays and Service NIB Items, Quick Clean, Air Care, Hair Care, Skin Care, Baby Needs, Baby Food, Baby Formula, Diapers, Candy, DSD Mixer Increase the Sections Size Quick Clean, Skin Care, HBC Club Packs, Pallet Drop Aisle, Two Rows for PB, MS, Club Packs etc. Reduce Section Size One Gondola Run, Bags/Wipes, Laundry Detergents, Cleaners, Air Freshener

11 11

12 12

13 13

14 14

15 15

16 16

17 17

18 18 Initiatives

19 19 Ft. Lewis

20 20 What If ?

21 21

22 22

23 23

24 24

25 25 Flexibility

26 26 Randy Chandler Director of Sales Randy Chandler Director of Sales

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