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Sample Round 1 Ultimate Question Cosimo de Medici Erasmus of Rotterdam Niccolo Machiavelli Scores can be changed manually in Slide Show mode. Complete.

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2 Sample

3 Round 1 Ultimate Question Cosimo de Medici Erasmus of Rotterdam Niccolo Machiavelli Scores can be changed manually in Slide Show mode. Complete all of Rounds 1 and 2 before going to the Ultimate Question Click on Round 1 to access categories and questions (in Slide Show mode). Round 2 Not Available for Sample

4 Category #1Category #2Category #4Category #5Category #6 Renaissance Philosophy Renaissance Philosophy Wars and the Military Wars and the Military Visual Arts Visual Arts New Monarchs New Monarchs Feeling Religious Feeling Religious Lets Exlore Lets Exlore $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 Click on any of the top squares to return to the Scoreboard.

5 $100 AnswerScoreboard This 14 th -century Florentine is considered the father of Humanism in Renaissance Italy.

6 $100 Petrarch Who is Petrarch? Round 1

7 $200 ScoreboardAnswer This philosopher wrote On the Dignity of Man and believed humans were capable of achieving great things.

8 $200 Pico Della Mirandola Who is Pico Della Mirandola? Round 1

9 $300 ScoreboardAnswer This Lord Chancellor to Henry VIII wrote Utopia, a view of an ideal society based on Renaissance ideals.

10 $300 Thomas More Who is Thomas More? Round 1

11 Place a bet between $100 to $1000 (or higher if you have more money) Question

12 $400 ScoreboardAnswer The Courtier, written by this diplomat, was the most important work on courtly behavior and the ideal of the quintessential Renaissance man.

13 $400 Baldassare Castiglione Who is Baldassare Castiglione? Round 1

14 $500 ScoreboardAnswer This Frenchmans development of the essay form and his ideas of skepticism made him an important figure in the late Renaissance.

15 $500 Michel de Montaigne Who is Michel de Montaigne? Round 1

16 $100 AnswerScoreboard This long war between England and France resulted in Englands loss of nearly all its French territories.

17 $100 Hundred Years War What is the Hundred Years War? Round 1

18 $200 ScoreboardAnswer This young peasant quasi- military leader helped the French defeat England in the Hundred Years War.

19 $200 Who is Joan of Arc Joan of Arc? Round 1

20 $300 ScoreboardAnswer The mutinous armies of this emperor sacked Rome in 1527.

21 $300 Who is Charles V Charles V? Round 1

22 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This late-fifteenth century struggle between two noble families led to the rise of the Tudor Dynasty in England.

23 $400 What is the War of the Roses War of the Roses? Round 1

24 $500 ScoreboardAnswer This policy resulted in the expulsion of Moors and Jews from Spain in the late-15 th century.

25 $500 reconquista What is the reconquista? Round 1

26 $100 AnswerScoreboard This sculptor created in the 15 th century the first bronze statue since antiquity.

27 $100 Donatello Who is Donatello? Round 1

28 $200 ScoreboardAnswer Michelangelo built a huge dome atop this basilica for the pope in the early-16 th century.

29 $200 St. Peters Basilica What is St. Peters Basilica? Round 1

30 $300 ScoreboardAnswer This technique was developed by Giotto to create 3-D effects. He used contrasts of light and dark colors.

31 $300 chiaroscuro What is chiaroscuro? Round 1

32 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This master of perspective built in Florence the then-largest dome in the world, known as Il Duomo.

33 $400 Brunelleschi Who is Brunelleschi? Round 1

34 $500 ScoreboardAnswer This German was the foremost Northern Renaissance artist, a master of the woodcut.

35 $500 Round 1 Albrecht Dürer? Who is Albrecht Dürer?

36 $100 AnswerScoreboard This arachnid monarch in France created a royal army and suppressed the nobility in the late- fifteenth century.

37 $100 Round 1 Louis XI (the Spider King)? Who is Louis XI (the Spider King)?

38 $200 ScoreboardAnswer These two monarchs united Spain in the late 15 th century and established the Reconquista.

39 $200 Ferdinand Isabella? Who are Ferdinand and Isabella? Round 1

40 $300 ScoreboardAnswer This French ruler instituted the taille and took power of appointing bishops away from the Church in the Concordat of Bologna (1516).

41 $300 Round 1 Francis I? Who is Francis I?

42 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This late-15 th century Tudor used the Star Chamber to reduce the power of the nobility.

43 $400 Round 1 Who is Henry VII?

44 $500 ScoreboardAnswer This ruler, though not really a new monarch, led both the Spanish and Austrian Hapsburg branches and was the most powerful European ruler of the 16th century.

45 $500 Round 1 Who is Charles V?

46 $100 AnswerScoreboard This northern humanist wrote a powerful critique of Catholic Church abuses in In Praise of Folly.

47 $100 Round 1 Erasmus? Who is Erasmus?

48 $200 ScoreboardAnswer This turn-of-the-16 th - century pontiff was the most worldly and corrupt of the Renaissance popes. He was a huge patron of Renaissance Art.

49 $200 Round 1 Alexander VI? Who is Alexander VI?

50 $300 ScoreboardAnswer This fourteenth century English theologian believed the Church should only follow scripture. His followers were the Lollards.

51 $300 Round 1 Who is John Wyclif?

52 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This leading French humanist produced five versions of the Psalms that challenged a single authoritative version of the Bible.

53 $400 Round 1 Jacques Lefevre dEtables? Who is Jacques Lefevre dEtables?

54 $500 ScoreboardAnswer This popular monk took control of Florence in the 1490s and created a theocratic republic hoping to clean up immorality and corruption. He was later burned alive!

55 $500 Round 1 Girolamo Savonarola? Who is Girolamo Savonarola?

56 $100 AnswerScoreboard This Portuguese explorer was the first to round the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa.

57 $100 Round 1 Bartholomeu Dias? Who is Bartholomeu Dias?

58 $200 ScoreboardAnswer This conquistador subdued the Aztecs in 1521.

59 $200 Round 1 Who is Hernán Cortés?

60 $300 ScoreboardAnswer This Portuguese explorer was the first European to find an all-water route to India.

61 $300 Round 1 Vasco da Gama? Who is Vasco da Gama?

62 $400 ScoreboardAnswer This Portuguese royal invested large sums of money in the mid- fifteenth century to fund expeditions down the western coast of Africa.

63 $400 Round 1 Prince Henry the Navigator? Who is Prince Henry the Navigator?

64 $500 ScoreboardAnswer This edict issued by the Pope in 1494 divided the world between Spain and Portugal by drawing a line down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

65 $500 Round 2 Treaty of Tordesillas? What is the Treaty of Tordesillas?

66 Category: 16 th - Century Art Scoreboard Make your wager!! Go to Ultimate Question

67 Scoreboard Ultimate Question Answer This non-native Spanish painter was the most well- known of the Mannerists; his masterpiece was The Burial of Count Orgaz.

68 Scoreboard Ultimate Question Back to Ultimate Question El Greco? Who is El Greco?

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