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Grade 11 to 12 Scheduling Meeting February 2, 2010.

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1 Grade 11 to 12 Scheduling Meeting February 2, 2010

2 Class of 2011 Educational Planning Guide on-line Course Selection Sheets – Parent/Guardian Signature required (this is your responsibility ) Schedule changes for next year will be even more tightly enforced. – All changes must be made prior to the start of each semester as stated in the student handbook.

3 Waiver of Course Recommendation I realize that my son/daughter has been recommended for _____________________ class and acknowledge that the reason behind the recommendation by the teacher was based upon sound judgment, personal professional experience, demonstrated student effort, and the belief that the student would be more successful in this particular class. In spite of this, I/We are requesting that he/she be placed in __________________________ class instead, with the understanding that he/she will not be able to change classes after the school year has begun and that it is against the recommendation of his/her teacher and school. Must be signed and dated by the student and parent !

4 SAT dates for remainder of the school year ( Test Date - March 13 Deadline to register February 4 Test Date – May 1 Deadline to register March 25 Test Date – June 5 Deadline to register April 29

5 ACT dates for remainder of the school year ( Test Date - April 10 Deadline to register is March 5 Test Date – June 12 Deadline to register is May 7

6 Student Athletes NCAA Clearinghouse/Eligibility for student athletes – should be completed at the end of the junior year. dent/index_student.html dent/index_student.html Be sure to print off 2 copies of the transcript release form and turn them into the counseling office.

7 Career Cruising &Your Graduation Project Source for students to research careers, colleges, trade schools, create resumes, financial aid, and program requirements BE SURE YOU HAVE THE 11 TH GRADE PORTION OF YOUR GRADUATION PROJECT COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE END OF THIS SCHOOL YEAR – WELL CHECK YOUR PROGRESS WITH YOU AT YOUR SCHEDULING APPOINTMENT! Username: cocalicohs Password: eagle

8 New Courses for 2010/2011 Statistics Clothing and Textiles 1 – (open to all students) Family Consumer Science Skills –( required for Foods 1 ) Foods 1 (prerequisite - Family Consumer Science Skills) Environmental Science (did not run in 2009/2010) Arts & Metals (Name Change) Local Studies Language Acquisition (formerly ESL)

9 Courses we know will not be offered for 2010/2011 **** Please be advised that some courses may not be offered during the 2010/2011 school year. The decision to not offer a course will be determined by lack of enough student requests (Examples may include: AP Physics, Applied Math for Business, Music Studio, Astronomy & Meteorology, Arts & Metals).

10 Dual Enrollment Dual Enrollment letter for next year – Let your counselor know by March 12, 2010 if you are interested. (this is an inflexible deadline as placement testing is involved and specific criteria must be met) Most likely, we will not be able to reimburse any portion of dual enrollment. Though our students will still receive discounted tuition from Penn State and an already low tuition from HACC.

11 Corrections to the EPG Page 30-31 Please note that Applied Math for Business and Accounting 1 – will no longer count as a math credit beginning with the 2010/2011 school year. Page 52 – Prerequisite for Algebra 2 112 should read: Algebra 1 102

12 Independent Studies Any current junior who is wanting to do an independent study in their senior year, MUST have the required paperwork completed, signed, and approved prior to the end of the 2009/2010 school year. There will be NO exceptions!

13 Early Graduation Procedure Any student desiring to graduate a semester early must submit a written request to their counselor and meet with a principal to discuss their future plans prior to the end of their junior year. The principal will then make a decision based upon the students plan and the student having a minimum of 28 credits for graduation.

14 Other Announcements Financial Aid Night February 2, 2010 5:30 PM HS Library (Tonight – remind your parents and/or guardians) A representative from PHEAA will be at Cocalico to go over the PASFA form and answer financial aid questions.

15 Are There Any Questions ?

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