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2 AGENDA Confirmation of the minutes of 28 th meeting of PAC. Presentation of the work done during the year 2009-10. Presentation & approval of the work plan for the year 2010-2011. Any other item with the permission of the Chair.

3 Brief work report on the activities conducted during the year 2009-2010

4 5 day orientation programme for ETE Ist yr Regular classes of ETE trainees of Ist & IInd year SEP w.e.f. 03-11-2009 to 24-12-2009 in 48 Schools 2 day Workshop on W.E. based activities 3 day workshop on theatre in education 3 day workshop on gender sensitisation 2 day workshop on puppet & mask-making 2 day Workshop on low cost teaching aids 5 day workshop on teaching of English

5 4 day workshop on Micro Teaching 1 day workshop on inclusive education 1 day orientation on SEP for Principals of MCD and DOE Eco club activities by the ETE trainees of I & II year Foundation cum annual day celebration

6 Extension Lectures Sl. No. ThemeSpeakerDate 1. Time ManagementMohammad Zamir Principal, DIET Keshav Puram 21-01-10 2. Rightto Information Dr. Pawan Kumar Lecturer, DIET Keshav Puram 17-02-10 3. Child RightsV.K.Whig Principal (Retd.) 18-02-10 4. Right to EducationProf. Rajesh Kumar Deptt. Of Adult Education 19-02-10

7 Educational Excursion Visit of faculty & ETE trainees to world Book Fair on Feb 5, 2010 Visit of faculty & ETE trainees to Suraj Kund Craft Mela at Suraj Kund, Haryana

8 ETE result & other achievements 91% Pass percentage of ETE Ist year with 7% distinctions & 85% Ist divisions 96% pass percentage of ETE IInd year with 14% distinctions & 78% Ist divisions Ist prize winner of state level Slogan Competition organised by SRC (JMI)

9 In-Service Teacher Education 10-day Yuva School Life-skills Program(YSLP) for 1814 TGTs in June, 2009 5-day subject based training program for 850 TGTs in July & November, 2009 10-day Yuva School Life-skills Program(YSLP) for 1975 primary teachers in June, 2009 5-day training program on school leadership & management for 112 Principals of MCD schools 5-day training program on health & physical education for the 37 PETs of MCD schools (under progress) 5-day training program on early childhood care & education for 57 nursery teachers of MCD schools (under progress) Total of 4845 teachers were provided training during April 1, 2009 to till date 864 community leaders trained for their participation in school education

10 Publications Naveen Prabhat- A story book for neo - literates Nav Sanchetna- A newsletter of DIET K.P Training manual on yoga for TGTs( published by SCERT ) Training manual on Economics for PGTs( Submitted for publication in SCERT )

11 Proposed programme for the year ( 2010-2011)

12 Pre-Service Teacher Education 1. Orientation programme of newly admitted ETE Ist Year trainees 2. Five - day training programme on teaching of English 3. Three - day workshop on micro teaching 4. Two day workshop on gender sensitization 5. Three-day workshop on production of low cost teaching aids

13 6. Six - day workshop on theatre in education 7. Workshop on Puppet and Mask-Making and their use in classroom for ETE Ist year 8. Training in First Aid through Central Accidental Trauma Service (CATS) 9. Three day orientation on philosophers & educational thinkers 10. Two - day workshop on theories of learning

14 11. One-day workshop on guidance and counselling 12. Extension lectures by eminent educationists & personalities 13. One-day workshop on story telling in Hindi 14. One-day workshop for story telling in English 15. One day orientation on art of public speaking 16. Celebration of Foundation day/Annual Day 17. Five day orientation programme on life skills

15 18. Training of ETE students on BaLA (6 groups) and visit to SSA managed school at Savda Ghevara, for having first hand experience 19. One day orientation programme of ETE students on mental mathematics for six groups 20. Celebration of International Literacy week and Inter house competetion 21. Field trips and educational tours for ETE students and an Educational tour of about hundred students will be organized to places of educational/ cultural/ historical importance 22. Workshop on Inclusive Education for ETE Ist year trainees

16 In-Service Teacher Education 23. 3 Weeks Comprehensive INSET Programme on Education Planning and Management for Principals of MCD Schools 24. 5 DAY Theme specific INSET Programme for Elementary Teachers on Communication Skills (English - 03 Groups) 25. 5 DAY Theme specific INSET Programme for Elementry Teachers in Mathematics (3 Groups) 26. 5 DAY Theme specific INSET Programme for Elementry Teachers in EVS (Science and Social Studies- 02 Groups) 27. 3 weeks INSET Programme for Nursery Teachers of MCD Schools and Delhi Govt. Schools of Distt. North on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

17 Material Development 28. Developing reading material for the students of elementary classes based on interesting childhood experiences of a few famous scientists 29. Publication of – NAV - SANCHETNA, News Letter of DIET 30. Preparation of Social Science Kit 31. Developing manual for community leaders for their effective participation in school education

18 Research 32 A critical study of Lesson-plans prepared by ETE trainees for primary & upper primary classes during SEP 33. A critical study of questions prepared by the teachers for assessing the learning outcome of their students in different subjects at primary and upper primary level in the schools of MCD and DOE 34. An Investigation into the Health and Physical Education related activities at Primary & Upper Primary level in the distt. North 35. Hunar Khoj in the Distt. North

19 Faculty development 36.A visit of faculty will be planned of the institutes/places where some research, innovative work/ practices related to teacher education/elementary education have been/ are being executed successfully

20 BUDGET Proposed Expenditure under Programme Head & Faculty Development 2010-2011 Heads of Expenditure Expenditure (In lacs) A ) Programme Head a)PSTE related workshops/ training/Tour & Visits b) Inservice training programmes c) Programmes on Material production & Research d) Strenghening of computer lab 17. 00 9. 12 4. 50 1. 92 1. 46 B) Faculty development 2. 60



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