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Internet Service Providers Association Year In Review September 2006 September 2007.

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1 Internet Service Providers Association Year In Review September 2006 September 2007

2 Structure Committees –Management Working groups –Anti-spam –Code of Conduct –Events –Fair Competition –Finance –JINX Operations –Membership –Operator Liaison –Partnerships –Public Relations –Regulatory Submissions –Teachers Training Note: Structure changed from 4 formal committees in April 2006.

3 Purposes of Working Groups Anti-spam: Examine potential anti-spam initiatives for ISPA Code of Conduct: Maintain ISPA's Code of Conduct and the complaints process Events:Develop and execute ISPA events, including iWeek Fair Competition:Ensure that ISPA makes optimal use of all available channels to promote fair competition in the Internet access market Finance:Develop budgets for ISPA activities JINX Operations: Manage the Johannesburg Internet exchange (JINX) and related issues Membership:Maintain and grow ISPA's membership and keep members informed of ISPA's activities Operator Liaison:Engage with Telkom (and other operators) to ensure that members are provided with fair and reasonably priced services Partnerships: Forge and maintain partnerships with other organisations Public Relations:Manage ISPA's presence in the media Regulatory Submission:Ensure that ISPA provides relevant input into legislative and regulatory processes Teachers Training: Provide computer and Internet training to teachers

4 Office Bearers Management Commitee Gregory Massel(Joint-Chair) Lynne Orrock (Joint-Chair) Edwin Thompson (Treasurer) Marc Furman Richard Heath Rob Hunter William Stucke Secretariat Ant Brooks(General Manager) Elaine Zinn (Logistics) Jacqui Deale (Finance) Bretton Vine(Communications) Tinka Saunders(Teachers training projects) Legal & Public Relations Dominic Cull(Legal Advisor) Michael Silber (Legal Advisor) Ivan Booth (Public Relations) Working Group Chairs AntispamRob Hunter Code of ConductLynne Orrock Events Elaine Zinn Fair Competition Marc Furman Finance Edwin Thompson JINX Rob Hunter Membership William Stucke Operator LiaisonLynne Orrock Partnerships Alan Levin Public Relations William Stucke Regulatory Submissions Richard Heath Teachers TrainingBernie Amler

5 Membership Statistics


7 Teachers Training Teachers Trained in last year: September 2006:60 teachers April 2007: 124 teachers June/July 2007:105 teachers September 2007*:50 teachers* * Still to happen later this month Total*:1421 teachers * As at end of September 2007 Amount Invested: Approximately R3.5million to date

8 Press Releases : iWeek Conference Pace is Hotting Up : ISPA Promotes Circle Of Learning : Ever Popular iWeek Raring to Go in : ISPA Welcomes the Prohibition of Telkoms Acquisition Of BCX : Lack of skills attributed to training, says ISPA : SA's Internet Community Organises : ISPA Reacts Angrily to Minister's Claims : ISPA Upbeat About Transparent ICASA : Lack of Infraco clarity 'disconcerting' : JINX supports VoIP : ISPA committed to scrapping of BCX deal : VANS Licence delays adversly affect 2010 infrastructure plans : ISPA'S Recommendations for choosing an ISP : ISPA welcomes Film Bill extension : KZN again scoops 'Super Teacher of the Year' award

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