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VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Simplifying Communication Presented By : Afghan, S. Yasha Ullah N.K. Company : VoiZar Limited Pakistan.

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1 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Simplifying Communication Presented By : Afghan, S. Yasha Ullah N.K. Company : VoiZar Limited Pakistan

2 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Who are we Business : VoiZar operates in the international wholesale connectivity part of the Telecom Services Industry using the medium of INTERNET Turnover : 3.0 Million USD$ ( ) Manpower : 8 persons Presence : Pakistan, Canada, UAE Year 2011 : 39 Million USD$

3 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Typical Voice Phone Call from USA to Pakistan Caller Long Distance Carrier Called Customer Local LDI International Tele-House UK

4 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Ideal Calling Scenario Caller Universal Exchange Called Customer Call Revenue Local LDI

5 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Transaction Timeline = 90 Days Traditional to VoIP Interconnect Cash Flow, Guarantee, & Bad Debt Risk Human Resource Geographic Reach Pain Centers Access to Idle Tier-1 Capacity

6 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Opportunity

7 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Opportunity is to create a B2Becosystem A Marketplace for those who do not have access to the MainStream or alternate channels of Revenue BuyersSellers Services

8 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Market Size Global Market size US$1.5 trillion in 2006, $2.3 trillion in CAGR=13% $16.5 billion, 11% of the world's population using the voice over the Internet 52% 48% 0.006%

9 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Solution to the Problem One-Stop-Shop Telecom Hub Bridge the Gap Launch as a New Venture

10 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Achievement = Simplicity + Accessibility Trade Route Settle Automated end-to-end eXchange

11 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Economic Benefit Pain Centers AddressedOthersVoiZar Contractual Time Line90 Days48 Hours Connectivity to Tier-OneNot AvailableAvailable Money RequirementUSD$.100,000USD$.1,000 Network Management Resources4 Persons1 Person Expand Geographic Reach2-3 Interconnects Interconnects Settlement RiskDebt ExposureNo Debt Exposure

12 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange How do we Make our Money

13 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Business Model USD.$0.003 SELLER FREE OF CHARGE BUYER Fee / Min USD.$0.003 for every Minute traded on the eXchange

14 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Financials DescriptionYear 1Year 2Year 3 No. of Members Total Revenue (millions)$4.16$11.34$39.08 Gross Profit (millions)$0.21$2.27$7.81 Cost of Goods (millions)$3.95$9.07$31.26 Operating Exp (millions)$1.26$2.42$2,32 Net Income (millions)$(1.05)$(0.1527)$5.49 Infrastructure Investment$196,000$263,500$137,500 Capital Injection$600,000$200,000$0 DescriptionYear 1Year 2Year 3

15 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Competitors Arbinet ( iBasis ( Our Target Revenue achievement is without chipping away from their customer base Carriex ( CompetitionVoiZar Signup Cost USD.$5 to $13,000Free MonthlyUSD.$300 to $1,500 minimumUSD.$250 TransactionUSD.$ to $0.015USD.$0.003 Settlement15 to 30 Days3 to 7 Days

16 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Competitive Advantage Margin = 33% higher than our may be competitors, Transaction Charges = 53% lesser, (eg.$ vs. $0.003) Volume = 4.65 times less, Revenues = 2.3 times less in Dollar value, Workforce = 44 employees as compared to 194,

17 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Go to Market INCREASE PARTICIPATION ON OUR EXCHANGE – Trade shows Telecom Forums Newsletter Customer Acquisition through Strategic Industry Partnerships Customer Loyalty through Cultivating a Customer Centric Culture

18 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Our Team …….. 27 Years of Collective Experience Farook Ali Khan – Chairman 23+ years of experience in BPO, Management, Mergers & Acquisition. Rabia Huma Ahmed – CEO & Director Business Development 11+ years track record of fulfilling revenue, First MCI Calling Card in the Canadian region in Shaida Gillani – CFO 25 years of Manufacturing/Sales & Marketing experience Responsible for finance, administration functions across the business. Ghazanfar Ali Karam – VP Business Strategy (Europe) 12+ years of Telecom experience Founders of Eagle Telecom France with yearly turnover of 1200 million minutes annually. Shareholder in N-Soft the 2 nd largest telecom equipment manufacturing company in France owned by Galileo and Rothschild bank. Afghan, Seyyed Yasha Ullah N.K. - Director Business Management 13+ years of end-to-end technology solutions sales. Glen Simmons – Chief Consultant 25+ years of experience Cofounder of Internet Canada later bought by AT&T, Head of Sales & Marketing Verizon (Canada),

19 VoiZar Universal Link eXchange Questions Please

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