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2 190 points out of 380 are required to pass the exam
WHAT IS THE BREVET ? Final exam in grade 9th French National exam Three parts : Continuing assessment (220 points ) during the school year An oral exam on Art history (40 points) Final written exam Three topics : French, Math, and History / Geography 120 points 190 points out of 380 are required to pass the exam

3 Continuing assessment / FINAL EXAM
Continuing assessment : Annual average on all subjects except History and Geography but including the “note de Vie Scolaire” Final exam in June : French (3 hours) points Questions on a text “Dictée” (Spelling) “Rédaction” (essay) History and geography (2 hours) – 40 points Questions on documents Questions about civic education Questions on historical and geographical benchmarks Mathematics (2 hours) – 40 points Algebra equations Geometry Problem solving

4 Art history exam Oral exam 15 minutes maximum Exam is in May
A jury committee questions the students (alone or with a partner) regarding specific topics (i.e. Guernica by Picasso) covered in class throughout the school year Students make their own list of topics they want to be questioned on (5 artistic works) Interdisciplinary project Mrs. Experton, fine arts teacher, can be contacted for specific details

5 Passing the brevet / Honors
An average of 190 points out of 380 to pass the exam Honors : ≥ 228 points : mention assez bien ≥ 266 points : mention bien ≥ 304 points : mention très bien

6 Brevet schedule Mock exam : Oral of art history :
March 27th and 28th 2014 Oral of art history : May 12th, 13th and 14th Students will receive a notice with the day and the hour of their oral Classes will take place as usual Final exam (pending confirmation) June 10th and 11th Results : June 24th Diploma Ceremony : November 2014

7 How is your child prepared for the exam?
Throughout the school year teachers in Math, French and History/Geography teach the skills and the knowledge the students need for the exam. They also give examples of documents or questions that could be on the exam and have them practice them. A few days before the final exam we organize training sessions : each class has 4 hours on each topic to review the main ideas and the methodology. There is not an “Art History” class. The content required for the exam is taught during the school year by the History, French, Foreign languages, Fine arts, sometimes also the Sciences teachers. The student will be instructed on materials available on the website to help prepare the Art History part of the exam:

8 How can you best help your child?
By checking regularly his/her homework. To be well prepared students should not wait the end of the school year to learn or review their lessons. By being supportive. At the end of the school year the stress can increase a lot! You can buy “Annales”, books that are study guides for the exam You can encourage your child to review the previous years’ tests on our website:


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