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Welcome to the Sixth Form Information Evening Mrs Diane Hickmore Head of Sixth Form Mr Ben Pickard Sixth Form Progress Manager User: Power Pass: point.

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1 Welcome to the Sixth Form Information Evening Mrs Diane Hickmore Head of Sixth Form Mr Ben Pickard Sixth Form Progress Manager User: Power Pass: point

2 Words of Wisdom from Carre’s Year 13 Students
GCSEs were easy. THIS is hard! AS Levels were actually really hard. I found out too late Do not think that getting good grades will be as easy as it was getting them at GCSE

3 Learn from the Mistakes of Others
One very honest student wrote the following thought provoking but very simple piece of advice: ‘The simple answer is that studying, studying and studying some more is the key to success. You will find that without doing so you will be rather disappointed with your results. In my case it was only by being truly shell- shocked by my AS results that I have got out of the mindset of coasting along. Unfortunately I need higher grades now to apply for the universities of my choice.’

4 Attendance is a Key Factor for Success
The importance of regular attendance Morning registration with tutors at 8 45 am Monitoring of attendance Attendance is expected at all lessons, General Studies or Extended Project and Wednesday afternoon enrichment sessions.

5 How Can Parents / Carers Help?
To help us to monitor attendance accurately we need to know if your son or daughter is absent for a genuine reason We ask you to phone Carre’s office before 10 am to let us know if your son or daughter will not be in school. (Please phone on each day of absence, not just the first day) Your message will be passed to Ms Brook who will adjust the register. Ms Brook checks the Sixth Form registers after 10am and she will telephone parents of all students who have now registered or given a reason for absence.

6 The Role of the Tutor If you have concerns regarding your son or daughter please contact the tutor in the first instance. The role of the tutor as a personal and academic tutor The reference

7 Supervised Study 4 hours of supervised study each week in the conservatory Students can sign out with the duty staff to study in LRC, Art Room or Tech rooms Tracking grades in January will be used to determine those students who can move on to the ‘Privilege List’ which means they can choose where in the school they can study.

8 Home Study Home study is a privilege to be used for study
A student will need to make a formal application for Home Study. Applications cannot be made until after the results of the mock examinations which are taken in March A parent/guardian must agree to home study before it can be granted A student’s attendance, progress record and attitude will be used to make a decision to grant home study The privilege of Home Study can be removed at any time if the students does not continue to meet our expectations

9 The Sixth Form Dress Code
What do we expect? –Smart business wear The reason for the dress code Sixth Form Students are very important role models for our younger students

10 Discipline Procedure Stage 1. A verbal warning will be given by Mrs Hickmore. A letter will be sent home to explain that a verbal warning has been issued Stage 2. A written warning will be given by Mrs Hickmore. A copy of the written warning will be sent home Stage 3. A written warning will be given by the Headmaster. A copy of the warning will be sent home Stage 4. Headmaster’s review. A review of the student’s place within the Sixth Form will be conducted. Parents / carers and student will attend review meeting

11 Monitoring Academic Performance
Academic performance is tracked against ALPS predictions The ALPS system uses GCSE results to make AS predictions, taking into account level of challenge of different subjects.

12 What is ALPS? At the start of Year 12 students are given an ALPS predicted grade for each subject. The grade is calculated from their average GCSE performance across all subjects. Words of wisdom from present Year students: ‘ALPS is realistic. Don’t try to fool yourself.’ ‘AS modules are harder than they seem. Do not be fooled.’ ‘Yes, it really is true that some subjects are more challenging than others.’

13 Tracking grade information

14 Key Stage 5 Interim Codes
A – Attendance Concerns C – Coursework Concerns I – Independent Study Concerns P – Participation and Engagement Concerns H – Homework Concerns O – Organization Concerns

15 The Independent Learner
In the Sixth Form it is essential that you move away from the idea that ‘homework’, set by the teacher, is the only work to be done out of lessons ‘Independent learning’ means so much more than simply doing your homework

16 Words of Advice from Carre’s Year 13 Students
‘Keep folders organised. A small thing that makes a real difference’ ‘Do not just make notes, make sure that you understand them and try to learn the work as you go along’ ‘Do as many past papers as possible and compare your responses with the mark schemes/model answers’ ‘Make clear notes throughout the course so that they are ready to be used for revision’ Work in small groups to learn from others and to teach others.

17 Words of Advice from Carre’s Year 13 Students
‘Having a syllabus for all my subjects really helped to me to become an independent learner’ ‘Working outside of school time is the key. You cannot rely on just what is covered in class’

18 Sixth Form: Worst Case Scenario
By Joe Slack

19 What I Took Subjects: Geography English Language / Literature Maths

20 What Was Expected of Me Predicted Grades:
BBCC To work hard to achieve at least my predictions To get involved To contribute in class To take responsibility for my own learning To use private study time effectively

21 What I Actually Did! Spent frees messing around in the common room instead of working Hiding from teachers and tutors Missed lessons if I had work to give in Consequently I got even further behind Avoided the truth and reality of work Denied the amount of work commitments Doing anything else but studying Took on part time work at Tesco Convinced myself that I could pull out all the stops in June

22 What happened because of it
Feelings: Disappointment Anger Shell – shocked. Realisation of serious mistake Having to repeat Year 12 and study with students one year younger. (If a student achieves garde U at AS they cannot continue the subject to A2) Unable to apply this year for Higher Education courses Restrictions of freedoms in school

23 Who to go to for help Tutors Mrs Hickmore and Mr Pickard Teachers
Mrs Clapham – Learning Mentor Parents

24 Words of Advice from Carre’s Year 13 Students
Have a good idea early in Year 12 about what you want to do after Sixth Form. Plan and research. It helps to keep you motivated and you have something real to work towards. Don’t turn your nose up at any opportunity to take part in extra-curricular events, because you will regret it when the time comes to write your personal statement.

25 How did Carre’s Year 12 Students use their time out of school last year?

26 Looking Forward to Life After School
Students should aim to have a good idea early in Year 12 about what they want to do in the future. It help to keep motivation high and gives them something real to work towards. University choices will be dependent upon the AS grades a student achieves.

27 It is never to early to start research
The Sixth Form Planner/Diary has a list of Websites and books that student’s should use to help them prepare for Higher Education or employment The Connexions career advisor is in school every Friday. For an appointment students see Mr Scholefield, Carre’s Work Related Learning Co-ordinator Consider relevant Work Experience

28 Sixth Form Bursary Information on the website

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