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Information Night 24 th September 2012 St. Augustines College St. Augustines College.

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1 Information Night 24 th September 2012 St. Augustines College St. Augustines College

2 Transition Supports Curriculum Homework and Assessment Parents Association Diary Dates

3 Core Subjects (Gaeilge; English; Maths; Geography; History; Business; Science; CSPE; SPHE; Religion; PE; Games) Choice between French / German Choice of one Practical Subject (Art; Music; Woodwork; Technical Graphics; Home Economics) Taster in choice subjects Mixed ability grouping (Mixed-ability grouping in First Year leads to improved progress in literacy and numeracy and can give students more confidence as learners. Moving Up -ESRI/NCCA 2004)

4 Dear Parents / Guardians, As you are aware your son/daughter has to choose one of the following subjects to take to Junior Certificate. The choice is between Art, Home Economics, Materials Technology Wood, Music and Technical Graphics. Please tick in order of choice – 1 = first choice, 2 = choice etc. in the appropriate box below and return tomorrow. Please be aware of class size restrictions:- 20 max in Home Economics and 24 max in the remainder of subjects. Due to Health & Safety regulations the school must adhere to these class sizes. The school cannot guarantee your child will get their first choice; however, we will endeavour that your child gets the highest choice possible. Art Home Economics Materials Technology Wood Music Technical Graphics All boxes must be filled (number 1 to 5)

5 Induction process (School tour/familiarisation day) Class structure and organisation Mentor system (Buddy system) Year Head / Class tutor/ Subject teacher Teach key policies (code of conduct; anti bullying) Parent/teacher meetings Extra curricular events/clubs


7 Actively involved in students education Encourage attendance Oversee homework Check and sign school diary Be familar with school procedures (ref to website) Inform the school if child is absent Send in written notes of explanation when child returns to school (use pre-printed note in diary) Students going home early must have appropriate prior permission to leave school and must sign out Attend Parent – Teacher meeting (13 th December 2012 / 4:15 – 6:45pm) Help develop good homework and study habits SUCCESS Routine is the key to SUCCESS

8 Open Door Policy Student Journal / Diary School Office (Helen Russell or Fr. Cooney - 058 41140) Email - Meeting Year Head / Class Tutor / Teacher (Contact Helen beforehand to arrange suitable appointment date and time)

9 Written homework Learning homework Continuous revision/study of each subjectTime Put routine (plan) in place as early as possible 1½ to 2 hours per day Supervised Study in the school

10 Assessment on a regular basis Continuous Assessment (CA): Homework, positive classroom participation & classroom based tests Term assessment (Christmas / Summer) Reports sent home.

11 School times - 9:10 am – 3:45pm School Journal – attendance / notes/ explain absences / call-parent / contact numbers Sign in / out Uniform / Track suit Mobile phones Lunch / canteen Maintain GREEN SCHOOL Avoid Litter / chewing gum (school dates, news, extra curricular activities, policies, presentations

12 Inputting on issues Fundraising for the school Partaking in Policy Development Representing the views of all parents AGM -October 2012 ???

13 Support Fundraising: Bags2school before Monday 1 st October 2012 clothes for re-use e.g. - Adults and Childrens clothes, Soft Toys, Shoes, Hats, Bags etc

14 Bags2school: Monday 1 st October 2012 Class Picture: Monday 8 th October 2012: 12 paid to Carol in Finance office Parent Teacher Meeting: Thursday 13 th December 2012 @ 4:15 – 6:45pm


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