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Budget Development Process Budget Financial Information State School Fund Appropriations –1000s, 2000s Recommended Budget Techniques.

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2 Budget Development Process


4 Budget Financial Information State School Fund Appropriations –1000s, 2000s Recommended Budget Techniques

5 ODE Budget Information ODE Database Initiative – –Defines account numbers to use –DBI SMF Report to state due 8/15 Budgeted Revenue & Expenditures 12/11 Prior fiscal year Actual Revenue & Expenditures (12/31 hardcopy) –ODE due dates at –Manual available at

6 CIMS Budget Development

7 CIMS Products FMS Account Codes Budget Vendors Accounts Payable EMS Employees Assignments Deductions Payroll Processor

8 Budget Development Process

9 FMS New Year Setup – Setup procedures for FMS system EMS New Year Setup – Setup procedures for EMS system Budget Development system – FMS budget development EMS Budget & Forecasting – budgeting salaries and benefits Budget Reporting Adopted Budget

10 New Year Setup

11 FMS New Year Setup Setup FMS files Verify financial management options Define account code format –Adding new accounts Copy prior year accounts Build – post cross reference file

12 Define Account Code Format System defaults format from prior year Define elements used by district Define length of elements Define type of characters used in elements Define element codes

13 Defining New Accounts Define account elements – Fund – 100 – General Fund Define account codes – function object combination –1111.111 Certified Salaries/ K-3 –Determines account financial classification Define account code strings –Fund.Function.Object.Area. Subarea Ex. 100.1111.111.130.000 –Program will allow entry of beginning balance –Program determines status of account string

14 Copy Prior Year Accounts Copies accounts from current fiscal year –Single account code elements –Account element definitions –Account code restrictions –Report writer formats Brings over only active accounts Initial build of cross reference file

15 Cross Reference File Build file to reference accounts from current year to new year Edit reports show areas of concern Post file creates accounts for new year

16 EMS New Year Setup Build EMS members. Copy employee assignments Copy EMS setup from prior year Copy voluntary deductions from prior year

17 Copy Assignments Copy active assignments only? Based on assignment status of current year Establishes positions for employees in new fiscal year

18 Copy Prior Year Setup Copies the code definitions for: –Leave and absence codes –Deduction codes –Job codes –Pay table codes –Addenda codes –U.S. bond codes –U.S. bond employee information –Docks –Payroll group codes –Calendar Codes

19 New Year Review Accounts copied and cross referenced to prior year EMS assignments copied to new year EMS codes copied from prior year

20 Budget Development System

21 Chart of Accounts FMS Budget Development System EMS Budget & Forecasting

22 Budget Development System FMS budget development –Proposed –Approved –Adopted EMS budget & forecasting –Model employees –Model budget codes –Projection reports

23 Budget Development System

24 Setup Budget Options Proposed budget levels 1 or 2 Allow changes to proposed or approved amounts Budget posting option detail or summary –Determines how budget information is entered and maintained.

25 Copy Previous Year Budget

26 Copy only certain funds, functions objects,etc. Copy to proposed budget level 1 and/or 2 Increase or decrease budget by percentage as copied

27 EMS Budget & Forecasting Employee W-4 Info Assignments Step IncreaseCompensationDistributionPay Tables DeductionsJob CodesAddendas COL Increase


29 EMS Budget & Forecasting

30 Copy Current Member to Budget Copy current EMS members to Budget Files –Employee Data –Assignments –Employee Voluntary Deductions –Pay Tables –Deduction Codes –Job Codes –Addenda Codes

31 Model EMS Budget Data Add employees for vacancies Modify Employee FTE Modify Job Codes Add Employee Addendas Modify Standard Deduction Amounts

32 Pay Table Modeling Increase/ Decrease pay tables by percentage or dollar amount Create reports without changing the files to run what if scenarios

33 Projection Reports Wage Projection Report –Report by job code – total salary & benefits –Increase amounts for what if scenario –Reports Hourly employees Hourly wage * FTE * Normal hours * Normal Days Distribution Report –Detail or summary –Report by account code to see what will come across to FMS budget

34 EMS Budget Review Budget files copy of live files Pay tables modeled for anticipated salaries Vacancies added and budgeted FTE changes modeled Projection reports by employee, job, and account

35 Copy EMS Budget To FMS FMS Budget Development System EMS Budget & Forecasting

36 Copy EMS Budget to FMS Enter EMS Library XXEMSFILES – each district has own library Copy to proposed level 1 and/or proposed level 2


38 Budget Development Maintenance Add, Change, delete budget amounts for proposed level 1 and/or proposed level 2 Detail option* to enter multiple lines of budget detail for account code

39 Copy Proposed to Approved Copy from proposed level 1 OR proposed level 2 OR add proposed level 1 & level 2

40 Copy Approved to Adopted

41 Adjust Adopted Budget Use previous budget number to make adjustment Creates budget journal entry

42 Budget Development Review Budget amounts brought over from last year Budget amounts copied from EMS Modify budget amounts as needed Move proposed to approved – approved to adopted Adjust adopted budget – create journal entries

43 Budget Reports

44 Budget Detail Report –Reports selected fund, function, object, financial class,etc. –Proposed budget detail –Approved Budget detail General Financial Report –Reports budget amounts this year compared to last year –Report budget by fund or financial class

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