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17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills1 Our Ladys College, Greenhills.

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1 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills1 Our Ladys College, Greenhills

2 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills2 Our Ladys College, Greenhills Budte vítaný Zaprashajem Dobre doshli Mawuya Mwabonwa Vítejte Welkom Bienvenue Willkommen Swaagatam Isten hozta Benvenuto Chetorochak Owe uya po Esiet sveicinati Sveiki Witajcie Bem-vindo Bun venit Dobro pozhalova ť Dobrodošhli Bienvenidos Mabuhay Laskavo prosimo Khush amdeed Fáilte Welcome

3 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills3 Congratulations… Comhghairdeas… To All Recipients of Certificates From FETAC (Level 5) In Adult Education Department

4 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills4 Congratulations… Comhghairdeas… Oyinlola Dada (6 th Year) On the Excellent Presentation of her Young Scientist Maths Project to the Joint Meeting of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications & The Irish Mathematical Society

5 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills5 Congratulations… Comhghairdeas… 11,000 Sent to Nagle House Presentation School, Zimbabwe Money raised by your participation in Badminton Marathon and Halloween Disco This Money paid school bills and enabled the school to provide a hot meal every day for 900 pupils for one year Many thanks to Students and Teachers

6 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills6 Congratulations… Comhghairdeas… To All Teacher and Students involved in the Production and Presentation of the stunning Musical Opening Nights

7 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills7 Congratulations… Comhghairdeas… To All Second Year Students Who took part as extras in Fair City (26 th November) Prize from Trócaire for participation in Lenten Campaign 2008

8 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills8 Congratulations… Comhghairdeas… UCD Schools Mace Debating Competition Winners Emily Walker & Ruth Hoey and their teachers Ms. Hanratty & Ms. Hennessy They won because of their passion

9 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills9 Congratulations… Comhghairdeas… To… Ruth Hoey & Eden Hoey on winning Denny Debate That the death penalty should be reinstated Tara Gallagher & Emily Walker on winning Denny Debate That drugs in sport should be legalised …and their teachers Ms. Hanratty and Ms. Hennessy

10 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills10 Congratulations… Comhghairdeas… To…Tara Gallagher, Teresa McKenna & Emily Walker On winning TY Euro Debate That the EU is not doing enough to combat cross-border crime …and their teacher Ms. Ní Shé

11 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills11 Congratulations… Comhghairdeas… Do…Caoimhe McCormack, Eleanor Kirwan & Bronagh Kierans On their excellent performance debating… Toilleann réaltaí RTE ár gcuid airgead Ruth McGuinness, Una Brennan & Danielle Lambe On their excellent performance debating… Tá óige na tíre seo millte ag a dtuismitheoirí …agus dá muinteoir Iníon Ní Dhonnabhain

12 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills12 Welcome

13 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills13 This week…An tseachtain seo… Monday 17 th November: Basketball (Away) VS Maryfield College Junior A Junior B Minor B

14 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills14 This week…An tseachtain seo… Tuesday 18 th November: 3 rd Year English studetns to Shakespearean workshop in Droicjead Arts Centre

15 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills15 This week…An tseachtain seo… Wednesday 19 th November: –Basketball (Away) VS St. Raphaelas Senior B –Soccer (U-14) (Away) VS Drogheda Grammar School

16 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills16 This week…An tseachtain seo … Thursday 20 th November: Parent Teacher Meeting - Third Year

17 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills17 This week…An tseachtain seo … Friday 21 st November Feast of the Presentation of Our Lady

18 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills18 This week…An tseachtain seo …

19 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills19 This week…An tseachtain seo…

20 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills20 Today…Inniú…

21 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills21 Today…Inniú… Friday 21 st November Feast of the Presentation of Our Lady Soccer Match (U-14)

22 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills22 Next week…An tseachtain seo chugainn… Tuesday 25 th November Basketball (Home) VS Manor House Junior B Minor A Minor B

23 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills23 Next week…An tseachtain seo chugainn… Wednesday 26 th November Mass for Deceased Staff, Students and Family Members 1.25 pm in College Chapel

24 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills24 Next week…An tseachtain seo chugainn… Wednesday 26 th November GAA (U-16) Cross Country Running

25 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills25 Next week…An tseachtain seo chugainn… Thursday 27 th November Basketball (Home) VS Coolmine CC Senior B

26 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills2631/05/2014Our Lady's College, Greenhills26 10 th Annual Badminton Marathon 14 th Nov Fundraising begins Tuesday 25 th Nov Cards to be collected Friday 5 th Dec Marathon Starts 8am until 8am Saturday.

27 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills27 Ski Tour 2008 Tuesday 25 th November Ski Hire Company is coming to the school with ski gear for New Hampshire 9.30am – 11.30am 31/05/2014Our Lady's College, Greenhills27

28 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills28 Our Ladys College, Greenhills School Library… Open Every Day from 1.05 pm - 1.50 pm

29 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills29 Our Ladys College, Greenhills Careers Library… Open Every Day from 1.30 pm - 1.55 pm

30 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills30 Reminder… Green Flag –This years issue is Energy Efficiency…so please –Turn off the lights when leaving the room Glan agus glas in ár dtimpeall Clean and green is our scene

31 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills31 Mace Debaters… Well Done! Emily and Ruth

32 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills32 Opening Nights

33 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills33 German Exchange

34 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills34 History Tour to London

35 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills35 Geography Tour to Spain

36 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills36 Geography Tour to Spain

37 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills37 Sport Results… Torthaí Spóirt… Tuesday 4 th November Basketball OLC Senior A 35 Dominican College 11 Friday 7th November Basketball OLC Senior C 15 St. Marys, Killester 9 Friday 7 th November Basketball OLC Cadette A 47 St. Marys, Killester 10

38 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills38 Sport Results… Torthaí Spóirt… Thursday 13 th November Basketball OLC Senior C 40 St. Marys Cabra 10 Friday 14th November Basketball OLC Senior A 36 St. Louis Rathmines 26 Friday 14th November GAA OLC U-16 3-10 St. Olivers, Oldcastle 5-4

39 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills39 Sport Results… Torthaí Spóirt… Monday 17th November Basketball OLC Junior A 14 Maryfield College 33 Monday 17th November Basketball OLC Junior B 26 Maryfield College 6 Monday 17th November Basketball OLC Minor A 12 Maryfield College 4

40 17/11/2008Our Lady's College, Greenhills40 Sport Results… Torthaí Spóirt… Wednesday 19th November Basketball OLC Senior B 20 St. Raphaelas 28

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