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POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLAR (PX) NIH salary scale implementation Adapted from UCOP webinar 1.

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1 POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLAR (PX) NIH salary scale implementation Adapted from UCOP webinar 1

2 Review of Agreement Effective date: August 12, 2010 Expiration date: September 30, 2015 Postdocs received increases Fall 2010 o 3% if below $47,000 o 1.5% if at or above $47,000 o Minimum salary = $37,740 Next milestone: June 1, 2011 transition to NIH experience level scale. Requirement: Have all Postdocs on the scale by the June 1, 2014.

3 Definitions and Terms Titles and title codes o Postdoc Employees – 3252 o Postdoc Fellows – 3253 o Postdoc Paid Directs – 3254 Initial Appointment – new appointment; first appointment as a postdoc with UC Reappointment – subsequent appointments at the same campus, same lab. Anniversary – date established by the first appointment. Used in multi-year appointments. Guaranteed increases – postdoc salaries are increased annually.

4 Salary Commitments All Postdocs covered by the contract regardless of employee, fellow or paid-direct Exception examples: o Hubble Fellows o Einstein Fellows o Training Grants that specify maximum salary.

5 What happens on June 1 st ? NIH – NRSA Experience level minimums apply Current Postdocs will be transitioned through increases at the time of reappointment or anniversary date; no action on June 1 NEW Postdocs hired June 1 st and after will be subject to experience level minimums.

6 NIH-NRSA Experience Step Scale Appointment step Experience level in monthsMinimum Salary 00-11$38,496 112-23$40,548 224-35$43,476 336-47$45,192 448-60$46,884 5 (by exception)61-72$48,900

7 Three Categories of Appointments New Appointments on or after June 1 Reappointments – under NIH Scale experience level salary Reappointments – at or above NIH Scale experience level salary

8 Appointments & Reappointments are at the sole discretion of the University. Terms of service o The initial appointment must be at least one year. o Subsequent reappointments are at management discretion and are normally one year; may be longer at PI discretion or as required by a grant. o Subsequent appointments may be shorter than a year, under limited circumstances. Funding is available for less than a full year Continuation of project is less than one year Visa Limitations At request of Postdoc UC may bridge appointment for less than a year. APPOINTMENTS 8

9 New Appointments after June 1st All new appointments must be at least at the minimum of the appropriate experience level. The appropriate experience level is determined by months of experience as a Postdoc at any qualified institution. Use the months of service at appointment or reappointment to determine the level.

10 New Hire Scenario #1 Brand New Postdoc: Tom just got his PhD from University of Washington in Plant Biology. He is hired at UCSB to start July 1, 2011. o He must be offered a one year initial appointment from July 1 st – June 30 th. o He must be offered at least $38,496 (level 0).

11 New Hire Scenario #2 Experienced Postdoc from another institution Paresh has been a postdoc for three years (36 months) at Ohio State University performing medical research in a colon cancer lab. UCSB hires him beginning August 1, 2011. o He must be given an initial one year appointment from August 1 st – July 30th. o He must be paid a minimum of $45,192. (level 3)

12 New Hire Scenario #3 Experienced UC Postdoc going to a new lab at another UC campus Chuan-Chi has worked at UCLA in a Chemistry lab for one year (hire date: July 1, 2010). Her PI is retiring when the current grant funding is concluded. She is reappointed from July 1, 2011 to October 1, 2011 at UCLA and secures a new postdoc position at UCSB beginning October 1, 2011. o Appointment at UCSB is a reappointment since she held prior appointment at UC. o She must be paid a minimum of $40,548 (level 1).

13 The Reappointment Decision The reappointment decision: o Does the PI want the Postdoc for another year? o Does the PI have the funds? There is no requirement to reappoint.

14 Reappointments-below NIH Scale after June 1st Between 6/1/2011-5/31/2013: Upon reappointment or at the Postdocs anniversary, the Postdoc shall receive a 3% increase Between 6/1/2013-5/31/2014: Upon reappointment or at the Postdocs anniversary, the Postdoc shall receive a 3.5% increase Since the Postdoc is below scale, the University is not obligated to increase the pay to the experience level minimum.

15 Reappointments – at or above NIH Scale salary rate Upon reappointment or on the Postdocs anniversary date, move to at least the new experience level minimum. If already above the minimum of the new experience level, must be given at least a 2% increase Anniversary date implies a Postdoc will receive one salary increase per calendar year. Anniversary date and reappointment date will be the same as long as all reappointments are one year in length.

16 Three Reappointments Reappointment for a Postdoc below the new NIH-NRSA scale. 1/3 of UC postdocs Reappointment for a Postdoc at the appropriate level minimum. Reappointment for a Postdoc above the appropriate level minimum. By June 1, 2014, all Postdocs will be on the NIH-NRSA Scale based on experience.

17 Reappointment: Scenario #1 Reappointment for a Postdoc below the new NIH-NRSA scale experience level rate Phase In – move towards experience level rates, but not obligated to increase more than: June 1, 2011 – May 31, 2013 = 3% June 1, 2013 – May 31, 2014 = 3.5% Mark is a Postdoc paid at $38, 770. He has been here for two years. On his July 1, 2011 anniversary date, he will receive $39, 931(3% increase). Mark is still well below the level 2 minimum of $43,476; however, the University does not have to give more than 3%.

18 Reappointment: Scenario #2 Reappointment for a Postdoc at the appropriate experience level minimum. o Increase to new experience level upon reappointment or anniversary. Microbiology Postdoc Delaney, has been employed for four years at $45,192. On her October 1, 2011 anniversary, she will move to $46,884 (step 4.)

19 Reappointment: Scenario #3 Reappointment for a Postdoc above the appropriate step. o Must get a 2% increase A Postdoc (Christa) earning $62,590 is working in a biomedical engineering lab. Christa has been there three years. Upon her January 1, 2012 anniversary date, she will get a 2% increase to $67,598.

20 Test Your Knowledge The Postdoc just got his PhD and will be hired July 1, 2011. What salary rate should he be hired at? A.$38,496. B.At least $38,496.

21 Test Your Knowledge Professor Smith wants to hire a Postdoc who has worked at University of Michigan for two years. What rate is the minimum starting pay at UCSB on July 1, 2011? A.$38,496 B.$43,476

22 Test Your Knowledge The Department of Chemistry has a Postdoc making $38,522. She has been there for three years. What salary should she earn on her anniversary date on July 1, 2011? A.No change. B.$45,192 C.3% more or $42, 490. c. 3% more or $42, 490. She may never reach the appropriate experience step.

23 Test Your Knowledge A Postdoc in Physics is already at $49,000 per year with one year of experience. What should her pay rate be upon reappointment after June 1, 2011? A.Nothing, above the step one minimum. B.2% increase = $49, 980. C.Decrease pay back to $40,548. B. 2% increase = $49, 980.

24 A word about funding PI should have the funding to appointment a postdoc for a year, including reappointments. Reappointment exceptions are listed in Article 2 B. PIs can layoff for lack of funding.

25 Dues/Fees Dues Authorization Form should be distributed with hiring paperwork at the time of appointment. Upon reappointment, issue a new form. If the Postdoc wants to keep current status, s/he can decline. Central campus office collects the forms and sends them to the UAW. Keep a record of what is sent.

26 Web Resource Locations MOU between the University and the UAW: ons/collective_bargaining_units/post_docs/ Or via the Academic Personnel web site at under collective bargaining agreements link Or via the Graduate Division web site Postdoctoral Scholars page at

27 Future training and resources Salary minimum chart will be posted to UCOP and UCSB version of salary scales; available via Academic Personnel web site Copy of this presentation will be posted on Academic Personnel or Graduate Division web site OP plans to offer webinars in the future regarding other contract issue including VISA related content Campus training as needed if other issues arise

28 Final Advice ASK before you ACT. You are not alone! Academic Personnel Labor Relations Graduate Division BenefitsOISS UC Campus

29 Who To Contact Graduate Division: Melanie Hoven, Chris Dixon, Labor Relations: Caroline Adams,, Academic Personnel: Cindy Doherty,, Benefits: Cyndi Richardson,, International Students & Scholars: Billy Ko,, Office of Research: Sponsored Projects: Cora Diaz,,

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