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Lunar New Year in Taiwan Before New Year. Must eat food.

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1 Lunar New Year in Taiwan Before New Year

2 Must eat food

3 Things to do on New Year

4 Chun lian is one of the decoration to be placed on the entrance of the house. Right (Vertical) line: Spring comes bird sings flower fragrant Left (vertical) line: winter gone mountain clear water sparkles. Top (Horizontal across) Whole Earth Returns Spring Good luck and happiness Cleaning and decoration: Lunar New Year in Hong Kong

5 Bright red colors are believed to scare off bad fortune. Decoration: Flowers are also used to adorn the homes

6 Fish and Dumplings are the most important dish; mean prosperous. A whole chicken/ pig with the head still attached; symbolize wholeness and prosperity. Food:

7 A lion dance traditionally marks big occasions Parade down the streets Celebrations:

8 The Cathay Pacific New Year's parade floatThe Disneyland parade float Dragon dance Celebrations:

9 Firework Celebrations:

10 The gate entrance to Wong Tai Sin temple The Wong Tai Sin temple market sells New Year charms. Lighting incense Lai See are small red and gold envelopes Celebrations:

11 Lunar New Year in Korea Memorial service for ancestors bow deeply to our elders Younger receive money/good words Korean antique with calligraphic words

12 Must-eat food (rice cake soup!) Bright red bags are believed to bring fortune 1 bowl = become 1 year older magpie song

13 Flying kite (get rid of bad fortune/luck) playing stick game (playing yut) Throwing arrows used in fortune-tellingfortune-telling

14 Spinning tops Rolling wheels (transport crops) Korean traditional percussion quartet (a small gong), (a larger gong), (an hourglass- shaped drum), (bass drum)gongdrumbass drum a musical instrument is sounded by being struck by a beatermusical instrumentbeater Pray to sky and earth for good harvest

15 Jumping Seesaws (look out the house) kicking shuttlecock (remove weeds) (directing cow?)

16 Happy New Year! Korean: seh heh bok mahn ee bahd euh sae yo (Receive a lot of new year's blessing)

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