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Half term 3 Week 5. Day 1 - The first day of the New Year is "the welcoming of the gods of the heavens and earth." Day 2 - The Chinese pray.

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1 Half term 3 Week 5






7 Day 1 - The first day of the New Year is "the welcoming of the gods of the heavens and earth." Day 2 - The Chinese pray to their ancestors as well as to all the gods. Day 3 +4 - The third and fourth days are for the sons-in-laws to pay respect to their parents-in-law.

8 Day 5 - The fifth day is called Po Woo. On that day people stay home to welcome the God of Wealth and they exchange their money envelopes. Day 6 -10 - On the sixth to the 10th day, the Chinese visit their relatives and friends. They have a nice time altogether. Day 7 -The seventh day of the New Year is the day for farmers to display the products they have grown on their farms.

9 Day 8 - On the eighth day people have another family reunion dinner, and at midnight they pray to Tian Gong, the God of Heaven. Day 9 - The ninth day is to make offerings to the Jade Emperor.

10 Day 10,11 + 12 - These days are the ones on which friends and relatives should be invited for dinner. Day 13 - After so much rich food, on the 13th day you should have simple rice congee and mustard greens (Choi sum) to cleanse the system. Day 14 - The 14th day should be for preparations to celebrate the Lantern Festival which is to be held on the 15th night.



13 RatRat 1984 1996 2008 OxOx 1973 1985 1997 2009 TigerTiger 1986 1998 2010 Rabbit 1987 1999 2011Rabbit DragonDragon 1988 2000 2012 SnakeSnake 1989 2001 HorseHorse 1978 1990 2002 SheepSheep 1991 2003 MonkeyMonkey 1980 1992 2004 RoosterRooster 1981 1993 2005 DogDog 1994 2006 Pig 1983 1995 2007

14 Rats are said to be imaginative, charming and very generous to those they love - although they do have a tendency to be quick-tempered and over- critical. They are supposed to make good writers, critics and publicists

15 Oxen are born leaders, inspiring confidence in everyone they come into contact with. However, they can be too demanding. Methodical and good with their hands, they make fine surgeons and hairdressers.

16 Tigers are said to be bold and adventurous, and are bestowed with initiative and charm. However, they have a tendency to be risk takers, making them act before they think about the consequences. They tend to make good bosses, explorers or racing drivers

17 Rabbits are affectionate, co-operative and pleasant, with lots of friends. But they can get too sentimental and seem superficial. Ideal careers areas include law, diplomacy or the stage.

18 Dragons tend to be popular individuals who are always full of life and enthusiasm, with a reputation for being fun-loving. They make good priests, artists and politicians

19 People born in the year of the Snake are romantic and deep-thinking, wise and charming, although they tend to dismiss others too quickly and are a bit stingy with money. Ideal jobs include teaching.

20 If you are born in the Year of the Horse then you are amazingly hard working and very independent. Although you are intelligent and friendly, you can sometimes be a bit selfish. Career wise you would make a good scientist or poet

21 Those born in the Year of the Sheep are said to be charming, elegant and artistic, who like material comforts. A bit of a worrier they also have a tendency to complain about things. Jobs as actors, gardeners or beachcombers would suit.

22 If you are born in the Year of the Monkey, you are very intelligent, well-liked by everyone, and will have success in any field you choose. Lucky old you!

23 The sign of the Rooster indicates a person who is hard-working and definite about their decisions. Roosters are not afraid to speak their minds and can therefore sometimes come across as boastful. They make good restaurant owners and world travellers

24 Dogs are honest and faithful to those they love but they tend to worry too much and find fault with others. They make ideal secret agents or business people.

25 People born in the Year of the Pig are honest and tolerant and make good friends, but tend to expect the same from everyone else, and more often than not they end up disappointed. They thrive in the arts as entertainers.

26 Spending time with family and friends, Being kind to one another, Hoping for enough food to eat and enough money to live on, Remembering people who have died.

27 The Chinese wish of hope for the future: 'May your happiness be as wide as the East Sea.' A moment of silence to think about two things that you hope for, for your friends and family this year. May your faith support you.

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