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Architectural Control Committee Steve Heidt Jim Medinger James Vander Heyden.

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2 Architectural Control Committee Steve Heidt Jim Medinger James Vander Heyden

3 Tonights Agenda Introduction – Mission- Help Wanted 2012 Fiscal Report Questions about Financial Report New Annual Fee Procedure Changes in the Neighborhood Pond Clean-Up, Muskrat Removal Complaint Process Questions

4 LCHA Mission To maintain the subdivision as a safe, aesthetically pleasing and economically vibrant neighborhood. To work within the parameters of the covenant, including maintenance of the common areas and providing appropriate communication and information to our residents.

5 Lilly Creek Highlands Homeowners Association

6 Fiscal Year 2012 Finances Original budget expenditures were projected at $20,175.00 The majority of these expenses encompass: Legal fees associated with placement of liens Insurance Mill Road Sign Repair Maintenance and Improvements Lawn Care Pond repair and maintenance Muskrat Removal Actual budget expenditures were $17,749.27

7 Fiscal Year 2012 Finances Checking Account Balance from 20117,764.57 20112010 Budget CategoryProjectedActualBudgetActual Revenue BalanceRevenue Dues (119 x $175)20,825.0019,600.001,225.0014,825.0010,940.00 Dues - Past Years0.00475.00 Late Fee Payments0.00315.00 Misc.0.00 4,025.100.00 Total Income20,825.0020,390.001,225.0018,850.1010,940.00 20112010 Budget CategoryProjectedActualBudgetActual Expenses BalanceExpenses Association Volunteers75.00 0.00 Bank Fees0.00 45.000.00 Contingency Fund1,000.00 Events ($375.00 total) Easter Egg Hunt75.00 67.9367.55 Subdivision Cleanup150.00 25.10157.02 Fall Picnic0.00 303.75 Annual Meeting150.00190.00(40.00)0.00190.00 Insurance - Subdivision925.00891.0034.00891.00990.00 Lawn Care8,000.004,778.403,221.606,618.007,867.20 Legal Fees (Rechlicz/County)500.00130.00370.00(188.37)2,377.50 Maintenance/Improvements1,200.00 0.004,935.00 Pond Issues Phase IV Survey - PJ Burbach paid 1,474 *0.00 726.000.00 Pond Surveys Remaining Phases (2500/yr) *2,300.00 0.00 Pond Clean Up *2,400.001,769.08630.921,000.000.00 Muskrat Removal *2,500.002,400.00100.002,400.000.00 Signage200.007,202.20(7,002.20)0.00 Supplies/Stamps/Envelopes/etc.150.0094.8055.2092.27260.39 Tax Preparation150.00135.0015.00135.00130.00 WE Energies250.00148.79101.21186.33a.250.79 Misc. (WI Dept. of Fin. Instit. - Yearly Report Fee)150.0010.00140.0010.00312.15 20,175.0017,749.271,425.7312,008.2617,841.35 Annual Reserve650.00 Total Checkbook Funds10,405.30 Money Market Fund Total14,980.30 Total Funds25,385.60 NOTE: Fiscal Year 2012: 1/1/12 - 12/31/12 a. WE Energies - no charges/mth beginning in October 11 to 4/12 due to Mill Rd. construction - sign was inoperable b. Beginning 10.16.12, $6.00/mth will be debted from our savings acct. for website license. 2012 NON-PAYING CLIENTS - 7 totaling $6,110, COLLECTED $725 2011 NON-PAYING CLIENTS - 9 totaling $4,750, COLLECTED $825 2010 NON-PAYING CLIENTS - 8 totaling $3,400, COLLECTED $0

8 Fiscal Year 2012 Finances Revenue from annual dues (fees) Revenue (fees) projected - $20,825.00 Revenue (fees) paid – $19,600.00 Dues from past years - $475.00 Late (fees/Dues) paid - $315.00 Money Market interest - $15.00 Accounts Receivable (owed) Past due fees for FY 2012 – $1,225.00 Past due Late fees for FY 2012- $525.00 NEW DATES 1. 2/01/13:$75 late fee is applied to accounts if annual fee payment is not made 2. 2/15/13:Letter of non-payment of fees sent to homes 3. 3/01/13:Lien intent letter mailed 4. 3/01/13:Lien placed on home if amount owed totals $500 with late fees

9 Fiscal Year 2012 Finances Beginning Checking Cash Balance - $7,764.57 Ending Cash Balance - $10,405.30 Money Market Fund - Balance $14,980.30 Fiscal year 2012 interest earnings: $15.00

10 Fiscal Year 2012 Finances

11 Contact Information Barb Breed-Heidt LCHA Treasurer 262-252-3538

12 Changes in the Neighborhood A petition for new four-way stop signs to be installed on the following intersections, Marach Dr. / Crestwood Dr. and Marach Dr. / Daylily Dr. resulted in the approval of the Marach Dr. / Crestwood Dr. only. As Marach Dr. / Daylily Dr. has a cul-de-sac on the southern portion, the MF Police Dept. felt that a four-way stop on this intersection was unnecessary. The Board wishes to thank all involved in attaining these stop signs.

13 Complaint Process If you have concerns about a neighborhood issue, please email the board directly. We will promptly discuss all issues with you directly and work together towards a solution. You can email us at or view the website and you will see our individual email addresses You should contact the Board only after you have made a reasonable attempt to communicate your concern directly to you neighbor.

14 Ask Yourself? Is it Illegal? ( call the Police) Is it something I can discuss directly with my neighbor? - Have I tried to resolve it myself? Is it a long term problem? or a Temporary Condition? Have I checked the Website and Subdivision Restrictions - by Phase? Does it really affect long term home values? Is my concern subjective or Objective? Am I willing to spend money on it?



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