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Once a Falcon Always a falcon!! Welcome to…. Your Junior Year!

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2 Once a Falcon Always a falcon!! Welcome to…. Your Junior Year!

3 Credits Required for Graduation: Are you on track? SubjectRegentsRegents with A.D. English44 Social Studies44 Math33 Science33 Art/Music11 Health.5 PE22 LOTE**c an do 5 credits in Business, Tech, Art, Music or BOCES 13 Electives3.51.5 Total22 Credits22 credits

4 Regents Exams Required for Graduation SubjectRegentsRegents w/ A.D. English1- ELA 11 Social Studies2- Global & US2- Global and US Math1-Math3- Algebra, Geometry and Trig Science1-any science2- Living Env. & Chemistry or Earth Science, or Physics LOTE01 Total5 exams9 Exams

5 College credit in High school! Niagara Wheatfield offers many classes that you can take to earn college credit Advanced PlacementNCCC World History (10 th )Topics in Leadership (10 th, 11 th, 12 th ) 3 credits U.S. History (11 th )Precalculus (11 th, 12 th ) 4 credits Statistics (11 th, 12 th )French 4 (11 th, 12 th ) 3 credits Studio in Art (11 th, 12 th )French 5 (12 th ) 3 credits Physics (11 th, 12 th )Spanish 4 (11 th, 12 th ) 3 credits Biology (11 th, 12 th )Spanish 5 (11 th, 12 th ) 3 credits Chemistry (11 th, 12 th )Intro/ Adv. Marketing (12 th ) 3 credits English: Literature and Composition (12 th ) College Composition I (12 th ) 3 credits Macroeconomics (12 th )College Composition II (12 th ) 3 credits Government and Politics (12 th )Calculus (12 th ) 4 credits Calculus (12 th )



8 Timeline October 2nd -ASVAB 19th -PSAT 26th –ACT (Registration deadline 27 th ) November 2nd-SAT (registration deadline October 3 rd ) December 7th-SAT (registration deadline November 8 th ) 14 TH ACT (Registration deadline Nov. 8 th ) February 4th – College Night @ NW (6:00 PM-8:00 PM - ALC) April National College Fair April 8 -9 Buffalo Convention Center April Finalize course selections for senior year 12 th - ACT at NW (registration deadline March 7 th) May 3rd- SAT @ NW (registration deadline April 4 th ) June 7th - SAT @ NW (registration Deadline May 9th)

9 PSAT Exam Saturday- October 19 th 7:30am-11:30am Cost: $25- Cash Only!!! REGISTRATION DEADLINE: October 10 th Sign up in the Counseling Center!

10 PSAT Exam Content Critical Reading: 2-25 Minute Critical Reading Sections 13 sentence completion 35 passage based reading Mathematics: 2-25 Minute 28 multiple choice 10 student produced responses Writing: 1-30 Minute Writing Skills Section 20 improving sentences 14 identifying sentence errors 5 improving paragraphs Scoring: 20-80 point scale for each section (80 highest possible score) Correct answer-earn 1 point Incorrect anwer-1/4 point reduced from score Omitted questions-no points added, no points reduced Incorrect answer on math student produced response- nothing deducted

11 Standardized College Admission Exams SAT – This SAT is a 3 hour and 45 minute, primarily multiple-choice test that measures verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities that develop over time. Many colleges require SAT scores for admission. Subject Tests – Subject Tests are one-hour, primarily multiple- choice tests that measure your knowledge of particular subjects and your ability to apply that knowledge. Check the requirements of the colleges you are considering. More selective colleges may require or recommend one or more Subject Tests for admission or placement. ACT – Assessment Test – A group of tests administered by ACT and required or recommended by many colleges. The tests measure educational development in English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning and are given at specified test centers throughout the year. NIAGARA WHEATFIELD CEEB CODE: 335-028 SAT Test Center Code: 33-834 ACT Test Center Code – 193630

12 Calculator Use for PSAT/SAT Scientific Calculator Graphing Calculator Four Function Calculator

13 * SAT and Subject Tests and ACT exams that are located at Niagara Wheatfield High School SAT/ACT Dates 2013-2014 TestDate Registration Deadline ACT Oct 26 th *Sept 27 th ACT Dec 14 th *Nov 8 th ACT Feb 8 th Jan 10 th ACT April 12 th *March 7 th ACT June 14 th May 9 th TestDate Registration Deadline SAT Nov 2nd *Oct 3 rd SAT Dec 7th t *Nov 8 th SAT Jan 25 th Dec 27 th SAT March 8 th Feb 7 th SAT May 3rd *April 4 th SAT June 7th *May 9 th *

14 ACTSAT, Scholastic Assessment Test $36.50, $52.50 with writing$51.00 Measures academic achievement in English, Math, Reading and Science Reasoning Designed to measure academic aptitude in critical reading, math and writing Each part 25% of scoreCR 1/3, Math 1/3, Writing 1/3 Scored based on number of correct answers. No penalty for guessing. Earn points for correct answers. Lose ¼ of a point for wrong answers. No penalty for not answering. Scoring scale 1-36Scoring scale for each section 200- 800, sum up of all three areas Comparison Chart

15 GENERAL TESTING INFORMATION Why should I take the SAT or ACT Exams? Most two and four year colleges require students to take at least one college entrance exam as a requirement to be considered for admission. When do I take the exams? The rule of thumb is to take the SAT exam once in the spring of your junior year and once in the fall of your senior year. Most colleges will take your highest combined score so it is to your benefit to take them at least one time. The ACT exam should be taken, once, either in the junior or senior year. What is the benefit of taking both the SAT and ACT exams? Colleges will take either your highest ACT or SAT score. Most kids tend to do better on one than the other. Where do I take the exams? Niagara Wheatfield offers the SAT exam 4 times during the school year and the ACT exam 3 times during the school year. If you are not available on those test dates, you may take them at a local area school that offers them on different dates.

16 GENERAL TESTING INFORMATION, cont. How do I register for the exams? You may pick up a registration packet either in the Counseling or Career Centers or you may register online. You can register for the SAT at and the ACT at It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you register for the exam before the registration Is the writing section on the ACT and SAT exam optional? The writing exam IS optional for the ACT exam, however it is NOT optional for the SAT. Many colleges are now requiring a writing score for any kids planning on entering college in the fall of 2006 and after. What are the Subject Tests? These are specific subject area tests that some of the more competitive colleges may require you to take. You must check with the colleges you are applying to see if they are required. How do I receive the test accommodations stated on my IEP or 504 Plan? You must fill out an additional application and have your accommodations approved in advance of taking the exams. See your counselor to pick up the accommodation form.

17 New SAT Security Measures! Students will need to upload a photo when they register on- line for the SAT The photo must be of the STUDENT ONLY! A clear photo of the face is necessary. You MUST bring Photo ID (license, passport, permit, school ID, etc.) AND your Registration Form to the exam or you will not be admitted!!!!!!


19 Post Secondary Planning What opportunities will be available to you after you graduate from NW? In what ways can you continue your education?


21 Top Factors in College Admissions Decisions (National Association of College Admissions Counseling, 2008) Factors Percentage FactorsPercentage Grades in College Prep Courses80% Strength of Curriculum64% Standardized Tests58% Grades in All Courses52% Essay/Writing Sample26% Demonstrated Interest22% Counselor Recommendation21% Teacher Recommendation20% Interview11% Student Activities7% Subject Tests (AP, etc)7%

22 Finding the Match: ValuesResearchList SchoolsVisitationGroup Schools

23 Values- Identify College Characteristics Distance from home Size: small, medium, large Location: suburban, urban, small town, rural Majors and educational programs College affiliation Academic reputation

24 Values- Create Initial List of Schools Use values to create initial list of schools Use information of your knowing: Rigor of transcript- most important Significance of ACT and SAT Essays Recommendations Resume/activities If your list is LARGE- further RESEARCH to refine list

25 Research- Refine List of Colleges College catalogs and Mrs. Reed College representatives College fairs Parents, students, and alumni School counselor (duh) and teachers Counseling website Professionals in the field of interest

26 Visitation- Check for campus visit Take a tour Talk with students and faculty Investigate your academic program Meet with an admissions counselor Verify admissions requirements Inquire about a class visit Discuss your chances of success: admission, graduation, placement, etc. Ask thoughtful, mindful, active questions! Have questions written out and ready!

27 Group Schools Safe Realistic Reach Group by decision policy Early Action Early Decision Rolling Admissions Regular Admissions Open Admissions

28 Details- Application Process and Procedures Letters of recommendation Ask your teachers Coaches Adults who know your academic and extra-curricular work ethic and will write a positive letter Having ACT and SAT reported Follow Close Deadlines Follow up with Teacher Recommendations Transcript release form

29 There are things you should know… High School Transcripts Students making college visits during the fall should bring an unofficial copy of their transcript. Students can obtain these by calling the Counseling Center at 215-3101. Please keep in mind we need a THREE DAY advance notice to process the transcripts. Useful Websites ACT Registration - SAT Registration/ College searches - Financial Aid and Scholarships -, or NW Counseling and Career Center - College Searches - SUNY Schools - Common Application

30 College Information Night February 4 th, 2014 The Niagara Wheatfield High School Counseling and Career Centers will host a College Information Night for parents of Juniors and Sophomores on February 4 th, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. in the ALC. Admissions Counselors from 5 local colleges and universities will be on hand for a panel discussion on the college admission's process. These counselors will also be available later in the evening for individual questions. There will also be a session on Standardized Tests (SATs/ACTs) and Financial Aid. Parents and their students are encouraged to attend!

31 11 th Annual Buffalo National College Fair When: April 8 - 9, 2014 at 6pm-8:30pm Where: Buffalo Convention Center Cost: FREE! Students and parents will have the opportunity to meet face to face with over 200 college admission representatives from local schools and schools throughout the country who will be able to answer questions and provide informational handouts Multiple information sessions will be taking place throughout the evening for information on financial aid, essay writing, NCAA requirements, and many more aspects of the college preparation process This is a great opportunity to get even more questions answered and learn about all of your options!

32 NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse Division 1 & 2 must meet eligibility NCAA: Fee Request your transcript When do I register? You can register anytime after you compete 6 semesters of high school. Most students will register at the beginning of their senior year How do I qualify to participate in sports at a D I or II school? Complete minimum of 16 core courses Take your SAT or ACT Eligibility is determined by sliding scale You MUST have your SAT or ACT scores sent to NCAA directly from collegeboard or ACT. Scores on a high school transcript will NOT be accepted NCAA code is 9999


34 Options for the Military ROTC Reserve Officers Training Corps Program offered at many colleges and universities Visit for information Military Academies Prepare for a career in the armed forces Army, Navy Air Force, Marines Entering the Military after graduation Discuss options with your family Contact a recruiter for more information

35 Trade Schools Trade Schools differ from other schools by typically only taking classes directly related to your field BOCES programs Cosmetology, Plumbing, Auto, Heating and Cooling, Conservation, Food Service, Welding, etc. Can attend BOCES after graduation, but must pay tuition See Mrs. Reed for more information!

36 Employment after Graduation Read the Want Ads regularly Attend Job Fairs Civil Service Positions Employment through the federal, state, or city government Must take Civil Service Exams Contact the Employment Training Office through Niagara County Get assistance with resumes and finding employment



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