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1. Company Over view 2,700 (2012) 1. Company Over view $25 Mill $150 Mill $100 Mill $180 Mill $10 Mill $135 Mill $60 Mill Future Plants.

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2 1. Company Over view 2,700 (2012)

3 1. Company Over view $25 Mill $150 Mill $100 Mill $180 Mill $10 Mill $135 Mill $60 Mill Future Plants

4 2. Portfolio & Distribution

5 Grain Samples 3. Quality Status (GM)

6 Introduction of SH-INP SHINP 1) SH-INP : Acronym for SH Global developing Innovative Natural Plastic 2) Bio Based Plastic both satisfying material property and cost effectiveness SH-INP EPDM, Antioxidant, Etc. PP 55~70% Corn Starch 0~10% Paper Powder 15~30% SH-INP Application Targets Compounding Instrument panel Door Trim Consol 4. Bio Based Plastic

7 1)Light Weight 2)Excellent Mechanical property 3)Good Forming, Fogging 4)Excellent sound absorption 5)Using eco friendly material Performance of SH-MP Board Excellent, Good, Normal, Bad × Properties F-10R/FeltDTF PU foam SH-MPNote Forming Hydrophobic X X Environment X X Thermal resistance Strength Weight Shape Acoustic property Performance of DTF 1)Low cost 2)Excellent Mechanical property 3)Good Forming, Fogging 4)Good sound absorption 5)Using eco friendly material : Jute, Basalt fiber Pic-1) SH-MP Board Pic-2) DTF Board 5. Light Weight Board

8 1)CURRENT 1516 PROJECT Quoted - Waiting for response from TATA motors strategic sourcing Team 2)AREA of COOPERATION Direct investment in INDIA - Localization of manufacturing for TATA and others - Sales & Engineering - Value proposition supplier Cooperation with TACO - Technical tie-up (Design & Manufacturing engineering of global vehicle programs) - Export 5. Future Business with TATA


10 Main Customer -GM Korea Gunsan / Bupyeong -Over Seas : GM Holden, GM Thailand -KD Export : GM Russia, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Uzbekistan -SYMC Pyeong Taek Main Products -Application : J200(Lacetti), J300(Cruze), J309(Orlando), Vs300(Alpheon) Y280(Rexton), A100(Rodius) - Products : D/T, H/L, R/W/T, B/S/P, T/T, G/T Address Palbong-dong, Iksan-si, Jeonbuk, S.Korea Employees Direct / Indirect 250 Staff 50 Total 300 Global Business Footprints – SH Global 10 Sales in USD 90 Mil/year

11 Sales Position of Iksan Plant – SH Global 11 (UNIT : 1,000 USD) Customer2012 Sales Result2013 Sales Plan GM 66, % 56, % SYMC 12, % 16, % EXPORT(AUST.) 11, % 14, % OTHERS % 3,4910.7% G.TOTAL 90, % 92, %

12 Manufacturing Status 12

13 Grain Samples Advantages of Mesubiki - Exact transcription on the surface - Free from the size & shape of products - Flexible adjustment to the various thickness - Free design concept within the limit of R-0.5 ProductGradeProject Assembly Capacity Remark dailyMonthlyAnnual Door Trim 1600cc J ,400100,800 J3001,36028,560342, ccJ ,56090, ccVS ,10025,200 SUVA ,10025,200 Total2,32048,720584,640 Door Trim

14 ProductGradeProject Capacity Remark dailyMonthlyAnnual Headliner Short Item J ,030108,360 J ,863202,356 J ,93083,160 T300 GSUV1,12223,562282,744 Long Item J206761,59619,152 J ,289147,470 Total3,34670,270843,242 Substrate Materials DTF : Environmentally friendly material developed by SHG having strong point to the stiff H/L [1,100 ~ 1,400g/m2] PU : Applicable to the light & hard modular H/L [800g/m2] Process - Wet & Dry PU Forming Process - DTF Forming Process - Simultaneous covering Head Liner Substrate Raw Material Supplier Cost Foaming Method F10F10 KoreaLowHot Press PUSerimMiddleCold Press DTFSHGMiddleCold Press

15 15 Process of Head Liner Forming Process Attach 1) Material : DTF, PU, SH INP etc. 2) Pre-heating Method by Hallogen & Ceramic. 3) Trimming by Press Mould & Ultra-sonic Cutting

16 16 Instrument Pannel Description A kind of method for Pre-weakening to open automobiles Hidden integrated air bag

17 17 Sunvisor & Rear Window Trim ProductProject Capacity Remark dailyMonthlyAnnual Sunvisor6,667166,6672,000,000 Rear Window Trim J3001,26126,473317,671 J ,49865,974 Total1,52331,971383,645 S/V Materials - Tricot Skin - PVC Skin - Taffeta Cloth Skin - Substrate: PU / EPP S/V Process - High frequency welding - No Sewing line and Edge Wrapping Multi Layer DTF Rear Window Trim - Easy modification from existing RWT - Exceptional load carrying capability - Heat resistance Oven Automatically, 100% Inspection & Selection for defective goods(Sunvisor)

18 18 Interior System Module INTERIOR MODULES Door Module I/PModule Roof Module Background Manufacturing Cost Reduction and Assembly Quality Improvement Pillar trim Module

19 Manufacturing equipment DivisionEquipmentQuantityRemark Door Trim Line Injection M/C5 For Injection door trim panel Hydroric Press9 For Foaming, Trimming, Heating Vibration Welding M/C2 For welding plastic parts Heat Welding M/C22 For welding plastic parts Ultra-sonic Welding M/C4 For welding plastic parts Piercing M/C2 For piercing hole W/Strip Banding M/C20 For assembly W/Strip + UPR panel Vacuum Foaming M/C1 For foaming leather Vacuum Covering M/C4 For assembly molded leather + panel KIMEKOMI8For assembly leather and panel Belt Conveyor32For assembly and moving product Ultra-sonic Welding Hand-Gun19For welding plastic parts Hot-Melting Gun5For attaching felt to product HeadLiner Line Hydroric Press13For Foaming, Trimming, Heating Conveyor Oven1For heating materials Ultra-sonic Cutting M/C3For cutting filler scrap Module Assembly Line2For assembly finished goods in sequential order Hot-Melting Gun6For attaching felt to product

20 Manufacturing equipment DivisionEquipmentQuantityRemark Rear Window Trim / Back Self Panel Hydroric Press6For Foaming, Trimming, Heating Ultra-sonic Welding M/C2For welding plastic parts to product Hot-Melting Gun3For attaching felt to product Piercing M/C1For piercing hole Heat Welding M/C2For welding plastic parts to product Etc. Hydroric Press4For Foaming, Trimming, Heating Conveyor Oven1For heating materials Ultra-sonic Welding M/C3For welding plastic parts to product Heat Welding M/C4For welding plastic parts to product Piercing M/C2For piercing hole Inspection Harmony Room1For Checking Color in day-light Sunvisor Checking Jig1For Checking Noise and Operation

21 Quality Control 21

22 ISO 14001ISO/TS Quality Certificates 22 QSB

23 23 Appearance reviewed by Harmony room CIE STANDARD X-Rite Periodically, All production were checked harmony room

24 Manufacturing IT System of SH Global MES SYSTEM SCM : Safety Supply (Just in Time and Quality Tier2 ) POP : Just in Time Produce (Safety production and prevention Error) QMS : Quality Tracking System (Fast response and real-time manage) TPM : Prevention and Maintenance (Manage the facility and increase operating rate) SEQUENCING : Just in Time Supply (Prevent the error sequence) SEQUENCIN G TPM Safety Production Quality Tracking System Just In Time

25 25 Plant lay out SH GLOBAL - Iksan Plant



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