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1. Company Over view 2,700 (2012) 1. Company Over view $25 Mill $150 Mill $100 Mill $180 Mill $10 Mill $135 Mill $60 Mill Future Plants.

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2 1. Company Over view 2,700 (2012)

3 1. Company Over view $25 Mill $150 Mill $100 Mill $180 Mill $10 Mill $135 Mill $60 Mill Future Plants

4 2. Portfolio & Distribution

5 Grain Samples 3. Quality Status (GM)

6 Introduction of SH-INP SHINP 1) SH-INP : Acronym for SH Global developing Innovative Natural Plastic 2) Bio Based Plastic both satisfying material property and cost effectiveness SH-INP EPDM, Antioxidant, Etc. PP 55~70% Corn Starch 0~10% Paper Powder 15~30% SH-INP Application Targets Compounding Instrument panel Door Trim Consol 4. Bio Based Plastic

7 1)Light Weight 2)Excellent Mechanical property 3)Good Forming, Fogging 4)Excellent sound absorption 5)Using eco friendly material Performance of SH-MP Board Excellent, Good, Normal, Bad × Properties F-10R/FeltDTF PU foam SH-MPNote Forming Hydrophobic X X Environment X X Thermal resistance Strength Weight Shape Acoustic property Performance of DTF 1)Low cost 2)Excellent Mechanical property 3)Good Forming, Fogging 4)Good sound absorption 5)Using eco friendly material : Jute, Basalt fiber Pic-1) SH-MP Board Pic-2) DTF Board 5. Light Weight Board

8 1)CURRENT 1516 PROJECT Quoted - Waiting for response from TATA motors strategic sourcing Team 2)AREA of COOPERATION Direct investment in INDIA - Localization of manufacturing for TATA and others - Sales & Engineering - Value proposition supplier Cooperation with TACO - Technical tie-up (Design & Manufacturing engineering of global vehicle programs) - Export 5. Future Business with TATA


10 Main Customer -GM Korea Gunsan / Bupyeong -Over Seas : GM Holden, GM Thailand -KD Export : GM Russia, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Uzbekistan -SYMC Pyeong Taek Main Products -Application : J200(Lacetti), J300(Cruze), J309(Orlando), Vs300(Alpheon) Y280(Rexton), A100(Rodius) - Products : D/T, H/L, R/W/T, B/S/P, T/T, G/T Address - 886 Palbong-dong, Iksan-si, Jeonbuk, S.Korea Employees Direct / Indirect 250 Staff 50 Total 300 Global Business Footprints – SH Global 10 Sales in 2012 - USD 90 Mil/year

11 Sales Position of Iksan Plant – SH Global 11 (UNIT : 1,000 USD) Customer2012 Sales Result2013 Sales Plan GM 66,30073.7% 56,94764.4% SYMC 12,11912.8% 16,85619.1% EXPORT(AUST.) 11,16212.4% 14,98515.9% OTHERS 9991.1% 3,4910.7% G.TOTAL 90,003100.0% 92,279100.0%

12 Manufacturing Status 12

13 Grain Samples Advantages of Mesubiki - Exact transcription on the surface - Free from the size & shape of products - Flexible adjustment to the various thickness - Free design concept within the limit of R-0.5 ProductGradeProject Assembly Capacity Remark dailyMonthlyAnnual Door Trim 1600cc J2004008,400100,800 J3001,36028,560342,720 2000ccJ3093607,56090,720 3000ccVS3001002,10025,200 SUVA1001002,10025,200 Total2,32048,720584,640 Door Trim

14 ProductGradeProject Capacity Remark dailyMonthlyAnnual Headliner Short Item J2004309,030108,360 J30080316,863202,356 J3053306,93083,160 T300 GSUV1,12223,562282,744 Long Item J206761,59619,152 J30958512,289147,470 Total3,34670,270843,242 Substrate Materials DTF : Environmentally friendly material developed by SHG having strong point to the stiff H/L [1,100 ~ 1,400g/m2] PU : Applicable to the light & hard modular H/L [800g/m2] Process - Wet & Dry PU Forming Process - DTF Forming Process - Simultaneous covering Head Liner Substrate Raw Material Supplier Cost Foaming Method F10F10 KoreaLowHot Press PUSerimMiddleCold Press DTFSHGMiddleCold Press

15 15 Process of Head Liner Forming Process Attach 1) Material : DTF, PU, SH INP etc. 2) Pre-heating Method by Hallogen & Ceramic. 3) Trimming by Press Mould & Ultra-sonic Cutting

16 16 Instrument Pannel Description A kind of method for Pre-weakening to open automobiles Hidden integrated air bag

17 17 Sunvisor & Rear Window Trim ProductProject Capacity Remark dailyMonthlyAnnual Sunvisor6,667166,6672,000,000 Rear Window Trim J3001,26126,473317,671 J2002625,49865,974 Total1,52331,971383,645 S/V Materials - Tricot Skin - PVC Skin - Taffeta Cloth Skin - Substrate: PU / EPP S/V Process - High frequency welding - No Sewing line and Edge Wrapping Multi Layer DTF Rear Window Trim - Easy modification from existing RWT - Exceptional load carrying capability - Heat resistance Oven Automatically, 100% Inspection & Selection for defective goods(Sunvisor)

18 18 Interior System Module INTERIOR MODULES Door Module I/PModule Roof Module Background Manufacturing Cost Reduction and Assembly Quality Improvement Pillar trim Module

19 Manufacturing equipment DivisionEquipmentQuantityRemark Door Trim Line Injection M/C5 For Injection door trim panel Hydroric Press9 For Foaming, Trimming, Heating Vibration Welding M/C2 For welding plastic parts Heat Welding M/C22 For welding plastic parts Ultra-sonic Welding M/C4 For welding plastic parts Piercing M/C2 For piercing hole W/Strip Banding M/C20 For assembly W/Strip + UPR panel Vacuum Foaming M/C1 For foaming leather Vacuum Covering M/C4 For assembly molded leather + panel KIMEKOMI8For assembly leather and panel Belt Conveyor32For assembly and moving product Ultra-sonic Welding Hand-Gun19For welding plastic parts Hot-Melting Gun5For attaching felt to product HeadLiner Line Hydroric Press13For Foaming, Trimming, Heating Conveyor Oven1For heating materials Ultra-sonic Cutting M/C3For cutting filler scrap Module Assembly Line2For assembly finished goods in sequential order Hot-Melting Gun6For attaching felt to product

20 Manufacturing equipment DivisionEquipmentQuantityRemark Rear Window Trim / Back Self Panel Hydroric Press6For Foaming, Trimming, Heating Ultra-sonic Welding M/C2For welding plastic parts to product Hot-Melting Gun3For attaching felt to product Piercing M/C1For piercing hole Heat Welding M/C2For welding plastic parts to product Etc. Hydroric Press4For Foaming, Trimming, Heating Conveyor Oven1For heating materials Ultra-sonic Welding M/C3For welding plastic parts to product Heat Welding M/C4For welding plastic parts to product Piercing M/C2For piercing hole Inspection Harmony Room1For Checking Color in day-light Sunvisor Checking Jig1For Checking Noise and Operation

21 Quality Control 21

22 ISO 14001ISO/TS 16949 Quality Certificates 22 QSB

23 23 Appearance reviewed by Harmony room CIE STANDARD X-Rite Periodically, All production were checked AAR @ harmony room

24 Manufacturing IT System of SH Global MES SYSTEM SCM : Safety Supply (Just in Time and Quality Tier2 ) POP : Just in Time Produce (Safety production and prevention Error) QMS : Quality Tracking System (Fast response and real-time manage) TPM : Prevention and Maintenance (Manage the facility and increase operating rate) SEQUENCING : Just in Time Supply (Prevent the error sequence) SEQUENCIN G TPM Safety Production Quality Tracking System Just In Time

25 25 Plant lay out SH GLOBAL - Iksan Plant



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