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Year End Test Part 1. Stele of NaramSin AKKADIAN c. 2300-2200 BCE 6 ½ ft. tall Sandstone.

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1 Year End Test Part 1

2 Stele of NaramSin AKKADIAN c BCE 6 ½ ft. tall Sandstone

3 Seated Khafre Gizeh, Egypt, Dynasty IV Ca BC OLD KINGDOM EGYPT

4 Bust of Nefertiti Tell el-Amarna, Egypt Dynasty XVIII Amarna Period BCE contraposto

5 Standard of Ur ca BCE SUMERIAN

6 Last Judgment of Hu-Nefer Thebes, Egypt, Dynasty BC NEW KINGDOM EGYPT

7 The Palette of King Narmer Hierakonpolis, Egypt, Early Dynastic BC

8 Human-headed Winged Bull (Lamassu) Assyrian Reign of Sargon II, BCE

9 Kritios Boy ca. 480 BCE Early Classical Greek


11 Kouros Greece ca. 600 BC ARCHAIC GREEK

12 Peplos Kore ca. 530 BC ARCHAIC GREEK

13 Sarcophagus from Cerveteri. C520 BCE 67 in length. ETRUSCAN

14 Laocoön & His Sons ca. Early 1st century AD HELLENISTIC PERIOD

15 Nike of Samothrace Samothrace, Greece ca. 190 BC HELLENISTIC PERIOD

16 Aphrodite (of Melos) ca BC HELLENISTIC PERIOD

17 Dying Gaul Pergamon, Turkey ca BC HELLENISTIC PERIOD

18 Head of a Roman Patrician, ca B.C. REPUBLIC ROMAN


20 Portrait bust of Hadrian as general AD HIGH EMPIRE ROMAN

21 Gemma Augustea, Onyx ca 1 st Century AD, EARLY EMPIRE ROMAN

22 Pantheon, Rome, Italy AD HIGH EMPIRE ROMAN

23 Commodus as Hercules ca AD LATE EMPIRE ROMAN

24 Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius Rome, Italy 175 A.D. HIGH EMPIRE ROMAN

25 Arch of Constantine Rome, Italy A.D LATE EMPIRE ROMAN


27 Slide 4 Empress Theodora and her Attendants, Church of San Vitale, Ravenna, c547. BYZANTINE

28 Slide 6 Arch of Titus Rome, Italy, after A.D. 81 EARLY EMPIRE ROMAN

29 Slide 7 Good Shepherd Mosaic (Mausoleum of Galla Placidia), Ravenna, c AD EARLY CHRISTIAN

30 Augustus of Primaporta, Early 1 st Century BCE EARLY EMPIRE ROMAN

31 Portraits of the Four tetrarchs 305 AD LATE EMPIRE ROMAN

32 Ara Pacis, 13-9 BCE. EARLY EMPIRE ROMAN

33 Spoils of Jerusalem, relief panel from the Arch of Titus, Rome, Italy, after A.D. 81 EARLY EMPIRE ROMAN

34 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey. BYZANTINE

35 Suicide of Judas and Crucifixion of Christ, plaque from a casket, ivory, ca 420 Early Christian

36 Aphrodite (of Melos) Melos, Greece ca BC HELLENISTIC PERIOD

37 Saint Matthew, from the Gospel Book of Ebbo, France, ca CAROLINGIAN

38 CHI-RHO-IOTA from THE BOOK OF KELLS Around 800 CE Hiberno-Saxon / Early Medieval

39 Gislebertus, Last Judgment (from Saint-Lazzare) Autun, France ca ROMANESQUE

40 Gero Crucifix 6-ft. tall Oak Carving ca. 970 OTTONIAN

41 Bishop Bernward Doors (on Abbey Church of St. Michael) 1015 OTTONIAN

42 Giotto Di Bondone, Lamentation, ca Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy

43 Betrayal of Jesus Duccio Di Buoninsegna, detail from the back of the Maesta altarpiece from the Siena Cathedral. Siena, Italy

44 Basilica of St. Chapelle (Le Sainte-Chapelle)

45 Ambrogio Lorenzetti Peaceful City, Siena Italy

46 Cenni di Pepi (Cimabue) Madonna and Child Enthroned (1280) Tempera and Gold on Wood, Florence

47 Simone Martini (and possibly Lippo Memmi) Annunciation, 1333 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

48 Nicola Pisano Baptistry Pulpit, ca LATE GOTHIC / PROTO- RENAISSANCE

49 Jan Van Eyck Ghent Altarpiece (open), 1432 Saint Bavo Cathedral, Ghent, Belgium EARLY NORTHERN RENAISSANCE

50 Rogier Van Der Weyden, Deposition, EARLY NORTHERN RENAISSANCE

51 Notre Dame (Notre Dame De Paris: Our Lady of Paris) French Gothic Along Siene River

52 Rogier Van Der Weyden Portrait of a Lady 1460 EARLY NORTHERN RENAISSANCE

53 Slide 6 Jan van Eyck Man in a Red Turban 1433, Oil on wood EARLY NORTHERN RENAISSANCE

54 Slide 8 Jan van Eyck, The Annunciation, EARLY NORTHERN RENAISSANCE

55 Slide 10 Jan Van Eyck Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride 1434 EARLY NORTHERN RENAISSANCE

56 Bonus Slide Limbourg Brothers Tres Riches Heures (Very Rich Hours)

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