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A Year of Ministry in Review June 2008 – June 2009.

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1 A Year of Ministry in Review June 2008 – June 2009

2 Los Altos Brethren Preschool Linda Hehn – Co-Director Barbara Wille – Co-Director Brand New Website:


4 Preschool Teachers & Staff Selise Archuleta Virginia Birdseye Nancy Bodziak Bethany Comstock Linda Dybas Lara Donels Sharon Ghareeb Natalie Haner Ann Hause Linda Hehn Deby Jahn Chris King Susan Layson Glenda Ledesma Laurie McGinnis Nancy Rawlins Frances Schaefer Lisa Strong Geri Telford Matthew Vidovich Barbara Wille Amy Witbeck

5 Los Altos Brethren School Kathy Shaw Andrea Witbeck Glenda Ledesma Lisa Strong Chris King Debbie Martin Sandi Biggerstaff Debbie Smith Anne Bain Kathy Whipple Ann Boyker Evie Peyton Sheri Mirliss Pat Woolley Darlene Goble Donna Clark Terry Hamilton Judy Petersen Josh Alexander Michelle Parsons Carole Agnew 2008-2009 Teachers & Staff

6 Childrens Ministry Cindi Stone and Great Team of Helpers Sunday School Childrens Church Green Oak Ranch- 98 campers already! 70+ staff, counselors, ca, adult volunteers, etc.

7 Jr. High Ministry

8 High School Ministry

9 College Ministry

10 Sunday Ministries Choir Worship Team Sound Ushers Greeters Nursery Facilities Family Bible School Teachers (for kids & adults)

11 Sunday Nights Concerts – Glorybound & Cal Baptist Womens Choir Prophecy Conference Presentations coordinated by Bruce Harman Continuing video presentations into the summer



14 Mission Team Building a Team January – Went to On-Mission Training Delighted to be Touching Lives, Reaching the World: Serve The City, TLC, LB Rescue Mission, Precious Lamb, New Life Beginnings Chuck & Patty Wilshire, Jenny King, Phil Helfer, Aryn Negron, Fellers, Haley Helfer, Matt Vidovich USA- Military, Internationals, Africa, Japan, France, Germany Visits from Neil Cole, Jay Bell, Patty Morris, Lailanie Cruz,…

15 Communications Announcements Loop before Sunday Service Website regularly updated & maintained Weekly email newsletter (200 people on the list) Streamlined the weekly bulletin Monthly newsletter- The Messenger – moved online

16 Mens & Womens Ministries Womens Retreat with 80 ladies A couple of Mens Surf Retreats Variety of Womens & Mens Bible Studies

17 Other Ministry Opportunities Several Scout Troops use the facility AA meeting every Friday night Summer Music Workshop Variety of piano recitals, weddings, special events

18 Baptisms

19 2008-20092007-20082006-2007 Family Concern Giving2,98812,53119,904 Camp Scholarship Giving4,95013,4709,146 Mission Giving Unplanned4,6365,61421,153 Renovation Giving20,00040,00025,000 Mission Giving Planned57,29265,76076,395 Total Designated Giving89,866137,375151,598 General Fund Giving309,200327,893307,314 Total Giving399,066465,268458,912

20 Budget 2008-2009ActualBudgetDifference INCOME General Church Offerings$309,000.00$350,000.00($41,000.00) School Usage$20,000.00 Total Income$329,000.00$370,000.00($41,000.00) EXPENSES $0.00 Ministry$14,560.00$22,420.00($7,860.00) Support$240,184.00$242,312.00($2,128.00) Facilities/Utilities$68,995.00$68,104.00$891.00 Office/Administrative/Insurance$36,293.00$33,297.00$2,996.00 Total Expense$360,032.00$366,133.00($6,101.00) Net Total($31,032.00)$3,867.00 Excess Renovation Loan($12,232.00) Total Operating Deficit($43,264.00)


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