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THURSDAY 12 TH SEPTEMBER 2013 MPH Key Stage 4 Welcome Meeting.

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1 THURSDAY 12 TH SEPTEMBER 2013 MPH Key Stage 4 Welcome Meeting

2 Introductions Phil Date Maths and tutor for 10S – Gary Parmley Science and tutor for 10I – Richard Lambros English and KS4 Coordinator –

3 Co tutors Scott Pryde Geography & PE Elisabeth Gregory Maths & Economics They will support the KS4 tutors and students

4 How your children are settling in…

5 How do you feel about starting IGCSEs?

6 How difficult do you think KS4 will be?

7 What about… The Learning Habits of Year 10?

8 Are you prepared to take risks to improve?

9 Are you able to work independently?

10 Do you enquire to find out more?

11 Do you cooperate with others?

12 Do you reflect on what you have done?

13 Are you able to collaborate with others?

14 Are you resilient?

15 What are they dreading!? Being under pressure Bad marks Failing The build up to the exams The extra homework Making and keeping friends

16 What are they looking forward to? Getting good marks Learning new things The residential Finishing my IGCSEs Taking part in sports competitions Learning more about the people around me School activities, especially the play Experiments in Science A new school year Passing my exams Summer!

17 WWW IGCSE Malay The Jungle Book Everything! Blending in to a new school Fun CCAs I grew taller Becoming more paper free Nothing Everything Book Week International Day School I improved my organisational skills

18 EBI Medals for sports day More PE classes More subject options Not so much stress – I want more fun We had more information about IGCSE courses We could use the elevator I could concentrate We could sing a song in classes More time in study pods There were fewer stairs I was more organised I gained weight School started at 8:20 Secondary went paperless

19 IGCSEs A two year course Cambridge International Examination Board Examination and coursework – depending on the subject Assessment will be ongoing to ensure that students are up to speed with the requirements of all modules and units of their courses

20 Option Choices The students have started all the IGCSE courses and any movement necessary has now been finalised Students are not allowed to change option choices other than in circumstances that are exceptional and with the full agreement of parents, KS4 Coordinator and Head of Secondary

21 CATs and tracking All year 10 students have taken an age appropriate CAT test From this data each student will be given a target grade in each subject they are taking These predicted grades are exactly that, a prediction and by there very nature are not definitive – the final grade may be higher or lower but it gives staff a good indication of where we can expect student to be at the end of the two year course.

22 Monitoring Every ½ term the students will be given; A grade relating to current level An attitude to learning grade The monitoring process is ongoing and rigorous - any issues will be identified early and dealt with

23 Intervention If a student is falling behind where they are expected to be, an intervention programme will be put into place Initially this will involve a meeting with the student and the parents to identify what the issues are The student will then be put on a personalised programme specific to the areas of concern This may include booster sessions, a student or staff mentor being assigned or a variety of approaches to study implemented The intervention will remain in place for as long as required

24 Expectations To dress in a way that is in line with the ISP handbook and to set a positive example to younger students in the school To behave and act in a way that is appropriate for a student in the senior year group. Once again they will be role models to younger students in the school To attend school every day - anything less than 95% attendance will have an adverse effect on the students ability to reach their potential

25 iPad/laptop rules These are an educational resource between 8:00am and 3:00pm. They are not be used at break and lunch times as we are keen to encourage social interaction between students There may be occasions when they are able to use electronic devices at break and lunch at the direction discretion of a member of staff

26 Haiku The new and improved contact between home and school What will be on there? All notices for students All assignments and home learning requirements Outlines of the courses Relevant links for students

27 Personal Portfolios In order to further integrate the ISP Core Values and Learning Habits, the students will be creating personal portfolios that will evidence their ability to integrate these into their daily school lives. This will come online over the next couple of weeks and will be an ongoing and a reflective process

28 Good habits It is really important that the students have a healthy and balanced lifestyle to ensure that they are able to function to their full potential both in school and at home: Work/life balance Although the school work is important, students must have time away from work to recharge – reading, hobbies, rest etc. Exercise Get out and stimulate the body and mind through some exercise every day Eating A balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables while ensuring they are properly hydrated Sleep 8-10 hours per night and no late nights during the week

29 Meet the teachers Now is an opportunity to meet the subject teachers and get any information you require If you have any concerns or issues please make an appointment to meet the appropriate subject teacher Thank you for coming

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