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Teri Belt EMIS Specialist, MVCTC. My presumptions You are the EMIS Coordinator/Secretary/person that enters & verifies all the information You work all.

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1 Teri Belt EMIS Specialist, MVCTC

2 My presumptions You are the EMIS Coordinator/Secretary/person that enters & verifies all the information You work all year round If not, may need to consolidate some items EMIS is running on a normal schedule

3 Get ready and organized for the year Locate CTE-26s Using them, verify the course master lines up with the CTE-26 information Subject code, course hours, curriculum code, CTE College Credit Verify Assessments (WebXams) and Industry Credential testing with program supervisors and instructors. Ensure testing they are planning on using for the year lines up with program area of concentration on CTE Assessment Matrix. ODE Matrix was updated in October, 2013 Work with your district registrar and scheduling personnel to ensure EMIS criteria are being met Distribute this information to your Supervisors so they can communicate with instructors.

4 Page 1 and the Secondary Program o Study pages will help you set up your course master.


6 Satellite Building Set-Up Ensure instructors are set up with your business office and in student software Use Course Verification Sheet to set up Course Master and course sections for satellite courses Verify with supervisor and instructors assessments to be taken by students over the year Register students into satellite courses Determine percent of time based on periods/day CTSO Memberships, disabilities, Economic Disadvantagement, single parent membership Create sub-calendars in student software and assign students to proper calendar After you register your courses, compare with other districts course rosters Also may want to verify they are not reporting these courses to EMIS as well as the instructor information May want to mark your concentrators at this time to help with WebXam upload I use a list that I distribute to instructors to verify who they think are the concentrators in their program

7 Course NumberCourse Name Pd. Or Block Start Time End Time Class Minutes Class Hours Course Length Qtr/Sem/Yr Subject CodeCredit 510-01AG I1 YEAR 521-01ADV AG I2 YEAR 3 521-02ADV AG I4 YEAR 521-03ADV AG 15 YEAR 510-02AG I6 YEAR 521-04ADV AG I7 YEAR 510-03AG I8 YEAR 546-01AG CO-OP9Outside of day. YEAR Course Hour Calculation: number of minutes class meets each day x number of days class meets / 60 minutes

8 Work with attendance office to ensure all absences are entered correctly Ensure all county of residences are correct for Casino Count Work with satellite attendance Use EMIS Checklist to work through all EMIS reporting steps If you offer OGT Intervention during the day, make sure to enter the memberships for the students participating.

9 Keep working on October Checklist Use your ODE reports to keep working and correcting CTE EMIS information. Career Technical Education Course Listing and Error report Ensure mapping and correlations are correct and complete Students with Disabilities Not Funded, FTE Adjustment Report, Students Missing Course Records, HQT for academic courses Verify Staff Summary reports with business office SF3 Report with Treasurer Lead Districts may want to meet with CTPD to review Performance/Report Card Meeting serves as a reminder to report October EMIS information and set up the year for them Lead Districts – G reporting period is critical for the JVSD. This impacts JVSD graduation rates. Lead District should pay attention to FISCWEB report: District Graduate Info (2010x_stu_grad_info.csv) This will tell you who did not graduate from the home district

10 Mapped Local Classroom Record This process should be used when: Only used for CTE classes (VT, VN, V3, VA) One instructor teaches same students Classes must have same: Subject CodeEmployee Id Curriculum Delivery Method Educational OptionStudent Population Only Semester or Year classes are eligible for mapping Types of Mapping Map two classes from same semester Map first and second semester classes together Combination mapping necessary to combine two first semester classes into one class, also combine two second semester classes into one class, and then map the combined classes into a single all year class


12 Used to indicate a relationship between CTE Program and: Associated technical related class (V3) Associated CBI V3 technical classes Instructional support time for GRADS V3 One or more classes can be correlated to a CTE program No longer correlate (VA) Applied Academic courses to the CTE Program ODE has checks in place to verify these VA students are enrolled in a CTE Program (VN, VT, VC)

13 Finish up October reporting If you need CTE Overrides for CTE courses – get them to the ODE CTE Career Field Consultant Get ready for D Follow Up Reporting I have had to use the G Performance Report to start this process the last couple years The ODE website has very good documentation to help you with this process Distribute Follow Up Surveys to your instructors Suggest giving them a time line for completion Check with Curriculum Director on status of any new CTE-26 Applications needed for upcoming year (FY15) Your district, Satellite programs, CTPD Programs

14 Complete D Follow Up Review results from instructor surveys May need to complete finding the not found students Facebook, home district Important to review this data, this is data that impacts your CTPD Report Card Know your targets, communicate with your CTPD member districts Ensure you have reported the GU record (Industry Assessment). Reported in N or D. Review and share October EMIS information Treasurer, Superintendent, Supervisors Verify new CTE-26 are sent to ODE for Satellite, Main Campus & CTPD ODE Deadline is March 1, 2014 for FY15 programs

15 Complete the D Follow Up file Prepare for Year End Reporting Work with Testing Coordinator to ensure WebXam is ready for Main Campus, Satellite, CTPD WebXam information is critical at this point. This element is only reported during N. Verify information you may need to get from staff that leaves for summer We use a End of Year Check-Out sheet for instructors, we collect some of the following information: CTSO participation, College Credits earned, Advisory Comm member list for upcoming year, printed WebXam results, Industry Assessments completed over the year ( CODA, STNA, Cosmetology, NCCER, etc.)

16 Complete and finish Year End reporting using N Checklist Verify Concentrators are marked correctly Verify assessment results Decide which results are to be reported to ODE Example: student that did not complete all the modules of the test, student changed program – but stayed within same area of concentration Use the District Graduate Info report to ensure you are reporting your Senior student withdraws correctly (99 vs. 41) Monitor this report throughout the reporting period. I print out a R101 by district and hand mark the Senior students withdraw code home district uses. I mark retained status in the withdraw comments in Student Information (DASL). Also on hard copy report.


18 Try to locate all CTE-26s that your Superintendent has signed Use the ODE October report: Career Field and Funded Program May need to go back a couple years to ensure you have a list of all previously funded programs Use Excel or some type of table to gather a list of courses by district active or inactive Share this list with the member district EMIS person They may not be aware of the programs Fields you may want to track: District IRN, Building IRN, Subject Code, CTE-26 Approval Date, Tech Prep Post Secondary Partner, Assessments, enrollment



21 Help your member districts through the EMIS Reporting periods K, D, & N Lead districts may want to hold a meeting with all CTPD districts, invite: EMIS, Instructor, Supervisors, CTPD Liaisons Share the CTPD Report Card Information Share the Perkins Performance Targets for your CTPD Share the CTE-26 information, testing information Share individual CTPD Performance Reports Create a historical report so they can see the trends Perkins performance indicators, enrollment Share how to report CTE EMIS using their student software Be proactive – call them, email them

22 Lead District Leadership with CTPD districts I use an Excel spreadsheet to historically track performance data. Use the G & D Performance Reports from ODE Review these files every time they are released to make sure your districts are reporting accurate data Distribute to member districts so they can see the trend data for their programs I attach the Excel file to the ODE report and give to member districts at yearly meeting Very important now that Report Cards are in play Keep in mind your member districts only do this once a year. CTE language is foreign and not used daily.


24 Find all CTE-26s for these programs I use a Course Verification Report to communicate with Instructors and Satellite Supervisor to ensure EMIS is reporting the correct: Hours of Instruction Subject Code Course Number – I try to match home districts course number and course name Develop a relationship with the EMIS person at these districts to ensure they are aware of who-reports-what.

25 Who reports what information Staff Information Is reported by the district that employs the instructor Student Information JVSD reports the percent of time your instructor spends with the student in the CTE course Cannot report study hall, outside of day, non-cte subject codes Home district reports their percent of time their instructors spend with the student They may also be a PSEO student, home district may have to use both Sent to 1 and Sent to 2 FS Standing

26 Student Information Cont. Student Disability type (FD record) Student Economically Disadvantaged (FD record) Student Memberships CTSO Single Parent Student Calendar May have to create a sub-calendar for each satellite district and assign correct calendar to each student Student Assessments Ensure your instructors are testing their students using correct assessments – see CTE Assessment Matrix

27 Tips Keep in touch with Home District EMIS Coordinator to ensure they also understand the reporting requirements. If you find problems with the instructors schedule, keep a file and address them with your supervisor Example: 2 planning periods, study hall, Sem 1 vs. Sem 2 rosters

28 Miami Valley Career Technology Center Your 21 st Century JVS We are dedicated to providing premier educational choices and advanced employment preparation for youth, adults, and organizations of the Miami Valley.

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