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What I Wish Id Known in my First Year. Dont do it! - Run away!

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1 What I Wish Id Known in my First Year

2 Dont do it! - Run away!

3 The Importance of Peer Networks I wouldnt have survived my first year without having people to talk to about my concerns and insecurities. I would have dropped out.

4 Support Beg, borrow and steal friends, establish a network Talk through your problems and concerns with your peers Take the time to hang out with people, even if you feel fine and on top of things, youd be surprised Utilise the support available at Sussex Even the courses that you think you already know about e.g. creative writing The skills that you think have accumulated in your previous studies reach a whole new level with the PhD

5 Imposter Syndrome


7 How long does it take? - officially 3-4 years full time - this is a marathon not a race

8 Easy to get distracted

9 Time Management Unstructured learning is difficult Particularly when the more work you do the little you know! Set yourself realistic goals Time yourself reading a variety of academic articles so that you have a rough idea of what you can get through in one day and be prepared to modify it Set yourself small tasks to do tomorrow just before you finish work for the day Have long term goals as well as short term goals so that have an idea of the bigger picture Do not beat yourself up if you dont meet your goal every so often – if youre regularly missing your target

10 Your Research Its yours and no one elses Take control of it Its yours, be possessive and be wary of other commitments (like teaching) You are never going to be able to do all the work that you think you have to do Its ok to laze in bed occasionally – you are merely taking an alternative perspective on your research Carry a notebook around with you every where – you get inspiration from the oddest places


12 Know where the best coffee is!

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