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Class Size Strategies for School Year 2011 As of July 29, 2010.

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1 Class Size Strategies for School Year 2011 As of July 29, 2010

2 Class Size Update Per Florida Legislature, each school district must hold public hearings and provide information on its website concerning strategies to meet class size maximums for the upcoming school year Our public hearing was advertised in the News- Press on June 25 Public hearing was held on July 29, where the Superintendent discussed a two-phase class size reduction implementation plan

3 Class Size Strategies Phase I Elementary schools were allocated teachers at 18:1 student teacher ratio for grades K-3, and 22:1 for grades 4-5 Designated growth schools received additional teachers to start class sizes low. Those schools will receive the bulk of the new students throughout the year once other schools are full Actively looking to hire retired teachers (at suggestion of Foundation for Lee County Public Schools Board)

4 Class Size Strategies Phase I Secondary schools were given additional teachers to lower ratio to.5 under the mandatory class size cap (21.5:1 for middle schools, 24.5:1 for high schools) Secondary schools should work to: – Schedule all certificated personnel (APs,Guid,Media) – Invite teachers to work extra period – May need to fill in with long term subs as co-teachers

5 Class Size Strategies Phase II (if citizens dont support class size modification to school wide average) Will need to hire additional teachers at all levels May also need additional temporary classroom space Total cost of Phase II=$5 million Reserve set aside in budget for phase II implementation

6 Class Size Strategies Phase I has already been implemented at a cost of $5 million Phase II will be implemented at change in semester if necessary at additional $5 million cost School district will have to spend additional funds in later years for teachers and buildings if school wide average is not attained

7 Class Size Strategies The vote in November will have major implications on the education system in Lee County and throughout the State The School District implores voters to get educations on the effects of the current class size amendment. 60% voter approval is needed to revise the current constitutional amendment. Please VOTE!!!

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