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Welcome to Brandon University. Contact us! Call: (204) 727- 9739 Call/Text: (204) 724-4373 Facebook:

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1 Welcome to Brandon University

2 Contact us! Email: Call: (204) 727- 9739 Call/Text: (204) 724-4373 Facebook:

3 Where is Brandon University? The City of Brandon is located in the southwest corner of the Province of Manitoba –200 kms west of Winnipeg –150 kms East of the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border –100 kms North of the Canada/US border

4 The City of Brandon Population of approximately 42,000 Short commutes Safe city Shoppers Mall and Empire Theatres Sport and recreational facilities Brandon Wheat Kings Walking/biking trails Excellent opportunities for part-time employment

5 Campus Life

6 Residence BU has three residence halls McMaster Hall (co-ed) Flora Cowan Hall (female) Darrach Hall (male) Rates: $812.56-$1062.95 per month (including a meal plan)

7 Residence Fun Freshman Olympics Meal program Weight room, sauna and study rooms Television and game lounges Socials and activities Free laundry facilities High speed internet access

8 Campus Life Student Union Clubs and organizations International Student Organization The Quill newspaper (Since 1910) Peer Support SUDS Bookstore Free wireless internet On campus theatre Daycare Junior Kindergarten

9 Campus Recreation Intramurals Tournaments Open gym Clinics & Workshops Fitness centre access Aerobics/Zumba Badminton Soccer Swim & Skate passes Martial Arts/Yoga Kickboxing Judo

10 Athletics Bobcat Basketball and Volleyball

11 Degree Programs Arts 3 & 4 years Business Administration 4 years Education (After Degree) 2 years Education (Integrated) 5 years Environmental Science 4 years Fine Arts 4 years

12 Degree Programs Indigenous Health & Human Services 1+3 years Psychiatric Nursing 1+3 years Physical Education Studies 3 years Music 4 & 5 years Nursing 1+3 years Science 3 & 4 years

13 Faculty of Arts

14 If you are interested in… Aboriginal Art Anthropology Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies Art and Visual Culture Business Administration Canadian Studies Ceramics Creative Arts Creative Writing Drama Drawing

15 If you are interested in… Economics English French Gender and Womens Studies Geography History Interdisciplinary Studies Liberal Arts Music Arts Native Languages

16 If you are interested in… Native Studies Painting Philosophy Political Science Psychology Religion Rural Community Studies Sociology A Bachelor of Arts is for you!

17 Try Arts One! Arts One is a unique way to take the first year of your Arts program. Four thematic clusters for students to choose from: The Canadian Experience The History of Ideas The Human Narrative Identity Matters Students in each cluster will share classes, learn and study together, and form lasting friendships.

18 Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) 4 year program Applied Math or Pre-Calculus 40S preferred Accounting (CA, CGA, CMA) Human Resource Management Marketing Heather Gillander –

19 If youre interested in… Aboriginal Art Art and Visual Culture Ceramics Digital Media and Design Drawing A Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) is for you!

20 Faculty of Education

21 Faculty of Education Option I: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education 5-year Integrated Program Option II: Bachelor of Education After Degree Program (2 year program following a 3 or 4 year degree)

22 Bachelor of Physical Education Studies Fundamentals and specialized skills required by physical educators National Coaching Certification Program

23 School of Health Studies

24 Bachelor of Nursing – 1 + 3 year Pre-Nursing year Students must apply to the highly competitive Bachelor of Nursing program for second year (48 available spots) English, Applied or Pre-Calculus Math and Biology 40S are strongly recommended. Tracy Collyer – – (204) 571-8567

25 Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing – 1 + 3 year Pre-Psychiatric Nursing year Brandon and Winnipeg campuses Students must apply to the Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing program for second year Cathy Demas – – (204) 727-7403

26 Bachelor of Indigenous Health & Human Services – 1+3 year Pre-I.H.H.S. year Apply for second year of program Promoting healing and well-being of Indigenous children, youth, families and communities Tania Munroe – – (204)727-7496

27 School of Music

28 Audition Requirements: Performance of three contrasting selections at a level equivalent to Grade VIII or higher in the Royal Conservatory or Conservatory Canada (Grade VII Conservatory Canada for Woodwind, Brass and Percussion) An ear test Open house October 27th and 28th See for more information

29 Faculty of Science

30 If you are interested in… Applied Disaster & Emergency Studies Biology Chemistry Computer Science

31 If you are interested in… Geography Geology Mathematics Physics & Astronomy Psychology A Bachelor of Science is for you!

32 Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Four Streams: –Biodiversity –Land & Water Mgt. (collaborative program with ACC) –Physical Sciences –Resource Management

33 Pre-Professional Preparation 1 prep. year at BU: Dental Hygiene Engineering Environmental Design (Architecture) Human Ecology Pharmacy Radiation Therapy Social Work 2 prep. years at BU: Journalism Law Veterinary Medicine 3 prep. years at BU: Accounting Bio-Medical (Medicine) Chiropractic Studies Dentistry Engineering (new partnership with the University of Minnesota) Occupational Therapy Optometry Physical Therapy

34 Why BU? If youre looking for a friendly, helpful campus, with professors who care about your career and that have compassion, then BU is for you! – Jeni, Churchbridge Saskatchewan, BU Nursing Student

35 Trek BU Personalized advising and information for all first year students

36 Your Class Size 1-9 Students………38.4% 10-19 Students……25.3% 20-49 Students……28.8% 50-99 Students…….6.1% 100+ Students……..1.4% 3000 Students Student/Professor ratio: 9:1. 63% of our classes have fewer than 20 students. 1.4% of our classes have 100 or more students.

37 We are here to help! Academic Advising Personal Counseling Career Counseling Two week orientation Disability Services Help with math and writing skills The Indigenous Peoples Centre (IPC) The Office of International Activities (OIA)

38 Healthy Living Centre Opening in 2013 Fitness and recreation facility Full scale gym, walking track, fitness classes

39 Unique Opportunities National Student Exchange The Golden Key Society University of the Arctic

40 Scholarships All graduates from accredited Canadian high schools are eligible Grade 11 MarksScholarship Awarded 95% and higher$2,000 90% to 94.9%$1,400 85% to 89.9%$800 Prospective students must submit their grade 11 transcripts by MARCH 1, 2012 to be considered for BU scholarships Board of Governors Entrance Scholarships

41 Other Entrance Scholarships Brandon University offers a variety of other scholarships, some requiring specific applications Scholarships range from $100 - $7,500

42 Your Investment 2011-2012 Tuition Including Fees Faculty of Arts$3,772 Faculty of Education$3,828 School of Health Studies$4,093 School of Music$3,961 Faculty of Science$4,033 Text Books (approximately)$918

43 Apply now! All high school students who have successfully completed grade 11 will be conditionally accepted into Brandon University Application is available online $61.00 application fee

44 Want to know more? Visit Campus for the day as part of our Student-for-a- Day Program Visit our website at

45 What now? Fill out an inquiry card Review information online Apply to Brandon University Apply for Scholarships by March 1, 2012

46 Contact Us! (204) 727-9739

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