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Pharmacy Department Programmes 1.BPharm 2.HCert: Pharmacy Support.

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1 Pharmacy Department Programmes 1.BPharm 2.HCert: Pharmacy Support

2 WELCOME Staff welcome you to the Pharmacy Department Building 12 (Biological Sciences Building) 2 nd and 3 rd Floors Congratulate you, the first year students, on your choice 2013 – first year of presentation of: New integrated BPharm degree New Pharmacy Technical Assistant programme

3 PHARMACY DEPARTMENT Head of Department: Mrs Shirley-Anne Boschmans Academic Staff: Programme and Stream Coordinators & Lecturers BPharm ProgrammeMrs S-A Boschmans Clinical Pharmacy StreamMrs J McCartney People and Systems StreamMrs S Burton The Molecule StreamMrs M Keele PTA ProgrammeMrs T-L Fogarty Postgraduate ProgrammesProf I Truter LecturersMrs J Barry Ms L Kritiotis Mr A Kritzinger Mrs N Kubashe Mr C Okafor Mrs J Rishworth Mr B Knoesen BPharm Service Courses (1st & 2nd year): Anatomy & Physiology; Computers; Chemistry; Physics: Biochemistry; Microbiology

4 PHARMACY DEPARTMENT Head of Department: Mrs Shirley-Anne Boschmans Support Staff: Laboratory techniciansMrs J Taylor Mrs E Newman Mrs N Skhosana Mrs A van Jaarsveld Mrs J van Jaarsveld Laboratory AssistantsMrs E Boltina Mr W Grauman Mrs C Laxa Mrs M Tube

5 BACKGROUND Statutory Body South African Pharmacy Council Professional Body Pharmaceutical Society of SA Bodies involved in Pharmacy

6 Registration with SAPC BPharm Students Register with SAPC as from 1 st year Registration category – Pharmacy Student Registration Fee: R367.90 Annual registration required 2 nd to 4 th year Annual Fee: R173.29 PTA Students Register with SAPC Details still to be announced by SAPC

7 ) Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree (BPharm) Pharmacist

8 The BPharm Degree 4 year Bachelors degree Internship (1 year) Community service (1 yr) Registration as a pharmacist (South African Pharmacy Council)


10 First Year Modules Foundation Programmes Anatomy and Physiology for Pharmacists ZFP101, ZFP102 Biochemistry for Pharmacists ZFB102 Organic Chemistry for Pharmacists ZFC101 Computing Fundamentals WRFV101 The Molecule Pharmaceutical Chemistry ZTM101 Physics for Pharmacists ZTM121 Physical Pharmacy ZTM102 People & Systems Pharmacy People and Systems ZPS122 Clinical Pharmacy – BPharm2


12 Higher Certificate: Pharmacy Support Pharmacy Technical Assistant (PTA)

13 Midlevel Worker Qualifications 1 year Higher Certificate Supervised practice Registration as a Pharmacy Technical Assistant (South African Pharmacy Council) 1 year Advanced Certificate Supervised practice Registration as a Pharmacy Technician (South African Pharmacy Council)

14 Higher CertificateModules 1 YEAR PROGRAMME: Pharmacy in Practice ZPA101, ZPA102 Practical Pharmaceutics ZAP101, ZAP102 Clinical Medicine Use ZAC101, ZAC102 Pharmacy Business Environment ZAM101, ZAM102 One elective module – choice between 2 options Health and Wellness Promotion ZAH100 Information and Communication Technology in Pharmacy ZAR100


16 Achievements…. Staff actively involved in professional activities: South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC), Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA) and other national and international bodies Staff have well established research records – supervision of postgraduate students (masters & doctoral level); scientific publications; conference presentations; serve on editorial / review panels of scientific journals One NRF rated researcher (Truter) Prof Ilse Truter - Top Researcher in Faculty of Health Sciences Fulbright scholar & NMMU Rising Star – Ms Milli Reddy Brian Seymour national award – Charl Botha, Michelle Bennett & Raydon Juta

17 Achievements…. Consistently produce top performing graduates in the national pre-registration exam set by SAPC (South African Pharmacy Council) Excellent working relationship with local pharmacists in public and private sectors - experiential on-site learning programmes

18 Highlights …. National Dept Education granted R24 million refurbishment funding ensure state-of-the-art training facilities - 2012 New Integrated BPharm curriculum to ensure undergraduate training is modern, in line with international trends and relevant to South Africas needs First University in South Africa to train mid level workers Pharmacy Technical Assistant Programme (Higher Certificate)

19 What happens next?.. compulsory events BPharm & HCert orientation programme Weds 30 th Jan REGISTRATION on South Campus (Indoor Sports Centre) HCert in Pharmacy Support - 08:30-09:30 B Pharm - 09:30-10:30 Wed 6 th FebDEPARTMENTAL MEETING BPharm1 at 09h00 HCert at 11:00 on South Campus in 12-02-88 Meet the staff ; prepare for lectures; PEPSA fun event BPharm1:14h00 – 15h00 Computing Fundamentals (WFRV101) Venue: 123 00 07 Thur 7 th FebHow2@nmmu Buddy programme 09h00 – 15h00 in 12 02 88 MON 11 TH FEB 2012LECTURES START

20 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.. training pharmacists for tomorrow…..

21 Pharmacy @ NMMU CONTACT DETAILS Web: Email: Telephone: (041) 504-2128 (office hours) Fax: (041) 504-2744

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