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Campus Textbook Coordinator End of Year Meeting May 2, 2012.

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1 Campus Textbook Coordinator End of Year Meeting May 2, 2012

2 End-of-Year Inventory All campuses must complete Everything must be counted Except out-of-adoption Inventory due by June 8, 2012 Separate affidavit signed by principal and assistant

3 Summer Audits Beginning June 11th All campuses All Subjects Student Editions Teacher Editions only

4 Accountability District All student materials Teacher editions only Campuses All student materials All teacher materials

5 Accountability (continued) Physical audits end of year Replace with campus funds Charged if missing when returned/transferred Textbook fine monies Only used for student textbooks

6 Closing Closing out year in TIPWeb Page 66 of training manual Change distributed to lost Print lost textbook letters

7 Out-of-Adoption Do not inventory Pallet boxes Donated / recycled If given to students must write for personal use only – not for re-sale on each book.

8 Out-of-Adoption (continued) Separate from excess textbooks Only student/teacher materials No DVD/CD/VHS/Cassettes Recycle on campus

9 Excess Textbooks Separate from out-of-adoption Create adjustment in TIPWeb More than one book per adjustment Do not submit adjustment until ready E-mail Hollye with number of boxes

10 Excess Textbooks (continued) Use textbook boxes only Tape boxes top and bottom Copy of adjustment on each box Contents highlighted Number boxes

11 Orders for Next Year Consumables and workbooks- elementary Use current year enrollment Place order in TIPWeb by June 18, 2012 Social Studies Workbooks Unless ordered – will not be sent

12 No Adoption This Summer!

13 2012-2013 Instructional Materials Distribution Textbooks must be scanned out Student editions Scanned to students or teachers Teacher editions Scanned to teachers

14 Instructional Material Concerns Student materials Belong to GPISD Not campus Teacher Materials Belong to GPISD Not teacher or campus

15 Instructional Material Concerns (continued) Teacher editions Teacher does not take with them Extras Return to warehouse as excess Teacher leaving Return to warehouse as excess

16 Instructional Material Concerns (continued) Marking textbooks Do not write on textbooks Appropriate labels for textbooks Bar code labels only

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