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Muslim Medics & Dentists

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1 Muslim Medics & Dentists

2 Whats it all about! Year breakdown & Time-Frame Lectures Firms Module Exams End of year exams SSC Other MMD Support & Events Resources General advice Islamic advice Q&A Contact Info

3 Longest year… Toughest year… Call yourself a doc if you get through it… But most importantly.. The BEST year of Med School (well for me anyway ) DISCLAIMER: This powerpoint is based on Year 4 2010-2011 and does not take into account any changes the university has made since then…

4 3 Main Modules: 1) Locomotor Sexual health (I&I), Musculoskeletal, HCOE, Dermatology, SSC 2) Human Development O&G, Child Health, GP 3) Brain & Behaviour Neurology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology Other: CSP – Global health, ethics, ENT

5 No. of weeks uni allocates to each speciality correlates with importance & exam assessment Guides you on time you should ideally spend revising for each speciality

6 Locomotor: Sexual health (2 weeks) HCOE (3 weeks) MSS (3 weeks) Dermatology (2 weeks) SSC (2 weeks) Human Development: O&G (4 weeks) Child Health (4 weeks) GP (2 weeks)

7 Brain & Behaviour: Neurology (5 weeks) Psychiatry (5 weeks) Ophthalmology (1 week)

8 One/two weeks of lectures for each speciality How beneficial they are depends on you and your learning methods Attendance is recorded Skipping them = remedial work (essays, emq assessments etc)

9 Learn as much as possible – attend & absorb Flopping a firm = remedial firm (during summer holidays!!!) Mega useful for exams – youll be surprised at what you pick up and exam questions you can answer Logbooks – get it done early, bad idea to be with this!

10 3 main modules = 3 exams Locomotor & B&B exams - EMQ based Human Development exam – SAQ based Tend to be repeat questions from past papers – so you can potentially pass just by looking at these BUT – not a good idea if you want to be a good doctor – you are going to be dealing with patients, not EMQs! Also – you need solid knowledge for end of year exams (which wont be made up of many repeat questions!)

11 Deja-vu 3 rd year format.. 1) EMQ/SBA paper 2) Data Interpretation 3) OSCE

12 Know your stuff - simple as that! 3 hour paper Question breakdown varies each year – but use time-frame allocated to each speciality as rough guidance to the no. of questions assessed e.g. HCOE – 3 weeks = 3 EMQs Resources: Crash Course books, Oxford Handbook of Specialities Practice EMQ/SBAs – Pastest, OnExamination websites, Get Ahead Specialities (EMQ, SAQ), Get Ahead Medicine, Pastest EMQ books (Adam Feather et al)

13 Not a pretty paper 1 hr 30 mins Computer based Similar material that is assessed in EMQ/SBA paper but with images, data sets etc Resources: MMD Data Interpretation document – mega long, but pretty useful (MMD website) Past paper questions – very important, often many repeats

14 Preparation is key Start early e.g. 2 months in advance and work through past stations with a group of friends Mostly communication skills – history taking and explanation Also examinations + practical skills Resources: OSCE Station List Masterpass: The Easy Guide to OSCEs for Final Year, The Easy Guide to OSCEs for Specialities Pastest OSCE Books (Adam Feather et al)

15 2 weeks during Locomotor module Dissertation: 6000-8000 words Experience/difficulty depends on what you have chosen or been allocated Honestly – not that bad!

16 Try to get your referee for FPAS this year Think about your elective

17 Crash Course OSCE weekend (TBC) Mock OSCE (TBC) 4 th year goodies – USB MMD Forums – Year 4 thread has been set-up for you all to post questions & discuss

18 Crash Course books all the way! Check out recommended books by university in module handbooks e.g. Human Development: Obstetrics & Gynaecology – Lawrence Impey Illustrated Textbook of Paedatrics – Tom Lissauer

19 Pace yourself – long year Not a good year to cram in – info overload! Enjoy it – work you enjoy becomes play Experience all the specialities to the max – and you may just find your niche this year Support each other

20 If Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it! Seek help in patience & prayer Dua – for success in this life & the next Renew your intentions – itll get you through when it all gets a bit too much! Be dawah machines on firms – be on time, know your stuff, treat patients well, support firm folk They may not remember your name when you are gone, but theyll always remember the hijaby /beardo that stood out for being a top-student and iA itll boost the image of Islam and our beautiful ummah

21 Finally, some prophylaxis stress-relief for this hard-core year: Chillax and take the advice of Umar Bin Khattab (RA) and stick it on your walls…! Go easy on yourself, for the outcome of affairs is determined by Allahs decree. If something is meant to go elsewhere, it will never come your way, but if it is yours by destiny, from you it cannot flee.

22 Ask away…

23 Hala – Tasneem –

24 Muslim Medics & Dentists

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