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2014-2015 PUBLIC BUDGET HEARING APRIL 28, 2014 Galloway Township Public Schools.

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1 2014-2015 PUBLIC BUDGET HEARING APRIL 28, 2014 Galloway Township Public Schools

2 Introduction

3 Guiding Principles Core Values: respect, integrity, hard work, communication, diversity, excellence District Goals: To provide a safe, healthy environment for students and staff To enhance curriculum and instruction- teaching and learning- in accordance with the Common Core State Standards / New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, and research and experience in best practices To upgrade infrastructure and equipment to operate efficiently and effectively To enhance parent/guardian, municipal, and community relations Motto: Where Children and Learning Come First

4 Requirements Meet the educational mandates from the Federal and State Government, particularly the Departments of Education Adhere to all safety and facility code requirements Remain in compliance with all Federal and State laws and Board of Education policies Fulfill contracts with employees and vendors

5 Budget Development Process Review fiscal status and all guidelines Elicit stakeholder input regarding instructional and non- instructional priorities Analyze enrollment projections and review personnel status Develop and input school / department requests Complete budget calculations based on revenue sources and expenses Conduct administrative, board, and public budget meetings and discussions Make budget adjustments as needed

6 Finalizing the Budget Public Presentation and Hearing tonight Board vote on the budget Final budget submitted and published

7 History and Efficiency

8 A Multi-Year Historical Perspective

9 Efficiency Standards: On a per student basis, the district spends: Support Services$4 less than state average Administrative Costs$239 less than state average Legal services$26 less than state average Plant /Maintenance$134 less than state average Note : Less than the state average on these standards is a favorable rating.

10 Efficiency Standards: Staff ratios compared to state average: Education Support staff to students Above by 5.5 students Administrative Personnel to students Above by 27.8 students Administrative personnel to faculty Above by 4.2 faculty members Note : Above the state average on these standards is a favorable rating.

11 State Aid vs. Local Tax Levy

12 Numbers Projects 2014 and 2015 capital reserve deposits are $750,000 and $450,000 In the past 3 years, the BOE deposited $2,662,547 into capital reserve Meeting increased costs with minimal assistance in the form of state aid ($66,480 increase for 14-15 – 0.11% of general fund budget) Chapter 78 of PL 2011 (employee health benefit contributions) – direct savings to taxpayers of $725,000 for FY15 Completed Arthur Rann facilities projects – roof replacement and storm water system replacement/parking lot refurbishment Installed completely new phone system throughout the district in one year instead of over multiple years Upgraded generator and HVAC at various schools Recent History of Note

13 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

14 Across Grade Levels, Content Areas, & Roles Common Core and PARCC Maintain all existing programs & services Continue priority on class size Furnish ongoing professional development across grades and content areas Expand iPad and laptop purchases for student use Offer ongoing support for teacher and principal evaluation models Continue support for Common Core understanding for ELA and Math Implement PARCC readiness plan Provide year-2 support for Envision Math 6 / Digits Math 7-8 Expand iPad and laptop purchases for student use Programs and Services for Students and Certificated Staff


16 Personnel

17 Reductions-in-Force from 2010-2011 School Year Positions not reinstated 1 PE/Health teacher 2 world language teachers 1 art and 1 music teacher 5 counselors 5 TLFs 4 secretaries 2 nurses 1 CST member No Assistant Superintendent Elementary Library secretaries and additional intervention teachers all part-time Changed one facilities manager position to an assistant manager

18 Personnel to Support Student Achievement, Teacher Evaluation, and School Climate/Safety Full time Principal at Pomona Preschool (currently shared with Arthur Rann) – savings toward salary through shared administrator, head teacher stipend, and breakage Computer lab teacher for each elementary school (currently 2 shared among four schools) – no additional cost due to re-assignment of existing staff School Resource Officers – potentially two Class 2 Officers to be shared between and among schools; guidelines and hours being developed with GT Police Department

19 Non-Instructional

20 In-house Work Shared Services Maintenance Technical Services Printing GTPS Food Services Department provides lunches for student in the Port Republic School District Cost Savings Measures

21 General Capital Carpet replacement in identified classrooms General concrete repairs Maintenance of Rann fire alarm system Sanding and refinishing both the gym and stage floors at GTMS Modular building roof replacement at Reeds Road Custodial cleaning equipment New maintenance pickup (replace 1996 model) Roof replacement at Roland Rogers and Smithville Elementary School Supplemented by a ROD (regular operating district) State (max) grant in the amount $1,959,635. In the past three years, the BOE has deposited $2,662,547 into capital reserve Facilities and Operations

22 Technology and Communications Year 2 of new district server lease Disaster recovery, filtering, and archiving software Projector bulb replacement Upgrade instructional internet connectivity Continued expansion of wireless infrastructure


24 What Does This Mean? Proposed FY15 Operating Budget Proposed FY15 Operating Budget Total general fund budget increase of $890,117 or 1.51% Tax Impact General fund rate increase of 28.9 cents resulting from revaluation Restating last years tax rate results in an increase of 4.4 cents (using same NVT for 2013 and 2014)

25 QuestionsandComments

26 ThankYou!

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