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A Year of Choices and Decisions

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1 A Year of Choices and Decisions
Joanne Brown Guidance Head, Maple High School “Home of Scholars, Leaders, Athletes and Artists”

2 Transition Activities:
Introduction to a Year of Choices & Decisions – Early October Take Our Gr 8’s to High School – November 6, 2013 Empowerment Workshops – November/December Introduction to Career Cruising and the Portfolio – Early December Board-wide Program Application Deadlines – November/December

3 Transition Activities, cont’d:
Grade 8 Parent Info Night – January 9, 2014 Course Selection with Career Cruising – January/February ESL Assessments and IPRC meetings – January/February Student Ambassadors Visit Grade 8’s – mid Apri Student Success meetings – May

4 Why come to Maple HS? “Home of Scholars, Leaders, Athletes and Artists”
Academic excellence Leadership opportunities Athletic pursuits Artistic endeavours Specialist High Skills Major programs (SHSM) Experiential learning Superior Broad-based Technology programs

5 Academic vs Applied: Applied Academic Teaching Learning Strategies
-more hands on and concrete -more teacher directed -focus on essential skills by emphasizing practical, concrete applications -tasks are more defined -more abstract -more student initiated -independent activities build on essential skills -additional requirements – emphasis on theoretical, abstract application Assessment -reports, projects, based on application -more emphasis on abstract, theoretical presentation of knowledge Strengths of Learner -reads for specific purpose -benefits from more structure -completes tasks in directed environment -likes to learn and master essential skills and knowledge -enjoys learning by doing and by some theoretical work -enjoys & values reading, and reads well -self motivated -benefits from more independence -likes to explore beyond related learning -completes tasks in directed environment as well as independently -readily understands mathematical concepts -enjoys learning by doing and by more extensive theoretical work -recognizes need for daily homework and review -good time management

6 Advanced Placement (AP)
What? completion of examinations beyond the regular Grade 12 course content exams are set by the College Entrance Board in New Jersey, U.S.A. courses are designed to provide students with background and knowledge equivalent to a first-year university course allow students the opportunity for enriched, intensive study in one or more subjects of interest and strength – Grade 9 and 10 is “pre” Advanced Placement courses are recognized by many Canadian and International universities as advanced standing for first-year study in specific courses Where? Emily Carr, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Thornhill, Thornlea, Alexander Mackenzie, Westmount Eligibility? Students should be strong in the subject area they wish to take AP level courses in and should have strong independent work skills and time management skills Application/Registration Process? Requires a transfer request from the student’s home school to the school offering the AP program.

7 ARTS Programs What? Where? Eligibility?
comprehensive arts programming in dance, drama, music and visual arts students earning a minimum of eight credits will be eligible to receive a YRDSB “Certificate of Specialization in the Arts” to be presented at graduation Where? West Area ARTS Program - Westmount CI, Bathurst & New Westminster Eligibility? Admission for all Secondary Arts Programs for Grade 9 occurs through an audition (dance, drama, music) and/or portfolio presentation (visual arts) each January. Application/Registration Process? Information evening on October 16 at Vaughan City Playhouse next to Westmount CI - need to RSVP for info session Applications for the program of choice are due November 30, 2013 Application forms are available on Westmount CI website at

8 Bill Crothers SS Sports Programs (BCSS)
What? – two available programs based on involvement in sports: Sport For Life Student Athlete Profile - student athlete who: participates in different aspects of a variety of sports (House League, School Sport, Recreation, Competitive, Officiating, Managing, Refereeing or Coaching); is physically active and focused on life-long participation in sport - may allow for talent identification and transfer to the High Performance Athlete Profile. High Performance Athlete Profile - student athlete who: has been selected for a provincial, national or international team (may include being named to provincial/national development team or ranked/carded provincially, nationally or internationally by your governing sport body. e.g. Team Ontario or Team Canada); is training a minimum of 15 hours per week A balanced school year calendar will be followed – school begins August 1 Where? Bill Crothers SS, Unionville (407 & Kennedy Road) Eligibility? Students must meet the criteria of either the Sport For Life Student Athlete Profile or the High Performance Athlete Profile through an application and interview. Application/Registration Process? Information evening in early November 2013 at BCSS – check the BCSS website to confirm dates Applications due November 28, 2013 Application available on BCSS website at

9 French Immersion What? Where? Eligibility?
Students in the French Immersion program take one third of their course requirements (10 credits) in French Upon successful completion of the program, students are granted a Certificate in French Immersion Studies. Where? Vaughan Secondary School, Dufferin & Clark Streets Eligibility? May enter the secondary FI program only from the elementary FI program Application/Registration Process? Students who do not wish to continue in the FI program and wish to return to their local community high school are asked to notify their FI elementary school in writing.

10 Gifted Program What? Where? Eligibility?
Gifted programming is available in Grades 9 and 10 only to students with an IPRC identification Where? Woodbridge CI, Woodbridge Thornhill SS, Young & Centre Eligibility? Student must have a Gifted identification through an IPRC and must have been accessing Gifted programming during elementary school Application/Registration Process? Students who do not wish to continue in the Gifted program and wish to return to their local community high school, or attend one of the Regional programs, must go through an IPRC to change their placement. Please contact the Special Education Resource Teacher at the elementary school.

11 International Baccalaureate (IB)
What? an alternative program where students complete their OSSD and work toward an IB diploma or certificate(s) recognized internationally as a demanding pre-university course of study designed for students aged 16 to 19 (Grades 11 and 12) who are committed to completing courses and external examinations in six different subject areas – English, French, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics), Humanities (History or Economics), and Arts (Music, Drama or Visual Arts); as well as an extended essay (EE), 150 Creativity, Action and Service volunteer hours, and a Theory of Knowledge (ToK) course to prepare for the diploma program in grades 11 and 12, students will begin in the pre-IB program in grades 9 and 10. Where? Bayview SS, Major Mackenzie & Bayview

12 Application/Registration Process?
Eligibility? Profile of an IB Student - Interested in internationalism University-bound Well-rounded A leader A high achiever A volunteer and a giver Someone who wants to take control of his or her education Application/Registration Process? IB Information and Application meeting – October 29, 2013 Pre-IB Assessment Test (for entry into Grade 9 – September 2014) – Saturday, November 30, 2013 – assessment of English, French and Math skills at the Grade 8 level - all multiple choice questions. Information available on the Bayview SS website at

13 Transfer Process An official transfer request must be completed if a student wishes to attend a school that is NOT their local community high school. Includes Advanced Placement programs, but does not include any other Board wide program. Does not apply if the student and parents are physically moving to the other school’s boundary area. Transfer request must be submitted to the local community high school at the time that the registration and course selections forms are due (late January/early February).

14 Transfer Process, cont’d
Transfer forms are signed by the “sending” principal and taken to the board’s Transfer meeting. Depending on YRDSB parameters (some schools are “closed” to transfers), “receiving” principals and superintendants sign the form if the transfer is accepted. The “receiving” school will contact the student to confirm the transfer and confirm the course selections. The student will be removed from the rolls of the “sending” school.

15 Who to contact with questions:
Your son/daughter’s Grade 8 teacher Maple High School Head of Guidance – Joanne Brown

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