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4th Year Planning.

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1 4th Year Planning

2 Terms ERAS Electronic Residency Application Service
provides uniform application process – everyone MUST enter this NRMP National Residency Matching Program Matches you to a residency program – everyone MUST enter this

3 Terms FREIDA Online® Fellowship & Residency Application Service
database with over 9,400 graduate medical education programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, as well as over 100 combined specialty programs VSAS Visiting Student Application Service Online program used by many medical schools to schedule 4th year electives

4 Terms MSPE Medical Student Performance Evaluation
Part of the documentation sent to residency program A compilation of clerkship director evaluations, your transcript and other academic data. A designated MSPE writer writes an opening and summary paragraph that gives an overview of you as a person and student. MSPE writers: Dr. Taylor, Dr. Gresham, Dr. Kezar, Dr. Sorrentino or Dr. Hughes Evans

5 FYSH Fourth Year ScHeduling: You create your own list of courses
It’s time consuming but very important to list everything you dream you might take Advice from…Kent & Brittney

6 Timeline February Draft CV
Draft CV Meet with career advisor and assess your competitiveness Should bring academic summary so advisor can see scores/rank and give honest advice Fourth Year Scheduling FYSH opens (plan with career advisor) March FYSH closes Begin applications for visiting electives

7 Timeline June Obtain ERAS login code from MSS (B’ham)
Obtain ERAS login code from MSS (B’ham) Optho and Urology applicants begin registration  July Begin application process on ERAS Request letters of recommendation August Register online for NRMP UASOM OSCE’s begin Recommended target date for Step 2 CK

8 Timeline September September 1: NRMP is open to register for the match
September 1: NRMP is open to register for the match September 5: Target date for Optho and Urology applications September 15: Medical Schools begin transmitting applications and residency programs may begin to download applications from ERAS. October October 1: MSPE are released to programs Recommended time frame for Step 2 CS

9 4th Year Requirements 24 weeks of elective credit (2 or 4 week courses) 4 week Medicine AI (must be done in Tuscaloosa) 4 week Surgery/Critical Care AI (tri-campus) ~ 32 weeks of coursework in 4th year

10 B’ham electives Surgery: must have Chair letter from Birmingham
Emergency Medicine: must have official department letter from Birmingham Feedback from surgery electives –you are treated the same whether you sign up for AI or elective If needed, 4th year electives can be done in Birmingham prior to completion of clerkships - this may help you make career decision - this may help you with scheduling around a life event

11 Visiting Electives Must complete all MS3 clerkships including scholarly activity Why do a visiting elective? Competitive specialty Shop residency programs You need a letter from an away program (Emergency, ENT) Plan early if you need a letter from an away program

12 Visiting Electives Timeline
February receive VSAS token from UASOM and can start applying to programs March-May schools begin accepting applications Check institution see when they open elective scheduling Institutions often the review applications only a few months before the elective date

13 Visiting Electives VSAS / Non VSAS Non VSAS school? Check individual program website for information on visiting elective application process (use FRIEDA to help you find programs) Applications can be time consuming – record request for transcript

14 STEP 2 CS & CK Take Step 2 CK as soon to completion of 3rd year clerkships as possible programs may not interview you without a score Take up to 4 weeks off to study (less if medicine or FM is last clerkship) Step 2 CS growing in importance to some programs. must take by December, If taken by July, a passing score can replace senior OSCE

15 Career Choices Talk to a career advisor
Think about parallel applications Use Careers in Medicine:

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