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First Year Geography A critical year. A maze of ideas.

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1 First Year Geography A critical year

2 A maze of ideas

3 Helping each other

4 2. Reflecting on First Year Activity 1

5 Why Explore Junior Certificate Geography? 1.Junior Certificate Syllabus 21 years in place 2.Revision completed 2 years ago but is on hold 3.Changes mooted in Junior Certificate Curriculum 4.Changes in: - schools - students - resources - technology - theory

6 1 st Year Geography Students first contact with Second - Level Geography Foundation for other years A good start is half the battle

7 Syllabus Geography is the study of people and their relationships with their environment. It is concerned with helping to develop an understanding of the physical, social and economic processes which shape the environment.

8 Activity 1 ? What do you hope your students will get from studying Geography in First Year


10 Feedback

11 Hopes for First Year

12 Success

13 Caring attitude to people and planet

14 Love of Geography

15 Variety of learning experiences

16 Topicality

17 Sense of Place

18 1. Success 3. Love of Geography 2. Caring attitude to the planet and humanity 4. Variety of learning experiences 5. Topicality 6. Sense of Place 7. Basic skills 8 Basic Geographical Knowledge

19 3. Exploring First Year Content Activity 2

20 Primary Curriculum A sense of place and space Maps, globes and graphical skills Geographical investigation skills The geographical skills and concepts above will be developed as work is completed on the strands and strand units of the curriculum outlined below. Human environments Natural environments Environmental awareness and care

21 Junior Certificate Guidelines Non-Linear: This syllabus is not designed to be taught in any given order. The boundaries between the main branches of geography, physical and human, are not rigidly drawn. This is in keeping with the syllabus' emphasis on the interrelationship between people and their environment.

22 Guidelines Local Studies: Central to this syllabus too, is the recognition that the local area of the school provides a familiar and real "laboratory" in which geographical ideas can be explored and practical skills practised. In this sense, fieldwork is an integral part of this syllabus.

23 Junior Certificate Syllabus Framework A. The Human Habitat – Processes and Change 1. The Earths Surface: Shaping the Crust 2. The Restless Atmosphere: The Heat Engine 3. The Workings of our Life Support System B. Population, Settlement - Patterns and Urbanisation 1. Population - Distribution Diversity and Change 2. People on the Move 3. Settlement: Changing Patterns in Where We Live – Villages and Towns 4. Urbanisation: Changing Patterns in Where we Live – Cities C. Patterns in Economic Activity 1. Primary Economic Activities: The Earth as a Resource 2. Secondary Economic Activities: Building Resources into Products 3. Tertiary Economic Activities: Facilitating Our Use of Resources 4. Economic Inequality: The Earths Resources – Who Benefits?

24 Skills integrated Map interpretation Figure interpretation Photograph Analysis Numerical Skills and calculation Picture interpretation Figure Drawing Map drawing Fieldwork

25 Whats possible in First Year?

26 4. Ideas and resources


28 Spaceship Earth

29 1. Whos on board? 2. Who in charge? 3. How is it powered? 4. Where are we going? 5. What supplies are on board? 6 Have we enough supplies? 7. Does spaceship ever break down? 8. Who repairs it?


31 Overarching idea

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