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It Takes More than Talent; NCAA Division I Eligibility University of Notre Dame.

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1 It Takes More than Talent; NCAA Division I Eligibility University of Notre Dame

2 Overview O What is the NCAA? O Defining Initial Eligibility O Initial Eligibility Requirements; Academic O Initial Eligibility Requirements; Amateurism O Remaining Eligible


4 National Collegiate Athletic Association O Nonprofit Association Founded 1910 O Governs over 1,200 institutions, conferences & organizations in U.S. & Canada O 3 Divisions since 1973 O Division I, Division II & Division III O DI football divided into FBS & FCS O Intercollegiate athletics began in 1852 when Harvard & Yale met in what sport?


6 Defining Eligibility Qualifiers can do all of the following during their initial year: O Receive Athletics Financial Aid O Practice O Compete Nonqualifiers must spend their initial academic year in residence (e.g., cannot receive GIA, practice or compete)

7 Defining Eligibility Beginning with the Class of 2016, Academic Redshirts may do the following during their 1 st term: O Receive Athletics Financial Aid O Practice O Compete They must earn 9 credit hours (or 8 quarter hours) during term 1 to continue practicing in term 2

8 NCAA Eligibility Center


10 Initial Academic Eligibility O Graduation from high school O Minimum core grade point average O Minimum corresponding ACT or SAT score O Completion of 16 academic core courses

11 The DI Sliding Scale Division I uses a sliding scale to match test scores and core grade-point averages (GPA). O The SAT score used by the NCAA includes only the critical reading and math sections. The writing section of the SAT is not used. O The ACT score used by the NCAA is a sum of the following 4 sections: English, mathematics, reading and science.

12 The DI Sliding Scale What is a Core Course GPA? 16 high school Core Courses must be completed for DI eligibility O 4 years of English O 3 years of math (Algebra I or higher) O 2 years of natural/physical science (1 year of lab if offered)

13 The DI Sliding Scale 16 high school Core Courses cont… O 1 year of additional English, math or natural/physical science O 2 years of social science O 4 years of additional courses (from any area above, foreign language or comparative religion/philosophy) Your high schools list of NCAA courses is available on under Resources

14 Core-Course Time Limitation O A prospect must complete core-curriculum requirements not later than the high school graduation date of his or her high school class O Anticipated graduation date is determined by the prospects 9 th grade enrollment O Exception: a prospect who graduates on time with his or her high school class may use 1 core course completed in the year following graduation

15 Additional Core Course Requirements for QualifiersEffective August 1, 2016 O 10 of the 16 required core courses must be completed prior to the start of the 7 th semester of high school O Includes summer school between the end of junior year and the start of senior year O 7 of 10 courses must be in English, math, and natural/physical science O The grades for these 10 courses must be used in calculating GPA and cannot be replaced by classes completed at a later date

16 The DI Sliding Scale Current sophomores, juniors & seniors O NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide – Sliding Scale A O Qualifier O Nonqualifier

17 The DI Sliding Scale Class of 2016 O NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide – Sliding Scale B O Academic Redshirt O Qualifier O Nonqualifier

18 Class of 2016 Academic Redshirt: eligible for athletics aid in first year of enrollment and for practice during first term of enrollment O Minimum 2.000 core GPA O Must meet additional academic requirements to be eligible for practice in second term of enrollment (pass 9/8) O May not engage in competition during first year of enrollment Qualifier: eligible for athletics aid, practice, and competition during first year of enrollment O Minimum 2.300 core GPA Non-Qualifier: ineligible for athletics aid, practice, and competition during first year of enrollment O Below 2.000 core GPA, insufficient test score, less than 16 core courses, not a high school graduate

19 Education-Impacting Disabilities Students with a diagnosed disability may: O Use nonstandard ACT and/or SAT test scores O Use courses completed after high school graduation O Use courses designed specifically for students with disabilities

20 What should I be doing? O Choose NCAA recognized Core Courses O Class of 2016 O schedule 10 prior to senior year O 7 of the 10 must be in English, math or science O Register at (fee required) O Take the SAT/ACT & have test scores sent directly to the NCAA (code 9999) O Send official transcripts & POG to the NCAA O Contact collegiate admissions offices


22 Defining Eligibility Professional Athlete: an athlete who receives any kind of payment, directly or indirectly, for athletics participation O If youre not a professional athlete, youre considered an amateur

23 Amateurism Certification O All student-athletes entering a Division I or Division II institution must complete the amateurism certification process O Both domestic and international prospects must complete an amateurism questionnaire after registering with the Eligibility Center O Amateurism status is determined by the responses provided by the prospect

24 What Type of Questions Will be Asked? O Contracts with professional team O Salary for participating in athletics O Prize money above actual and necessary expenses O Play with professionals O Educational expenses from individual or entity other than a parent O Preferential treatment based on athletics participation or reputation O Tryouts, practice, or competition with a professional team O Benefits from an agent or prospective agent O Agreement to be represented by an agent

25 Amateurism Certification O Online, sport-specific questionnaire about their athletics history through the Eligibility Center O Included in the Eligibility Center registration fee O Elite athletes will be reviewed automatically by the NCAA staff O Must complete before a written offer of aid/NLI may be issued by a Division I institution

26 National Letter of Intent O Binding one-year agreement O Prospect must attend that institution for one year O Institution must offer athletics aid to the prospect in conjunction with the NLI (financial aid agreement) O Athletics aid can be offered for one year and renewed on an annual basis –OR- can be offered on a multi-year basis for a maximum of five years. O If the NLI agreement is broken, the basic penalty is to sit out of competition for a year and lose a year of eligibility.


28 Remaining Eligible O 6 hours a semester O Football 9 hour rule O 18 degree applicable hours during the academic year O 24 hours prior to 3 rd semester O 40/60/80 rule for 5 th, 7 th, and 9 th semesters O Term-by-term GPA requirements (1.8, 1.9, 2.0) O GOAL: to graduate in 5 years

29 Important Contacts O NCAA Eligibility Center O O Toll Free: 877/262-1492 O International Callers: 317/223-0700 O Fax: 317/968-5100 O O NCAA National Office O 317/917-6222 O Hotline: 800/638-3731 O Fax: 317/917-6622 O O College Bound Student-Athlete Guide O

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