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Four Year Plan for Pre-Dental Students Pre-Dental Society Week 3.

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1 Four Year Plan for Pre-Dental Students Pre-Dental Society Week 3

2 Announcements & Events Boys and Girls Club in Santa Ana – Careers in Dentistry Presentation Letter of Recommendation Workshop (10/18) 3:30 - 5:00 PM @ NS2 4201 Beginner Tooth Waxing and Denture Course (10/19) - $135 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM @ NS2 4201 Week 4 - Speed Friending with PDS 5-6:00 PM @ NS2 4201 Week 5 – USC presentation 5-6:00 PM @ NS2 4201 Grad School & Professional School Fair 10-2:00 PM @ UCI Ring Road Kaplan ONLINE Practice Test

3 Polls Who is interested in CPR Certification for $40 dollars CPR/AED certification is one of the 3 requirements to work as a dental assistant Which section are you most worried about for the DAT? Gchem Ochem PAT

4 1st Year & Campus Resources Classes to Take Biology (93/94) General Chemistry (1A-1C + labs) English Composition (WR39 Series or HumCore) GE Classes (psychology, speech) Resources UCI FREE Peer Tutoring (Bio, Chem) LARC Office Hours Writing Center BioSci Counselors (located in BS III) Counseling Center

5 1st Year: Recommended Develop study habits FIRST! Create strong foundation for GPA Sample clubs before committing Explore Dentistry Pre-dental Courses, Volunteer, Shadow Begin Dental Shadowing Find a mentor!

6 1st Year: Recommended Community Service (Non-dental related) Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Helping Hearts for the Homeless, Circle K, etc. Visit to search for service clubs Dental-Related Volunteering Share Our Selves (SOS) Clinic Healthy Smiles for Orange County

7 2nd Year Academics Bio 97, 98, 99, OChem Series with Lab Research - Bio 199, Look into labs that you may be interested in, email and apply to multiple labs! Doesnt have to be dental related ADEA Guide to Dental Schools figure out prerequisites and plan out what courses you need

8 2nd Year Academics LOR (Letters of Rec) UCIs LOR Service (cheap and easy!) Attend office hours, ask questions, stand out! DAT decide on when to study and take it (over the summer or next year) HUGE time commitment

9 2nd Year : Extra Curriculars Shadowing a Dentist Volunteering: CDA Cares, Care Harbor Internships, clinical volunteering, organizations like Flying Sams, Habitat for Humanity, Helping Hearts for the Homeless, etc. Hobbies and Interests manual dexterity doesnt have to be dental related do what you LOVE

10 3rd Year - Required University Requirements Take Upper Division Bio Classes Physiology with Loudon (Fall) Cell Bio with McGregor/Sutterland (Winter) Neurobiology (Spring) Bio 100 DAT Keep your eye on your goal! You are almost there!

11 3rd Year- Recommended Research Shadow/Work at a Dental Office Leadership Opportunities Networking Community Service Hobbies… you need a life outside of dentistry and class.

12 3rd Year- Applying Early Start looking at dental schools ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools DAT ($385) Letters of Recommendation Fall/Winter Quarter Communicate with Professors Portfolio/Resume UROP/Excellence Personal Statement Apply for Dental School

13 4th Year - Required Apply early in the cycle through ADEA AADSAS (JUNE!) Send official transcripts & LORs ASAP! Cost varies (~$95 per school) Admissions on rolling basis Secondary applications Separate fee Deadline usually 1-2 months after receiving it 30 days to accept offer Academic update Send newest transcripts and enter grades for new quarters

14 4th Year - Recommended Applications open the FIRST MONDAY in June every year Recommended window: June to mid-August Chances decrease dramatically for a late application Keep GPA high (not just for the obvious) Post-doc residency Research in dental school Keep in mind: AADSAS Format 175-character descriptions for Extracurriculars/ Volunteering/Community Service Must give name of sponsoring organization Number of hours & hours per week

15 4th Year – More Info Most schools will ask for SECONDARY APPLICATIONS Deadline: usually 1-2 months after AADSAS application Schools will start giving out interviews in August Look for common interview questions online, research about each school, what their interviews are like, etc. Practice!! If you plan on taking a year off, continue with leadership and extracurriculars, add more to application

16 Gap Years Why take a gap year? Applying senior year; recharge after undergrad; improve your application; save/pay off loans; take the DAT Improving application: Post-Bac programs vs. SMPs (GPA booster or academic credibility) Shadowing Research Volunteering (not necessarily dental-related) PLAN ACCORDINGLY Time, travel expenses ($$$) for interviews Keep your mind sharp

17 CSU East Bay (Hayward) Academic Enhancer Track II Length of study: 1 yr (4 quarters) fulltime; 10-12 courses. Ends with certificate Advantages: provides volunteering/internships, on-campus research experience, mentorship, DAT preparation Cost of attendance: $383/unit Admission prerequisites: biological sciences or biochemistry degree; 2.8 GPA minimum… rolling admissions so higher as application cycle proceeds; math (college algebra) Program requirements: need at least 3.3 GPA to graduate (B+)

18 Sample Schedule

19 SFSU (San Francisco) Formal Post-Bac Program: Academic Enhancer Track (AET) Length of study: 1 – 2 years Admissions: Competitive. 60 students/year; 10% of program are pre- dental (support from Dental Post-Bac program) Year-long rolling admissions; 2.5 GPA min to apply; usually higher Cost: $550/unit ~$15000 (1 yr); ~$27000 (2 yr) Focused on upper-divs; but can take core classes again as well Benefits: Guaranteed classes; MCAT/DAT-style test questions & case-based learning exercises in curriculum; close ties with UOP Dental; comprehensive Committee Letter; success rate: 80%

20 Sample Schedule

21 Sample Electives

22 Boston University M.S. in Oral Health Sciences Program Prerequisites: completion of all prereqs for dental school Admissions: 15-20 new students/year; average 3.05 GPA and 19.5 DAT Total cost: $45,050 Length: 1-2 years, ending with a capstone project/thesis (cost same) Benefits: core classes (biochem, microbio, physiology) taken at BU Dental with D1 students; faculty advisor mentor; 80% success rate


24 Post-Bac/Masters Programs

25 Rutgers University in New Jersey Dental Scholars Program (MS or MBS) 25/30 credits of course work = 3 semesters Advantages Concentration in Oral Biology, Academic advising, Dental courses with dental students, Complete degree in one year, Research experience with dental school faculty, Personalized advice from admissions at NJ Dental School Total Cost of MS/MSB Program $19,500 New Jersey residents $25, 500 non New Jersey residents Admissions B.S w/ courses in Biology, 2 LOR, GRE/MCAT/DAT scores, General & Organic Chemistry, & Physics

26 WesternU in Pomona, CA Master of Sciences in Medical Science (MSMS) 25-30 students Advantages Critical evaluation skills, Research experience with dental faculty, Personalized advice from admissions at WesternU Total Cost of MSMS Program $23,145 Tuition $51,500 Estimated Total Cost Admissions B.S w/ courses in Biology, 3.0 GPA, 3 LOR, GRE minimum 300 on verbal/quantitative, General & Organic Chemistry, & Physics

27 UCSF Interprofessional Health Post-Baccalaureate Program Special interest in individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds Advantages 11 months, Mentoring & Academic Advising, Upper division science course work through UC Berkeleys Extension, DAT review course, Faculty mentoring, Research Cost of the Post-Bac Program $13, 900 Tuition 42,700 Estimated Total Cost Eligibility Preference to CA residents, B.S, Complete prerequisites for dental school

28 LLU Post-Baccalaureate Program Special interest in individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds Advantages 11 months, Summer Program held at USC, UCLA & LLUSD (dental workshops, programs, & lectures), DAT tutoring, Simulated interviews, Faculty mentoring Cost of Post-Bac Program Eligibility B.S, Academically/Economically disadvantaged, Minimum 2.7 GPA, DAT average 17 or higher

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