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CUS Elections Committee – 2013/14 HA – 6:30pm Welcome to First Year Rep / Presidential Info Session.

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1 CUS Elections Committee – 2013/14 HA 295 @5:30 – 6:30pm Welcome to First Year Rep / Presidential Info Session

2 First Year Rep Info Session * INTENSIVE ELECTION PROCESS 2 WEEKS!!!! Reinbursement deadlines KEY DATES (SEPT 2013) TODAY (12) – First Meeting – Info Session TODAY (12) – Like and follow on Facebook: CUS Elections Committee (12 – 19) – Nomination Week (19) – All Candidates Meeting ( 19 – 26) Campaigning (26) All Candidates Forum (26 - 28) Voting Results Announced CUS Elections Committee – 2013/14

3 The CUS President In a Nutshell

4 Who Am I? © 2013 UBC Accounting Club4 Richard Wong HR Director 4 th Year Student Accounting / HR Previous Position: Class Liaison Director

5 The CUS Commerce Undergraduate Society Been around for over 70 years Largest business school organization in Canada $1.2-million annual operating budget

6 Current CUS Structure

7 The CUS

8 At the head of it all… The President

9 The CUS President Sits on both Executive Council and Board of Directors – Chairperson of Executive Council Face of the CUS

10 Responsibilities 1. Uphold the fundamental Mission of the CUS To enhance the value of the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbias Bachelor of Commerce degree while cultivating the personal, professional and academic success of students.

11 Responsibilities 2.Facilitate the BoD, VPs, SC in pursuit of this goal

12 Responsibilities 3. Be the external representative for the organization 4. Set the general direction of the CUS 5. Be the face of the CUS

13 Benefits Meet students and faculty from all walks of life Be the change you want to see Sense of personal fulfillment

14 Benefits You get your own office Work with the Administrative Director Work with the HR Director

15 Past Presidents Enzo Woo Jacky Leung Johannes Rebane Connor McGauley Laura Silvester

16 Join the CUS. Were pretty cool.

17 First Year Representatives Our Experiences Mark Sha John Lee

18 Agenda Who are we? What does a First Year Rep do? How does the process work? Our experiences and advice


20 Mark Sha Graduated from Pacific Academy with an IB Diploma. I come from the hectic North Surrey Current CUS Second Year Representative If you vote for me Ill make your wildest dreams come true – Pedro.

21 John Lee Went to West Vancouver Secondary School Played a lot of soccer growing up Member of Sigma Chi Excited to get back to learning! Current AMS Representative

22 1 ST YEAR REPRESENTATIVE Represent your year on the Board of Directors Attend Board meetings (Every other Thursday 6pm) Chance to sit on CUS committees An interesting time to join the Board! Gives you a well-rounded understanding of the CUS and UBC A chance to meet a lot of people in all years and faculties

23 How Do You Start? 1.Youre here! …. Good start 2.Endorsements 3.CAMPAIGNING 4.All Candidates Forum 5.Results

24 Endorsements 1 week Chance to get to know people Time to plan your campaign

25 All Candidates Forum 1 minute overview of your platform Question and Answer Then the election begins

26 Campaigning Posters – No microsoft paint/comic sans/word art/cats Social Media Campaign – Facebook page, dont spam but keep it real! Classroom Announcements – Get approval from your prof first! Establish yourself & your points of difference

27 Dos and Donts: Dont be fake and get to know people just for their votes, get to know them as friends. Remember the people youve talked to. Be confident, but not cocky. Dont annoy people online, be professional and serious; you dont want to be that guy Research the CUS, smart responses win votes!

28 Results Cross your fingers There are plenty of other opportunities Be proud youre even here!

29 Questions?


31 Elections Policy and Procedure

32 First Year Rep Info Session Electoral Procedure – Aaron Wong (Vice Chair) Candidate Eligibility CUS Student Candidates must declare any plans in the next year for exchange or co-op placements prior to election Nomination Process 20+ student endorsement form Signed candidates agreement 150 - 250 word platform for website Photo CUS Elections Committee – 2013/14

33 First Year Rep Info Session Electoral Procedure – Aaron Wong (Vice-Chair) Attend All Candidates Meeting (Sept 19, 5:30pm HA 295) Deadline for nomination material Final meeting before campaigning begins Attend All Candidates Forum (Sept 26, 5:30pm SWING 122) Mandatory Chance to present your platform Voting opens after All Candidates Forum Presidential Debate will take place CUS Elections Committee – 2013/14

34 First Year Rep Info Session Electoral Policy – Casey Chung (Chair) Campaign (Sept 19 – 26) $25 Reimbursement (non professional labour, design, materials) Absolute campaign spending $250 ($4 max per material) Poster requires Committee member approval (stamped) No leaflet or pamphlet distribution Speeches before or after class and with prof permission (60secs) Can not party/slate with other candidates 1 week after voting closes to remove material Voting (Sept 26 – 27) No promotional material or candidate near polling booth Only first year Bcom students can vote for First Year Rep All Bcom students can vote for President CUS Elections Committee – 2013/14

35 First Year Rep Info Session Campaign and Promotions – Casey Chung (Chair) Poster Guidelines 20 Letter Sized Posters Submit Poster to Chair with 1/8 inch border On Henry Angus bulletins (max 4 each) Stamping Times and Location Friday September 20, 9:30 – 11:30 am / Location TBA Web Campaigns CUS Elections - Facebook, Youtube, social media CUS Elections Committee – 2013/14

36 First Year Rep Info Session * INTENSIVE ELECTION PROCESS 2 WEEKS!!!! HANDOUT: Nomination Forms Reinbursement deadlines QUESTIONS? CONCERNS? FORGET SOMETHING? CONTACT US Elections Chair 604 – 836 – 4795 CUS Elections Committee – 2013/14



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