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Year 4 Measurements Child Measurement Team Walsall.

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1 Year 4 Measurements Child Measurement Team Walsall

2 Why do we measure Y4 in Walsall? The increase of obesity prevalence between YR & Y6 is obvious to us all Is this a gradual increase or is there a sudden jump – and if so where? By measuring Y4 in Walsall schools, we are able to monitor more closely the increase in obesity from YR to Y6. We want to share this data with schools so we can help schools who wish to tackle obesity and ensure levels measured in Y4 do not rise, and hopefully reduce, by the time these children are measured again in Y6 in 2011/12.

3 Practicalities Measurements Collection of personal information Data input Parental Feedback School Feedback

4 Measurements Measurement data collected at the same time as YR & Y6 Can still measure the majority of schools in one morning or afternoon

5 Collection of personal information Report is requested from schools in excel format the same way as YR & Y6 Requires only slight modification for schools as we are collecting the same information

6 Data Input All our data, including YR & Y6, is inputted onto Excel in the same format as the parental feedback and download tool This enables us to copy and paste once the dataset has been thoroughly checked Y4 is done in exactly the same way

7 Parental Feedback LMS Growth is used within the Excel dataset to create the same information as the parental feedback tool The letter is created by mail merge No healthy weight range 2010/11 – use Excel rather than parental feedback tool at the moment Feedback within 3 days along with YR & Y6

8 School Feedback Preparing feedback to schools to include Y4 data Future data will enable us to compare as we do with YR & Y6 Data will help support work within schools for schools who choose obesity when they enter the Enhancement Model (Healthy Schools).

9 Results ObeseOverweight/ObeseUnderweight Y420.4%32.3%1.2% Y621.6%35.5%2.1% YR10.6%22.5%1.3% Walsall YR,Y4&Y617.5%30.0%1.5% Walsall YR & Y616.0%28.8%1.7%

10 Conclusion Measuring an extra year group in primary school is extra work but can be completed without too much impact on the existing team structure and capacity. The benefits of this extended programme far outweighs the extra work involved as it provides valuable data for the strategic planning and implementation of programmes available in the borough in the joint aim of improving the health of our children………….

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