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Two-Year Campus Partnerships: Developing an Effective Faculty/Staff Training Series AHEAD Conference, July 2012.

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1 Two-Year Campus Partnerships: Developing an Effective Faculty/Staff Training Series AHEAD Conference, July 2012

2 Some Context Started my position in September 2003 First time a dedicated position allocated to Disability Services Although I had worked on campus for 6 years, I didnt know much about services Learned a great deal in my first year on the job Recognized that faculty and staff didnt really know much about working with students with disabilities!

3 Baby Steps Decided to prepare a training series and offer on a quarterly basis Visited division meetings to encourage attendance among faculty Talked with Division Chairs/Associate Dean of Academics to explain purpose of event The first session was held in October 2004. There were 10 participants in attendance. Topic addressed the basics of the ADA on campus Lunch provided to all participants (if you feed them, they will come)

4 Perceptions are Critical! Events are called Disability Information Sessions Careful to stay away from training in the title as faculty dont feel they need to be trained Asked key faculty to spread the word among colleagues

5 The Guest List Entire campus community is invited (full-time/part-time faculty and full-time/part-time staff) Some grant/contract employees also attend In the early days, paper invitations were sent to all employees To be more green, email communication is now used with an initial invitation and reminder invitation sent

6 Presentation Format: Legal Issues (ADAAA/DOJ/Section 504) Particular Disability Focus (Psychological/Aspergers, D/HOH, Invisible) Interactive (Smartpen/Assistive Technology) Student Panel (Students with Various Disabilities) Special Topics (Disruptive Students, Emergency Procedures)

7 Presenter Information: Director of Disability Services Other Disability Colleagues (local consortium) CCHMC Personnel PoSEC Colleagues Faculty University Contacts – Counseling Center, Judicial Affairs, Administrators, Security/Safety Students

8 Presenter Incentives Offer a free lunch and a small gift in return for presentation (ask your marketing department for freebies). I also use leftover NT gifts. Offer to present to a class (faculty) or other group (colleague) in exchange

9 Presentation Specifics Most sessions are created and presented by the Director of Disability Services Lots of great web resources available Remember – you are the expert in this area! It is okay if you dont have all the answers. Use your resources. Sessions restricted to faculty and staff only to create a safe dialogue for information exchange. Remind participants to keep all comments in the room.

10 Presentation Specifics (contd) Offer handouts and resource information when available Offer individual make-up sessions to those who wish to attend but cannot

11 Thinking Outside the Box Offer consultation services when available Offer continual resources when made available like recent DOJ rulings, new legislation, new assistive technology resources, etc. Resources can posted to your office website or sent via email

12 Other Training Opportunities Provide training when requested to student workers, academic advisors, academic units, student orientation leaders, etc. This is a great opportunity to showcase your office Look for University/college-wide conferences, workshops, retreats and submit a session proposal

13 Funding Considerations 2010-2011 expenses were $420.24 59 faculty/staff attended the sessions (some attended more than one session) Average cost per participant was $7.12 Benefit for campus is priceless!

14 Semester Reminders Provide contact letters at the beginning of each semester Provide periodic reminders about procedures such as requesting alternate textbooks, testing, etc.

15 Benefits Disability Advisory Committee formed in February 2006. It includes faculty representation from each department (7), IT, library, testing services, learning center, and facilities. Disability Awareness Week event is held in October each year Faculty representatives talk among their departments and serve as office liaisons Information typically posted to Disability Services Office website within a week of presentation for campus community to access and an email message is sent as a reminder

16 Web Resources Various disability organizations (CHADD, NCLD, etc.)

17 Sample Invitations See attachments

18 Sample Presentations See attachments Mock presentation

19 Time to Share! Feel free to share your best practices, innovative ideas, campus events!

20 Contact Information Jennifer Radt Director of Disability Services UC Clermont 4200 Clermont College Drive Batavia, OH 45103 (513) 732-5327 – phone (513) 732-5303 – fax

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