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Welcome to Year 1 Parents 2011 Introductory Evening.

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1 Welcome to Year 1 Parents 2011 Introductory Evening

2 Aims for this evening To give you a general introduction to the education your child/children will be receiving at Bradbury School. To introduce ourselves as teachers and to start a partnership with you. To answer any general questions you may have concerning life at Bradbury School. nr

3 Our beliefs Inquiry based learning is the natural way to learn. All children have individual needs and strengths, learning is not a race. All of us should be life-long learners. Learning is a partnership between home and school. nr

4 Mrs. Lisa Harris Married with 2 children aged 16 (Maddi at S.I.S) and 9 (Will at Bradbury). Lived in Hong Kong for 4 years and have been teaching for 8 years mainly in Early Years. Originally from Adelaide, Australia. Enjoys family and friends, good food, wine, shopping and relaxing with a good book! lh

5 Mrs. Luisa Schonfeldt lh Born and raised in Honk Kong. Learnt to speak Cantonese at a very early age. Third year working at Bradbury School. Has two children at Bradbury, (Nicolai) in Year Four and (Isabella) Year Six. Loves pedicures and massages!

6 Mrs. Nerida Kiprotich Has one child, a six month old baby boy, Noah. New to Bradbury but have lived and taught in Hong Kong for 6 years. Originally from Australia and has been teaching Early Years for ten years in Australia, China and Hong Kong. Enjoys spending time with family and loves to run! nk

7 Mrs. Liz Worley Born in Plymouth, U.K. 6th year working at Bradbury, has two children both at S.I.S, Sammy in year 7 and Matt in year 10. Qualified chef and front of house manager. Likes shopping for a bargain, cooking, creative work and a glass of wine (or 2). nr

8 Miss. Aylish Franklin Originally from Chester in the U.K. and has taught in London and Dubai. Loves cooking, reading and collecting shoes. Enjoys running, hiking, dragon boating, exploring the world, and anything animal print! af

9 Ms. Vinita Sajnani Vini was born and brought up in Hong Kong. She shares a mutual passion for animal print with Miss Franklin Vini enjoys travelling, yoga, meeting new people and shopping when she is in London! pr

10 Ms. Diane McDonald Originally from Saskatchewan, Canada. Married to a teacher, have 2 daughters, both teachers, a two year old granddaughter (probably a future teacher!) Have lived and taught in Hong Kong for 13 years. Love to spend time with family and friends, travel, play tennis, run, read and I especially enjoy a nice hot latte.

11 Mrs. Shakun Assomull Born in Malaysia, studied in Singapore, Bombay and London. Worked as a journalist and taught English in Japan before coming to work at Bradbury 9 years ago. Has a daughter who is a dont sue her! Strongly believes if you cant fix it - get some retail therapy. pr

12 Routines If your child is walking rather than travelling on the bus, you MUST write and date this in the diary on the day. If your child is getting off the bus at a different stop, this should also be written in the diary. Your child may not change bus routes for social events. The days at school are long and tiring for young children, please send your child to bed early. lh

13 Communication The diary should be sent into school on a daily basis. This is a source of communication between home and school, through which you can inform us about changes to your childs routines or any problems they have. Do not feel you have to write in the diary every day. Please always date your message and use the whole page. The diary should be folded open at the page of a new message to save us opening 30 every morning! We are reducing our use of paper at school. A major form of communication from your teacher will be by email. Therefore it is vital that we have your correct email address! lh

14 Example of diary af

15 Helping in school We firmly recognise that we are working in a partnership with you to benefit your child. We warmly welcome your assistance in the classroom. There will be a timetable for you to indicate when you would like to help in the classroom. pr

16 Educational Visits We will be going on visits at least once a term. These will be planned alongside the learning in our inquiry. Parental help is greatly valued on these trips. Helpers are not permitted to attend in the place of a parent. af

17 Learning Centre Your childs class has a Learning Centre session once a week and they will be able to choose one book and then two books each to bring home. Learning Centre books are the borrowers responsibilty and need to be kept in book bags! af

18 Uniform, P.E. kit and Equipment Please ensure that all uniform, PE kits, folders, bags and EVERYTHING ELSE are clearly named. Your child will need a book bag for their Library books, their home-readers and their diary. Children can come to school and go home in their PE kit on their PE day. nr

19 Snacks and lunches As a year group we are trying to encourage children to bring healthy snacks and lunches to school. PLEASE SEND LUNCHBOXES AND PACKAGES THAT CAN BE EASILY OPENED BY THE CHILDREN. CHECK THAT THEY CAN OPEN THINGS THEMSELVES. Please can the children bring a water bottle to school everyday. Please try not to over-package – we encourage the children to reduce, re-use and recycle. Please think about the quantity of food that you send your child into school with and how easy it will be to eat. Please do not send cans, bottles or sweets. Please note that the school is a nut-free school, so please refrain from sending nuts into school with your child. pr

20 Medical Matters All medication must be labelled and given to the School Nurse. If your child is ill during the night or morning, please keep him or her at home to prevent the spreading of germs. Please inform us if your child has any allergies. lh

21 Reporting using Gateway Completed sections of reports can be accessed throughout the year (eg UoI Comments) Reports can be downloaded as a PDF document and printed off by parents at the end of the year The school will not be sending home a hard copy of the report this year Parent/Teacher Consultations (Nov) - booking appointments will be online through Gateway Usernames and login Passwords will be sent to new families (including Y1) by mail Current families who have a child joining Y1 this year should login and accept the child to their account


23 Thank you!

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