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The Rotary Foundation PETS I District 6360. World UnderstandingWorld Understanding GoodwillGoodwill PeacePeace The Rotary Foundation Mission.

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1 The Rotary Foundation PETS I District 6360

2 World UnderstandingWorld Understanding GoodwillGoodwill PeacePeace The Rotary Foundation Mission


4 To enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty

5 The Rotary Foundation is our Foundation Addresses the greatest needs World reach greater than the United Nations We can go where politicians and religious groups cannot Its one of the top charities in the world

6 Founded in 1917 by RI President Arch Klumph. First contribution was $26.50. First grant/donation was $500 to the International Society for Crippled Children (which later became Easter Seals Society).

7 Doing good in the world … Where does the money come from? The Rotary Foundation

8 Annual Fund For Support Today Permanent Fund To Secure Tomorrow PolioPlus Fund End Polio Now

9 Contributions SHARE System SHARE System Contributions Spendable Earnings Annual Fund Annual Fund Permanent Fund Permanent Fund PolioPlus Fund

10 Annual Fund

11 SHARE –Half of all SHARE contributions come back to districts and clubs in three years –The other half goes to the World Fund World Fund Areas of Focus A donation to the Annual Fund can be directed to:

12 Peace and conflict prevention/resolution Disease prevention and treatment Water and sanitation Maternal and child health Basic education and literacy Economic and community development

13 Build ongoing support Reinforce strategic priorities Easy to understand Attractive for non-contributing Rotarians & non-Rotarians Certainty about what gift supports Makes Rotary competitive with other NGOs 2012 Governors-elect Training Seminar | 5

14 Supports grants and programs through the SHARE system, which sends funds back to clubs and districts Contributions credited to donors club Contributions applied to clubs goal Contributions count toward donor recognition, including Paul Harris Fellow, EREY, and TRF Sustaining Member

15 2009 2010 Funds from Annual Fund available to districts 3 years after they are contributed - through SHARE Contributions to the Annual Fund made in 2009-10 are now available in 2012-13 Contributions made in 2012-13 available in 2015-16 2014 2015 2011 2012 2013 2015 2016 2010 2011 2013 2014

16 Earnings used for administrative costs 2013-14 50% to World Fund Matching Grants Packaged Grants Peace Fellows Polio+ 50% to District Up to ½ to District Grants At least ½ to Global Grants 2010-112011-12 $ $200,000 $50,000 $100,000 Future Vision Grant Distribution Example ANNUAL PROGRAMS GIVING -- SHARE 2012-13 16

17 Goal of the EREY campaign: 100% Member Participation $100 per capita

18 School supplies Malaria tests Water hygiene training

19 Two desks for elementary school in Honduras 50 mosquito nets for women and children in Tanzania One year of tuition for a high school student in China

20 HIV anti-retroviral drugs Mobility for disabled youth Domestic abuse education

21 One portable dental chair for dental care to indigenous children in Mexico 400 pairs of eyeglasses for individuals in Nigeria Microcredit loans for 23 women in the Philippines to support their families

22 Select a designation, amount and frequency Available in multiple currencies Safe, simple and secure:

23 Polio Fund The Rotary Foundation

24 World Poliovirus Cases * As of Feb. 20, 2013 Total CasesYear-to-date 2013Year-to-date 2012Total in 2012 Globally218223 In endemic countries 217217 In non-endemic countries 016

25 PolioPlus Worlds Biggest Commercial Contributions to the PolioPlus Fund are eligible for Paul Harris Fellow recognition.

26 Permanent Fund The Rotary Foundation

27 The Permanent Fund is Rotarys endowment fund. Contributions are not spent. They are invested in perpetuity. Only the earnings are used to support activities.

28 Benefactor A provision in estate plan to gift a minimum of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation An outright gift of $1,000 to Permanent Fund

29 Bequest Society A provision in an estate plan to gift a minimum of $10,000 to the Foundation Examples: living will, life insurance policy

30 Recognitions for donations

31 Honor to those who contribute $1,000 or in whose name $1,000 is contributed

32 $10,000+ Cumulative Giving $250,000+ In your Estate Plans/Giving Major Donor Arch Klumph Society Multiple PHF $2,000+ Cumulative Giving

33 Contributes at least $100 every year to the Annual Fund 2009-2010

34 $1,000+ Each Year for at least 3 years Annual Fund PolioPlus Fund Foundation Grants * While less than 3% of TRF supporters are eligible, they make up more than 30% of Annual Fund contributions each year!

35 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club Top Three Per Capita Giving Clubs

36 100% Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member Club Every Rotarian, Every Year Club

37 Doing good in the world … Where does the money go?

38 The Annual Fund-SHARE System 50% District 50% World Fund 50% District 50% World Fund

39 The Trustees determine the Permanent Fund spendable earnings, which are then split: 50% to the World Fund 50% credited to district

40 District Fund –District directed –Used by Rotarians in the district –Spent on TRF grants and programs World Fund –Trustee directed –Used by Rotarians worldwide –Spent on TRF grants and programs

41 2012 Governors-elect Training Seminar | 8

42 In 2010-11, contributions = $152,424 $76,212 to World Fund and $76,212 to District District-controlled are split as follows: Global Fund: 50% = $38,106 District Fund: 50% = $38,106Can be used for: Global Matching GrantsClub projects (community and international) World Peace ScholarsLocal contingency fund Global ScholarsScholarshipsVocational Training Teams Polio

43 Doing good in the world … How do I set my clubs goals?

44 What is the giving history of my club What will individual club members give during your year – ask them to make a pledge! Gather information:

45 Club Fundraising Analysis

46 Club Recognition Summary

47 Discuss goals with your club members and board -- get their buy-in! Make goals challenging, yet achievable. Bring your completed goal sheet to PETS! Set your club goals:

48 1.Annual Fund goal (made up of other goals). 2.PolioPlus Fund goal. 3.Major Gifts/Permanent Fund goal. Three main goals needed:

49 Please rank the following possibilities for spending priorities for our Districts use of its District Designated Funds from The Rotary Foundation for the 2013-2014 Rotary Year. Place a number by each choice, using 1 for the highest priority and 7 for the lowest priority. Please use each number only once. _____ Club projects _____ Polio Plus _____ District-wide scholarship(s) _____ Global Grants _____ Vocational Training Teams _____ Rotary Peace Centers _____ Local contingency fund Turn in completed form at PETS March 14-16 in Kalamazoo.

50 Future Vision Plan Update

51 Simplify programs and processes Focus Rotarian service efforts to increase global impact Support global and local efforts Increase sense of ownership at the district and club levels Enhance Rotarys public image

52 District grants Global grants Packaged grants

53 Educational and humanitarian activities consistent with the mission Single block grant awarded annually Smaller activities and projects Local or international activities

54 Long-term projects Larger grant awards Sustainable, measurable outcomes Alignment with areas of focus World Fund match

55 Strategic Partners Planned by Rotarians Encourage involvement by smaller clubs Little cost to clubs


57 Managed by the district Minimum requirements: –At least two club members attend Grant Management Seminar. –The club agrees to implement the club MOU with signatures of the president and president-elect. –Qualification good for one year. 2012 Governors-elect Training Seminar | 7

58 1.Enhanced Online System 2.Adjusted District Leadership Structure 3.Contingency Fund for District Grants 4.Expanded Criteria for Areas of Focus 5.Clarified Guidelines for Areas of Focus and Sustainability

59 6.Streamlined Global Grant Application Process 7.Simplification of Global Grant Scholarships 8.Less Restrictions for VTTs 9.International Travel in Global Grants 10.Reduction in Packaged Grant Minimum

60 District Community Grants & District International Grants

61 Single block grant awarded annually for club and district projects Local or international activities Local decision making with broader guidelines Smaller activities and projects

62 Include active Rotarian participation Adhere to stewardship guidelines Demonstrate cultural sensitivity Activities align with Foundations mission

63 Process open to all clubs Ensures that clubs have the appropriate financial and stewardship controls in place to manage grants funds Implement MOU At least 2 members must attend a Grant Management Seminar Qualification good for one year

64 Global Grants

65 Area of focus Community need Community participation Strengthen knowledge, skills, resources Long-term benefit Measurable results $30,000 minimum budget

66 Strategic Partners and Packaged Grants

67 District Rotary Foundation Seminar Strategic Partners Global scope of work NGOs, universities, corporations Expertise in an area of focus Formal relationship to secure resources Enhance service opportunities through packaged grants

68 District Rotary Foundation Seminar Packaged Grants For clubs and districts Predesigned projects Funded by World Fund and strategic partner Educational and humanitarian activities Rotarians focus on implementation

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